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The Woman's College 
University of North Carolina 




I I I r-i I I 1 I I- 

I nr n 

t^ 'P%a^^n^4M(Ae '50'^ 


Sditat. HEIn MAMBER , , , Suu^te^ Ma^cK^r, ESTHER SAMUELSON 




t' .MC i^'j^'v '^^^^"^ 


Xe/us move loHwafiJ wiili shon^ mJ aciive jaiiL " 






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p<K^ ...14 

. . . ottx u L n o 1 

fuu^ . . . 34 


frci^ . . . f56 


^nx^ . . . t96 

i^ <fe<vt, ... 1 9 5 

fMfc . . . 2f2 
















































'l¥eiCK <XKCC SafH*H(f 

l/witk fondness and pleasure we dedicate tkis book 



as Chancellor of the Woman's College, nor to Walter Clinton Jackson 
because this is his lost year with us, but rather to Dr. Jackson as the 
MAN, in this our "Dr. Jackson year" — the year of the progressive fifties. 
His character and strength work their way to the hearts of the students 
as does his open-mindedness and sincerity which so beautifully exemplify 
the spirit of this college. 

TVceA cUcfi. fcut^ 




., f^K, 


^e<t ^M<M^^ €i^d ^umiCiUf iH> ^ ^^^leattie^. 





^t^ (^(^fui^ dvtcC ;4dmmUtn4iti^H^ 


t^e%e MM. ^ na t^e^^CcC 

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^^"iiSi^s^ ft^ 



^^^Il^Si^^ ' '^H 

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i '^1 JI^^H 




v"'! ^^^1 

H V H ■ Av 9 i!c^^^l 

^^^ - 



S|^Mj^u ^^^^jtt/fr'^ 


; -■*"' . .■*■»•.'»>':.. 

. •*■- ^i^.^: K' V^^^ 


Both brick and tradition fall with 
the Students Building. 

Taller grow the beams of the new 

And even our path grew a bridge. 


Weil-Winfield's doorway 
to fun and fellowship. 

Mary Foust, New Guilford, 
and east campus life. 

And the quadrangle's quiet 



In 1948 Kerr Scott, formerly Com- 
missioner of Agriculture, was elected 
governor of the State of North Caro- 
lina. An alumnus of State College in 
Raleigh, Governor Scott is actively 
concerned with the entire University, 
and much of his energy in office is 
consumed with the advancement of 
public education. Since his inaugu- 
rotion in 1949, Governor Scott has 
shown signs of an aggressive liberol- 
ism. As an active, alert official, he 
is keenly aware of the needs of the 
University of North Carolina and is 
equally interested in its students. 



During the sixteen years he has acted os administrative director, Dr Jackson hos 
brought the Woman's College to a position of first ronk scholosticolly. Now we are 
watching a physical expansion that is the embodiment of his progressive thinking and 
well-wrought effort. It is his faith and confidence in the Womon's College and in us 
that mokes him "second to none " 


This is Katherine Taylor's second year as Dean of the Woman's College. During Chapel 
report of the pre-school conference, we heard her ingenious talk on the honor policy; 
it was conclusive and inspiring. She has conveyed this some inspiration in promoting 
every phase of responsible freedom for women; her energy and perseverance ore o 
consistent force in the lite of the college. 



Mr. Chorles W. Phillips, Director 
best advertisements as he travels o 
director of Girls' State in the sumn 
high school girls who later return 1 

of Public Relations, is one of Woman's College's 
round the state as ombassodor ot large. Mr. Charlie, 
ler, introduces to W. C. mony of the North Carolino 



No one was more enthusiastic about 
the first Greater University Doy than 
William D. Cormichael, Jr., acting 
president of the University of North 
Carolina. Since Frank P. Graham's 
appointment to the United States 
Senate, Mr. Cormichael has served 
in this capacity. At the some time, 
he has retained his original position 
as Controller of the University. His 
fervent belief in the Greater Uni- 
versity Council as an essential force 
in the growth toward a consolidated 
university is evidence of his faith in 
the freedom of thought and action 
on the three campuses. 







This year, as every year since the opening of the college, 
our administration has guided us forward. But in this year 
particularly — the century's mid-point — we see and feel 
the valuable fruits of long years of work. Administrative 
foresight, planning, and practice have created o new 
Graduate School of Fine Arts which offers degrees in 
creotive writing, in art, in music, and in the dance. A 
fine Department of Philosophy has been re-established 
to fill an unfortunate war-created gap. Our building 
program, begun last year, is already shaping the lives of 
those thousands who, in years to come, will continue to 
grow with their college. 


Your Alumnae Association welcomes you, the Class of 
1950, into the "great unbroken band." 

With all the physical changes at Woman's College 
taking place, it is more necessary than ever that you 
return to the college as often as you can, and keep 
informed about these changes so when you come "home," 
you will feel "at home." 


Pn-iiJeiil: Mary Jane Wharton Sotkwell (Mrs, John, Jr. ) 

First Vice-President: Estelle Mendenhall LeGwin (Mrs. James) 

SecotiJ Vice-President: Virginia Sloan Swain (Mrs. Louis) 

Recording Secretary: Mary Lois Gordon 

Executive Secretary: Betty Brown Jester (Mrs. Carlton, Jr.) 

BOARD OF TRUSTEES; Marjoric Hood, Margaret Johnson Bryan 
(Mrs. Lee), Valerie Powell Jones (Mrs. Louis), Dorothy McNairy. 
Josephine Hegc, Annie Mclver Young (Mrs. James R.). Julia Ross 
Lambert (Mrs. W. L.), Jane Summerell, Trances Gibson Satterfield 
(Mrs. Boydston), Marilyn McCollum. 


r-^ ^ 


MR. GREGORY IVY Art Department 

B.S.. 1928 (Central Missouri State) ; M.A., 1932 (Columbia). 
A foremost exponent of modern art, Mr. Ivy is President of the Southeastern College Art Conference. Recognized 
a,s one of the three outstanding watercolorists in the U. S., his most recent one-man shows were held at 
Montgomery. Alabama, and Salem. Oregon. Mr. Ivy, a most progressive thinker on campus, is active on the 
Advisory, Curriculum, Creative Arts Program, and Art, Forum Committees. His sideline — color-breeding of 
pigeons ! 

MISS HELEN INGRAHAM Biology Department 

B.S., 1918 (Knox College) ; M.S., 1921 (University of Chicago) ; (Bryn Mawr). 
Newly chosen as acting head of the Biology Department, Miss Ingraham has done a tine job in maintaining the 
department's high standard of work. Well-liked by her students, she is admired for the incentive and guidance 
she has given them. Some of her activities include the Steering Committee of the Curriculum Committee, the 
chairmanship of the Library Committee, and faculty advisor of the Golden Chain. 

DR. VANCE T. LITTLEJOHN Business Edinalion Department 

B.A., B.S., 1931 (Bowling Green College of Commerce) ; M.Ed., 1935, Ph.D., 1948 (Pittsburgh). 
Well known as an author among business education circles. Dr. Littlejohn is an active member of many 
national business associations, among them the Executive Board of the National Association of Business Teacher 
Training Institutes, as well as a member of the Curriculum, Advisory, Graduate, and Schedule Coordinating 
Committees at W. C. He is beloved by his students for his sincere interest and personal guidance. 

MISS FLORENCE SCHAEFFER Chemistry Deparlmeiil 

B.A., 1920 (Barnard) ; M A., 1922 (Mount Holyoke) ; (University of Chicago) ; (Yale). 
A staunch believer in putting knowledge to work. Miss Schaeffer is interested in the improvement of educational 
values and the revision of chemistry course outlines. As a member of the Steering Committee of the American 
Chemistry Society, she is more than well-informed as to the advancements in this field. On campus Miss Schaeffer 
participates on the Curriculum and Honors Work-Committee 

DR. FRANK A. LAINE Classical Ciiilizalion Department 

B.A., 1939 (Memphis State) ; Ph.D., 1949 (Vanderbilt). 
One of our newer department heads. Dr. Laine brings a sound background and an aliveness to one of the older 
subjects. Classical Civilization. He is a member of the Classical Association of the Mid-West and the South, 
and has interests which vary from cabinet making to classical music. Having a sincere appreciation for the latter, 
he is the owner of an excellent record collection. 

MR. GEORGE M. JOYCE Commerce Department 

B.S., 1930 (Indiana State Teachers) ; M.S., 1935 (Indiana) ; (Pittsburgh). 
After a year under the able tutelage of Mr. Joyce, the Woman's College Commercial student is thoroughly ac- 
quainted with the technology of commercial practices. Besides being a visiting professor to several universities, 
Mr. Joyce is the past president of the Southern Business Education Association and is auditor at W. C. As a 
sideline, he takes a great deal of pleasure in raising prize gladiola. 

DR. ALBERT S. KEISTER Economics Department 

B A., 1910 (Otterbein) ; M.A., 1911 (Columbia) ; Ph.D., 1927 (University of Chicago). 
An alert, liberal thinker. Dr. Keister has instilled in his students an awareness of current problems. A member 
of Finance Board, Curriculum Committee, and the Greater University Administrative Council, Dr. Keister also 
participates on the State Arbitration Panel and acts as one of the Arbitrators for the American Arbitration As- 
sociation and the U. S. Conciliation Service. In 1930 his book Our S^>um publishL-d 



OR. CHARLHS t. FRALL EJucMion Dcparlmail 

B.A., 1912 (University of Iowa) ; M.A., 1926 (University of Chicago) ; Ph.D., 1928 (University of Iowa). 
This is Dr. Prall's first year as head of the School of Education at W. C. He is Chairman of the American Hos- 
pital Association on the training of dietitian's assistants and has authored numerous books; among them, Teacher 
rJiHMion in Service with C. L. Cushman and Problems oj Hospital Administration. Dr. Prall's interests lie in 
.ijniinistration in all fields of training for women's occupations and adult education. 

English Depjiiitieiil 


B.A., 1913, M.A., 1916 (Duke) ; Ph.D., 1932 (North Carolina). 
Always concerned with adjusting his department to his students' needs. Dr. Hurley has gained the respect of his 
students. Not only is he a thorough administrator of one of the largest departments on campus, but also an active 
participant on numerous committees, among them: the Administrative Council of the University of North Caro- 
lina, the Dramatic Activities Board of Directors, the Arts Forum Committee, and Chairman of the Curriculum 

DR. EDNA ARUNDEL Geography Depavlintfiil 

B.A., 1921 (Ohio University) ; M.A., 1929 (Columbia) ; Ph.D., 1942 (Yale). 
Heading the Geography Department is Dr. Edna Arundel, author of the essay, Earth and Man. which has ap- 
peared in several publications. Active in the American Association of University Women, Dr. Arundel has 
served on many campus committees, including the Advisory, Academic and Personnel, and Curriculum Com- 
mittees. In 1941, she devoted much of her time to the Senior Class as their esteemed Chairman. 

DR. WILLIAM R. BARRETT Gerimm Deparlwenl 

B.A., 1939 (Citadel); M.A.. 1940 (Duke); Ph.D., 1948 (North Carohna); (University of Michigan). 
German is a language of a thousand endings, and it is said to confuse en equal number of students. But at W. C. 
there is always Dr. Barrett to make them less confusing and more pleasing. The author of the monograph. The 
Germanic Aorisl-Presenl ii-ierbs. Dr. Barrett is a member of numerous language societies; but he always finds 
some spare time during the hunting and fishing seasons. 

DR. RUTH COLLINGS Health Department 

B.A., 1919 (Pomona); M.D., 1923 (Pennsylvania). 
One of the first members of the staflf to meet us and one of the last to see us go. Dr. Collings capably administers 
medical care to the students at W. C. A member of many college, state, and national committees, she has done 
outstanding work in adjusting the Health Curricula for Public Schools, plus being a frequent contributor to 
North Carolina publications. On campus she is a membLT of the Academic and Personnel, Curriculum, and Re- 
viewing Committees. 

MR. C. D. JOHNS History Department 

B.S., 1908 (Randolph-Macon) ; M.A., 19)1 (Chicago); (Harvard); (Chicago). 
1776, 1812, the Reconstruction era, the Constitution, and long hours in the library bring to mind only one 
subject — History. The department runs quietly (until Social Science Forum time) and efficiently — some traits 
borrowed from its department head, Mr. C. D. Johns. His classes leave wondering how so much was accom- 
plished with a minimum of time and friction. Mr. Johns i.; a member of the Social Science Forum Committee. 

MISS MARGARET M. EDWARDS Home Economics Department 

B.S., 1912 (Montana State) ; M. A. ,1920 (Columbia); (Cornell); (Chicago). 
Miss Edwards not only efficiently runs the Home Economics Department, but devotes much of her time to many 
state and national associations. Her membership in such groups as the American Home Economic Association, 
the American Vocational Association, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science are definite 
indications of her abilities. In her leisure time Miss Edwards collects old cook books and rugs. 



"^ . 




DR. HELEN BARTON AUtheniMcs Departmeiil 

B.A., 1913 (Goucher) ; M.A., 1922, Ph.D., 1926 (Johns Hopkins). 
Dr. Barton is exacting in her efforts to make "Math" appear less of an enigma to her students — and is quite 
successful. The author of many articles for magazines and professional journals, she is alert to the new concept 
of her field. At W. C. Dr. Barton is active on the Advisory Committee and is nationally on the American 
Association of University Women for Standards and Recognition of Colleges. 

DR. WARREN ASHBY Philosophy Deparlmenl 

A.B., 1939 (Maryville) ; B.D., 1942, Ph.D.. 1949 (Yale). 
W. C. again has a Philosophy Department, and thanks to Dr. Warren Ashby. a growing interest has rapidly been 
developed. Dr. Ashby came to W. C. from U. N. C, and prior to that was a Methodist minister. Well prepared 
to teach all the disciplines of Philosophy, he finds special interest m ethics. He has a keen understanding not only 
of the philosophers, but also of his students who admire him for his friendliness and fairness. 

MISS ETHEL L. MARTUS Physical Ediicatwii Department 

A.B., 1929 (Pembroke College, Brown University) ; M.S., 1931 (Wellesley). 
Miss Martus' motto may well be "Variety is the spice of life." Her interests and accomplishments are diversi- 
fied and extensive. Primarily recognized for the excellence of her department, she is a member of numerous 
committees and associations — ranging from the Committee on Graduate Creative Arts to the Chairmanship of the 
Faculty Advisory Committee of the Athletic Federation of College Women — as well as a fine photographer and 

DR. ANNA JOYCE REARDON Physics Departmeiil 

B.A., 1930 (College of St. Teresa) ; M.S., 1933, Ph.D., 1937 (St. Louis). 
That complicated subject. Physics, loses a great deal of its complexity with friendly, patient Dr. Reardon's aid. 
Dr. Reardon is well-known on campus for her popular photography courses. Closely connected with the Motion 
Picture Committee on campus, she is also a member of the Mendenhall Scholarship Committee, the Screening 
Committee for the Fulbright Scholarship, and the Curriculum and the Arts Forum Committees. 

DR. JAMES ALBERT HIGHSMITH Psychology Department 

B.A., 1910, M.A., 1915 (North Carolina) ; Ph.D., 1923 (George Peabody). 
Huge classes, Kuder, Rorschach, white rats — the Psychology Department — headed by Dr. Highsmith. The high 
caliber of this department is quite natural, for Dr. Highsmith takes great interest in this field. He is a frequent 
contributor to magazines and professional journals — "Selecting Musical Talent" to The Journal of Applied 
Pnehology. and in conjunction with Dorothea Sorcnson of the Mayo Clinic, "A Tentative Weight-Prediction 
Formula," The American Physical Education Review. 

DR. WINFIELD S. BARNEY Romance Language Department 

B.A., 1905 (Dartmouth) ; M.A., 1911 (Hobart) ; Ph.D., 1916 (Syracuse). 
Dr. Barney, head of W. C.'s Romance Language Department, has done outstanding work on the National Foreign 
Language Committee. He is now serving as President of the South Atlantic Modern Language Association and is of the permanent Committee on Pedagogical Problems. In 1940 his book, Practical French Review 
Or. IK II.-:', was published, and more recently he has edited Merimee's Colomba and Dandet's Le Petit Chose. 

DEAN H. HUGH ALTVATER School of Music 

B.A., 1920, Mus.M., 1929 (Michigan) ; Mus.M., 1925 (Southwestern). 
Dean Altvater is W. C.s closest connection with "old world" charm. "The Dean" is a familiar figure to the 
music majors, whether in the office of the music building or leading the orchestra. After the school day, he 
busies himself with conducting the Greensboro Orchestra and Community Choir, presiding over the Greensboro 
Civic Music Association, or making plans for the State Music-Contest Festivals. 

MR. GLENN R. JOHNSON Sociology Department 

B.S., 1915 (Reed) ; M.A., 1916 (Columbia). 
Deeply concerned with all the different facets of Sociology, Mr. Johnson heads one of the most popular depart- 
ments on campus. He applies his interest not only to teaching, but also to his work on the Guilford County 
Inter-Racial Commission, the North Carolina Conference of Social Service, and the American Sociological Society. 
In his leisure time, Mr. Johnson finds enjoyment in fishing and camping. 






GriTiurv D. Ivy 

B.S., MA 

lUkn Thrush 

B.l-.A , MA 

l-hz.ihitli l.istrow 


Ndin.i H.iidin 

, B.A., h.S., M.A 

M.icy K Williams 

B.S.. M.A 

» liihn li. Courtney 

B.S., MA 

Susan B.uksdale 

B.A., M.A. 

Uun Luubson 

A.B., M.A 

Bl.iir Smith 


Marlyvunnt Dehoney 


* On leave for the academic 

year 1949-50, 


Helen Ingraham 

Inez Coldwell 

B.S., M.S 


B.A., Ph.D 

Maude Williams 

. B.A., M.S., Ph.D 

I.ila Belle Love 

B.A., MS 

Albert F. Thiel 

B.A,, M.A.. Ph.D 

Virginia Gangstad 

B A.. MA, PhD 

Hilda T. Harpster 

B A , M.A,, Ph D 

Charlotte Dawlev 

, B,A,, MS, PhD 

Holl.s I. Rogers 

, B,S,, MS,, PhD 

Laura Andcrton 

, , B,A., M.S 

lanL C. Frost 

B.A,, NLA 



Vance T. Littk-juhn B.A 

B,S,, M,Ed,, PhD 

Patty Spruill 

, B.S., B.A., M.A 

Maude L. Adams 

B.A., M.A 

Mathilda Hardavi'ay 

. . . B.B.A., MBA 

Rowena Wellman 

B.A.. M.A,, Ph.D 

Lvelyn Fowler 

B.A.. MS 

Louise V. Whitcock 

B.S., M.S 

Mary Giles 



Florence L. Schaeffer B.A., M.A. 

Flva E. Barrow B.A., M.S. 

Guita Marble B.A., M.A., Ph.D. 

Elizabeth Adams B.A., M.A., Ph.D. 


Frank A. Lame 



Myrtle Soles , 




George M. Joyce 

,, B.S 


Mary Harrell 

B.S., B.S. 


Margaret C. DeVinny , 

.. B.S 


Marvelle Weaver 

. . . B.S.S.A. 

NLirgaret Lesesne 

. B.A. 



Albert S, Keister 


, M.A., 


Vance T. Littlejohn . . . 

. B.A., B.S., 



V. E. Lindsay 

. B.A 


Evelyn Fowler 

. . B A 


Walter C. Neale 

. B.A. 

M A 

Eleanor Craig 




Oliver P Clutts 

B S 

M A 

Ruth Fitzgerald . . 


M A 

Franklin H. McNutt . . 

B.A., M.A , 


II n 

Charles E. Prall 




Marie B. Denneen .... 

. B A. 

M A 

Eugenia Mclver Hunte 

.... B.A. 



Herbert Kimmel 




Ruth Agnes Shaver . . . 

. B.A 


lohn Aaron Smith . . . 

. B.Ed 


Herh.rt E. Vaughan, J 

. . B.S. 


Alma Browning B.S., M.A. 

Mary Fitzgerald B.A., M.A. 

Ruth Gunter B.A.. M.A. 

Anna M. Kreimeier Ph.B., M.A. 

Harriett Mehaffie Ph.B., M.A. 

lessie Peden B.A., M.A. 

Anna Reger A.A., B.S., M.S. 

Mai ion M Watson B,A„ M,A. 

Rosemary Barse B.A. 

Mary Hobbs B.S. 

Mary Alford Hunter B.A., M.A. 

l-r.inces D. Lael B.S., M.A. 

Herbert E, Park 

Walter K, Roberts B.S., M.A. 

Wilma Sears B.S. 

Frank W. Szabo BS. 

Charlotte Van Knoppen White B.A. 

Willie Dee Robbins B.A., B.S. 


Leonard B. Hurley B.A., M.A., Ph.D. 

Alonzo C. Hall B.A., MA, 

William Raymond Taylor B,A„ MA. 

James Arthur Dunn B.A,, ALA 

George P. Wilson BA , MA 

lane Summerell BA,, M.A, 

James W. Painter B.A., M.A, 

Marc Friedlaender B.A., M.A., PhD, 

Mildred R. Gould B,S,, MA, 

Abigail E. Rowley B.S., M.A. 

Nettie Sue Tillett B.A., M.A. 

John E. Bridgers B.A., M.A,, Ph D, 

R.indall Jarrell B.A,, MA, 

May Duianey Bush B.A., M.A,, PhD 

Gaynell C, Spivey B.A., M.A., Ph D 

Kathryn McA. England B.A.. M.A. 

Wayne Bowman B.A., M.A. 

Peter Taylor B.A. 

* Lettie H. Rogers B.A. 

Kathleen S. Painter B.A. 

Sanchia Thayer B.A. M.A, 

Mackie R. Jarrell B.A., M.A, 

Edward C Fitzpatrick B.A. 

Mary Elizabeth Barwick BA, 

* On leave of Absence 1949-50. 


Edna Arundel BA,, ALA,, PhD. 

Coy T. Phillips B.A., MA. Ph D 


William R. Barrett BA,, M,A„ Ph,D 


Ruth M. Collings B A., MB 

Joyce Sandison N,B,, Ch,B, 

Robert Garrard A,B,, B,S„ M.S.. M.D. 


Alice Schriver B,A„ MA. 

Ruth Clements BA,, ALA, 

Mildred Harris BA,. ALA, 

Anne Shamburger 

*Ruth Dalrymple B S , ALN 

* On leave, 


Margaret AL Edwards B,S., ALA. 

Mabel N. Swanson B,S„ ALS, 

Hllen Penn BS., ALA, 

losephine Kremer B.A., Ph.D 

Pauline Keeney B.S., ALS., Ph.D. 

Viva AL Piayfoot B.S., ALA. 

Agnes N. Coxe B.L.. BS.. ALA. 

ALidcline B. Street B.S., ALA. 

Hess N Rosa B.S., ALA. 

Evelyn L, Howell BS., M.S. 

Elizabeth Hathaway B.S,, ALA. 

Cathryne B. Kehoe B.S.. ALS. 

Helen K. Staley B.S., ALA. 

Helen K. Surratt B.S. 

Louise Lowe B.S.. ALS. 

Evelyn Cox B.S., ALS. 

Josephine Betts B.S., M.S. 

Emeve Singletary B.S. 


C. D. Johns B.A.. ALA 

ALignhilde Gullander B.A.. ALA, 

Eugene E. Pfaff B.A.. ALA., Ph.D. 

Vera Largent B.A., ALA. 

Bernice E, Draper B.A., ALA. 

b.uise B. Alexander 


Josephine Hcgc 

B A., M.A 

Richard Bardolph 

Robert G. Hociccr 

B.A.. M.A , PhD. 

B A., A}.A 

Lenorc OBoylc 

B.A.. M.A , Ph.D 

A. H. McLeod 

B.A.. M.A 


Helen Barton 

. B.A , Al A . Ph.D 

Emily Holmes Waikins ... 

B.A., ALA 

B A., ALS., Ph D 

lone H. Grogan 

B.A., ALA 

Lila Peck Walker 

B A . M.A 


H Hugh Altvater 

B A., ALMus 

George AL Thompson 

. . B.Afus., ALMus 

Alleine R Alinor 

Birdie H, Holloway 

.... B.S.B., M.S.M 

Will, am C, DeVeny 

B.A.. B.Mus 

George W. Dickieson 

. . B.Alus.. ALAlus 

Elizabeth Cowling 

. B.A., Al A , Al Af 

Elliott Wcisgarber 


Duane P. Kline 

B S., M.A 

Jean Schneck 


Phillip Alorgan 

B.M.. ALA! 

Robert A, Darnell 

B.M.. MM 

Claire H. Atkisson 


Frances A. AIcBane 


Jane AL Wharton 


Inga B. Alorgan 

B.M., MM 

B D.. Ph.D 














Warren Ashby B A . 


Ethel L. Alartus 

Dorothy Davis 

Jeannette Potter 

Alarjorie Leonard 

Ellen Griffin 

Virginia Moomaw 

Rita Burdett B.S., Al.A, 

Alargaret Greene B.S. 

Frances Bleick B.S., ALA 

Atartha Moore B.A., Al.A, 

Afarian Falloon B.S, 

Wilma Sears B.S, 

Alary Elizabeth Van Dyke B.S., Al.S 


Anna Joyce Reardon B.A., ALS., Ph.D. 

Elsie J. Cox R.N 

Anne W. Schuler B.A 


James Albert Highsmith B.A., Al.A., Ph.D 

Elizabeth Duffy B.A., ALA., Ph.D 

Emma McCloy Layman B.A.. ALA., Ph.D 

Alary K. Huse B.A 

C. Franklin Eicher 

B.A,, BSc.Ed,, B.D., ALA.. Ph.D 

Alice B, Zimmerman B.A., ALA 

John A, Hornaday B.A.. ALA 


Winfield S, Barney B.A.. ALA.. Ph.D 

Alalcolm K. Hexjke B.A., ILniv 

Ateta H. Aliller B.A.. ALA., Ph.D 

Augustine LaRochelle B.A.. ALA 

Rene Hardre Prof, des E.N 

Alice K. Abbott 

Virginia Farinholt 

Helen Frances Cutting . . 
Annie Beam Funderburk 

William N. Felt 

Josefina Escajeda 

Ligia D. Hunt 

B.A.. ALA 

, ALA 
, ALA 
, ALA 
, ALA 
, ALA 
. B.A 


Glenn R. Johnson 

B A 


Lyda Gordon Shivers . . B.A., LL.B. 


Alereb E. Alossman 



Sara E. Smith 

. B.S. 


Alargaret Woodson 

. B.A 

, Al.S 


Some are new, others are members of our own college 
generation, and still others have been a part of the 
inspiration, the spirit, and the growth of Woman's 
College for many years. During our time at the 
college they hove ever been our guides, our confi- 
dants, and even our conspirators! They have required 
of our minds, of our hearts, and of our hands the 
best that we have been able to give; they have 
required the same of themselves. They have certainly 
led, but perhaps more important, they have taught 
us to lead. In the seorch for truth and the recognition 
of beouty they have led us to a keener understanding 
of our fellows and of ourselves. 

ss Roso ond Becca talk things over. 


Dr Fricdiocndcr. Choo Choo, 
ond three odmircrs— 
Addic, Pickett and Ginger. 

Those of us who are leaving this 
year will take with us many of their 
concepts, their beliefs, and their 
hopes. We hope they will remember 
us as we will remember them — as 
friends with sincere affection. 


. . . "Of course, we all agree that the House President and Counselor 
should get along beautifully together!!" (Thank you, preschool con- 
ference!) ... Big week-ends versus dull "little" weeks . . . Midnight 
pajama parties . . . Signing in and signing out and forgetting to sign in 
and out . . . The new late rule with 10 minutes to spare . . . Wee hour 
parlor studying with coffee and cigarettes . . . Borrowing cashmere 
sweaters and scarfs for big dates . . . Mumbles and grumbles from the 
amplifier . . . General chaotic existence prior to Miss Moxley's visit . . . 
Screaming alarm clocks at 7:30 in the morning . . . and then alarm clock 
screams again after 2 o'clock naps . . . Noisy plumbing and cold 
water . . . General "catting" — meooowwww . . . Shouts of "turn down 
that radio!" . . . Ummmmssss and Aaaaahhhhssss over newly-aquired 
pins and rings . . . Blind dates who are really blind . . . "He's awfully nice 


:ounsclor o> Wlnficld Holf 


but his arms drag the ground" . . . Sunday night descriptions of the 
"things" we've dated over the week-end . . . Lost ironing boards and 
clothes racks . . . Layers of printed pajamas at house meeting . . . 
A phone call on both phones ond at the same time . . . Stumbling over 
coke bottles in the halls . . . Unread bulletin boords . . . Modern pictures 
rented from the Art Department . . . Gosh-awful aromas from the 
kitchen . . . Friday nights and the "Carolinian" rush . . . Aroma of halo 
on Thursday night . . . General mania for money . . . Gym suit brigade 
and Miss Powell . . . Nocturnal noises . . . Frankie Lane's "Mule Train" 
and Hoyle's bridge . . . Hall Boards and — well, just Hall Boards . . . 
Friendly "dormanistic" feelings . . . What does dorm life mean to us? 
Why, all these things and a million more — the essence of college life. 

GOZEAL ANDREWS, Counselor of Kirkiond H 
SALLY CALVERT, House President 

MISS ELVIRA L PRONDECKI, Counselor of Mciver Ho 
ALICE BOUHRET, House President 





Oufi uCcu^<i 


7 7 7 

t t * * * t » • 



There is just one way of moving, and that is by 
toking steps. The steps of Woman's College move 
forward, because that is the only way we can move 
and progress. We, the classes that compose the 
college, know what it is to move forward, for by 
simply living here at W. C. one becomes a part of the 
learning, understanding, and acting element that 
seems to be the inescapable course of knowledge 
at the college. And so, we become a closely-knit 
body of students — each class perfectly aware of the 
experience and problems of the others — but oil work- 
ing in our individual ways toward accomplishing the 
one goal — that of keeping the Woman's College 
"second to none." 

The Seniors remember only too well how it feels 
to be a Junior, Sophomore, Freshman, and so on. 
There is a great interwoven scheme of things here 
that makes us familiar and sympathetic with all 
courses of study, all social and academic affairs. 
That's why it's sometimes very hard to know a 
groduating-in-June girl from a Hinshaw girl; what 
we have in common is the effort, the friendliness, 
the love for a campus, and what Woman's College 
has given us — on ideal to ochieve. 

Classes can compose a school, but it is the unity 
of those classes that make it a body — not just the 
unity of a mass meeting, but the unity that just 
a "hey" at 8:00 in the morning can bring. We cannot 
pay a single tribute, we connot congratulate any 
one doss or individual, because we all realize where 
the credit should go — to all 2100 of us, to the campus, 
to the organized unit that makes Woman's College 
the moving, progressing school she is. 

Home Economics — "The better to sit In, my dear." 
Primary Education — "Miss Grinnels, con we count too?" 
Business Educotion — Sixty words a minute? Never! 

Textile Lob — Warp of woof, Louro? 

Primory Education — Nursery School starts 'em young at W. C. 

Art — Ole Man Winter doesn't stop the ort student. 

Botany Lab— Botony "Artists." 

Secondory Art Education — "Wee, the people." 

Physicol Education — "Exercise, exercise. 
We must get our exercise." 

Art Lob— The 
Home Econom 

of odvertising — Doris Poole. 

Jackie and Morgaret with food for 
thought — via the cook book. 




cyLook ^J^iqk. ^yvim ^ar 


ZALENE ANGIER, Cheerleader 




BETTY CRAWFORD, Vice-President 

mm '%! m 




With deep thanks and deeper friendship, with a profound 
respect based on the big things and on the many small 
joys which you have brought, with a laugh at your antics 
and a smile at your enthusiasm, with gratitude for your 
loyalty and your faith in us as a class and as individuals, 
with appreciation for your guidance and encouragement 
— official ond as a friend — throughout these last impor- 
tant years, and with real affection, we, your class of 
nineteen fifty, wish to continue to hove you ever with us 
as you have been with us at Woman's College. 

lU ,7/, 


know it's the end of four years at Woman's College and the 
beginning of a life that W. C. has taught us to live. Ever since the 
days of being a rat, of seats in the upper balcony of Aycock, 
we've been getting nearer and nearer to this June, 1950. Gradu- 
ation was just a word then. We were several hundred strangers 
with ages and ages of college ahead of us. 

That first yeor was full of things to get used to — the lecture 
series "you mean we can just go on our ticket?" — our first election 
and Moo coming out on top with her usual grin — the first dance, 
"Blue Champagne." — Charlie Justice began as a freshman with us 
— and the first Carolina victory over Dook since 1940 — being 
fortunate enough to know Miss Elliott as our dean — vague as they 
may be, memories crowd in. We were impressed with the first 
Founder's Day program — the place seemed so owfully big and 

Then, another fall, and memories still gathering. Remember 
actually starting on our class project? We didn't realize then how 



much it would tie us together — selling things everywhere. "Twelfth 
Night" — the Sociol Science ond Arts Forums — Max Lerner and 
Robert Pcnn Warren — the Sophomore Formol ond rain — . Black 
jackets were fast giving woy to cops ond gowns. Alarm clocks were 
set for 4:30 and trucks crowled out to a field of daisies — "Oh, 
doss of '48 we picked." But graduation hod nothing whatever to 
do with us — too for off. 

But it took less time than ever for September to roll around — 
a welcome home from Dr. Jackson ond we were really glad to be 
back. We odded hose ond school pins to our sales for the chapel 
window — we depended on Miss Droper's morale-boosting words. 
It was big year for everyone. The Greoter U. Council wos con- 
ceived — W. C. attained nationwide fome for the purse drive totols 
— we threw our pennies into an auction and heard Miss Alec 
proise Dewey as a result — the Democrats on campus were clicking 
their heels on Nov. 5 — Frank Grahom became N. C. Senator — 
The Hubub was christened — "Sleighbells" rang on a red and green 
formal — Miss T's frank and sincere guidance — Aycock pleasures 
with Melchior, Rubenstein, Lewis Mumford lectures, the Notional 
Symphony. Then elections — a cardboard campus again. We elected 
Money Porter ond Nellie Jones to take over gubernatorial doings. 
We had our first Jr.-Sr. and rain again, like the tropics — Betsy and 
the entire campus going over the top with the International Student 
Fund Drive. Time raced some more, and it wasn't possible thot we 
would be seniors next fall. 

But we were, and ore, and now we were. Remember the excite- 
ment when we found out that Dr. Jackson would be with us for our 
lost year? When we reached our $2,000 gool? — the new NSSA — 
the long-Qwoited senior show and cheers for Marie and Solly. The 
forties moved over ond with 1950 we took o look at our jockets and 
found them foded. The library was completed and the dorm olmost 
there. The Cory continued her fine year. We suddenly began to 
think obout jobs ond the future and then — It was hard to believe 
that WE were corrying around cops and gowns, asking for per- 
mission to leave chapel, electing our everlasting officers. A 
serenade, o party, graduation presents — for us, the freshmen of '46. 
We look back and wonder how we got through some situotions. 
But we con also look at the campus and remember when buses ron 
down Walker — and then we know — that W. C. and oil the classes 
that enter and leave it will always strive for progress; to mointain 
that "second to none." We will always hove what W. C. has given 
us and con never forget it. With our memories on record and our 
loyalty in our hearts, the class of 1950 says goodbye. 

Moscots Pam C 

"Smile for the Pine Needles, pleose — 
Roe, Wyndoll, Bobby with photogropher Head. 



iAk— J 



Ina Joyce Albert 

V.hite Plains, N. Y 

Coroline Allen 

Peggy Lee Renegar Allgood 

Mary Henry Anderson 1 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

A.B., French 

A.B., English 

A.B., Sociology 

A.i,.l,,l„a„; <„,„/„„„„ Cr.nlaliou Man- 
., = .r 111; II,,,,,'. 1,-1 111: Honor Roll 
"i: s, 1. ,,.•„, H.,11 1 l,a,r,uan (4); 

bory'svmpi'.'oliy' Orchcslra (1. 21; milel 
(1. 2. 3, 4): Tau Psi Omeea (3. 4). 
President (4); Spanish Club (3. 41. 

Uclh.ian; P,.,cl,„ (li; Y.W.C.A. (1. 
21; Radio Workshop (31. 

\.lclphi.,n; Deau-s List (3. 41: Y.W.C.A. 
(1. 2. 3): Alpha Kappa Delia (3. 41. 
President (4) ; Botanv Club Publicity 
Chairman (3); Socioloe, Club (2. 3. 4). 

Cornelian, Marshal (4); Pine Xtedles 
Staff (41: Dean's List (3, 4): Daisy 
Chain (2) ; Y.W.C.A. (1) ; Gamma Alpha 

Zolene Allen Angler 


Emily Alspaugh Atkins 

Patricia Gailbraith Austin 

Cecelia Romono Austin 


B.S., Physical Educotion 

A.B., Primary Education 

A.B., Music 

B.S., Home Economics 


Adelphian; Class Treasurer (3): Class 
Cheerleader 141: Elenio,,. Boar.l (21: 

Lel^^H"!!! , "'"m,'.,',',:, ■ lv„cloT(" 

Cir'cle' (Vi : 1 . , ,'■, ; Re'","!,' 

(3. 41 : II, , 11 Archery 
Club 111 , , - , ii,b i:i. 

41: Cam,, ■ ( (3. 4): 

May Da. ,. N : li; Gym- 
naslies IJ . ^ ,2. 3. 4); 
Soccer (.1 i, -, ! H,:: ,J. 3. 4); 
Tennis (.:. J. 4.. V „i.. , 1..11 ,1. 2. 3. 

Add,,!,, > , ,1, !., „,-s List (31; 
Ser>„, 1 ,_ ,: -, U L.V. (1.;!. 31; 

We».o„„,-, , 1 „ 111; Dorm 

Social Cn.mMl,,,. 1 .' , ; Future Teacher, 

Dikcan; Dean's List (3. 41; Greensboro 

Alelheian. Marshal (41; Social Planning 

4) ; Hall Social Commiltee (2. 3) ; Dance 
Committee (1. 3); May Court (4): 
Chemistry Club (2. 3. 41; Banner Girl 

Senior Council 14); Home Economics 
Club (2, 3. 4). 




l/l/orhlna vuitk 

vuiii ana aspiration 



Janet Shaw Bochman 
B.S., Home Economics 

Iljkran: Clau Tic-atufr (tl: 
l.l.t (.1); H«....- i:..,.,„ (.', .1 

Mary Wishard Bold« 
B.S., Home Economici 

\<Mphiaii. Uutm llrpr-x-nl 
ll»mr Kcoiiomlci Club (I. 2. 

Margaret Louise Barlow 

B.S., Home Economics 


Sarah Jeanette Barringer 


B.S., Nursing Educotion 

- [.i-l (31 ; Honor Roll 
li-iil I'liion Council (4) ; 
Club (2, 3. 41 : Galilean 

t (4( ; Square Dance 

Virginia Lee Boughman 

A.B., Recreotion 

Laura Day Beotty 

A.B., Sociology 

Dikran: Mar< Hill Coll. 

Mayebelle Bedell 

B.S., Physical Education 

Irthrian: Crorpia Stale Woman'. Col- 
<-.■ II 21: Senior Council (4); Dean'« 
-I i; 11. .nor Roll (31: Proclor (41: 
\\ ' \ <i. 4); Wealejr Foundation: 
\-ocialion (3. 4): Dolphin 
1 I ; Camp Counselors Club (3. 

< . I nittee (41; Co-ol (3. 41. 

.rrcldiv (II; Gymnastics (3): Hockey 
). 41 : Speed Ball (3. 41 ; Volley Ball 
I. 41 : Basketball (41 : Softball (4) ; 
innts and Apparatus (4|. 

Kotina Chris Beleos 

Camden, S. C. 

B.S., Secretorial Administration 


'Uitn acnieuemeyit aS our aim, 



Mary Russ Benson 

B.S., Physical Education 

Virginia R. Bertholf 

Morns Plains, N. J 
B.S., Physical Education 

Robbie Fronces Best 


A.B., Grammar Grade Education 

Louise Harrison Birchett 

HL'pe'Acll V:, 

B.S., Music Education 

LegisUlure (' 

Li.t (3) : H 

(1. 2) : Square Circle (1. 2. 3. 41 : Phi 

Si Omega (1. 2. 3. 41. SccreUry (31; 

Future Teachers of America (41: Square 

Dance (3. 4); Volley Ball (1). 

Beatrice Ruth Blockman 

Georgie Lee Blackwell 


Richmond, Vo 

A.B., History 

A.B., History 

AJelphian; Y.W.C.A. (2. 41: Future 
Teachers of America (41 ; North Spencer 
SpoMght (41 : Recreation Association (I. 

Alctheian: flea..'. 1..5t ill; ll..i,.„ U. 

(31; s..,>:,. 1...U. 1 .■ r,..,i.., i: 

Swimming (1, 2. 

Rebecco Josie Blonkenship 

Mary Nonce Blevins 



A.B., English 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

!'! ,"','; '".""'; ';■' \.' ,' ', n-,n" Wu'u 

Student' Union Council (3. 41; Gam 
Alpha (3. .1; Volley Ball (31. 

\'.' n/l -''.' ■ 1 ;",'„.'■ '"ri;'''Da.!ce 

Phi Beta Kapp 


{/We U moi/e forward C/aJJ of '3C 




f) ^ 


Alice C. Boehret 

Elisabeth Ann Bowles 

Mary Frances Bowles 

Joonne Brantley 

A.B., French 

)iki-aii: Hdua^ 
: Sociu 

linna (I. 21. Tri-ai 

A.B., English 

\l.lh.-ian: V.W.C.A 
SpoiK-rr Spotlight 

A.B., Grammar Grade Educafi 

Dikean, Marshal (11 : Dran's l.isl 
Y.W.C.A. (1. 21 : Fiilurc Trachrr 
America (4); Clia|>cl Checker (3). 


Bernice Hilda Bronstein 

A.B., Primary Education 

lill.-l il. 2. 3. 41; Hillel Paper: Bnlanv 
lub (2. 3. 4), Publicily Chairman (4); 
• iliire Teacher, of America (3. 4) ; 
hmrr Chairman. Shaw (2|. 

Jean Brooks 

Nullty, N J 
A.B., Psychology 

Jo tne Qoal 

must alt a 


Barbara Ann Brown 

A.B., English 

AJclphian:'. Li«l 131 ; I'l 
Hall Board 12. 41 : Junior A.I 
Fiilurc Tcii.hers ol America ( 

Dorothy Ann Brown 
B.S., Secretarial Administration 




Ina Olivia Brown 

Alyce Amelia Bruin 

Alice Moe Brumfield 

Jane Grey Brumley 

Richlonds I C 

:^o;*:n : 

B.S., Home Economics 

A.B., Psychology 

A.B., English 

B.S., Home Economics 

Alclh.-ian- Draii'i I.i«c (31; Hall Social 

Dikean; Class Cheerleader (1); Service 

Cornelian; Dean's List (31; Ju 

nior Ad. 

Cornel,,!,,: Woman's College ,.( Furman 

League (41 ; Proctor (1. 2^ ; Daisy Chain 

; Square 

Dance (21. 

Represrnta.iv; (11; Dean's List 131: 

Economics Club (1, 2. 3. 4) ;" vVt^rans 

chology Club (3, 41; Recreation As. 

Honor Roll (1. 21: Daisv Chain 121; 

Club (1. 2. 31; Volley Ball ID. 

Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3. 41; Baptist Y.W.A, 

.ocialion (1. 2. 3. 41; Hockey (1. 21; 

Volley Ball (21; Basketball (1. 2. 3. 41; 

Dorm Representative (4); Bapiisi Stu- 

Softball (1. 21. 

dent Union <1, 2. 3, 41, Dorm Riepre- 
sentative (31; Home Economic. Club 
(1. 2. 3. 4), Publicity Committee Chair- 

Dorm Housek^eying CommVlt'ee; s'qT.r" 
Dance (3. 4) ; 4-H (4) : Volley Ball (31 ; 
Basketball (1), 

Mary Lynn Brunson 

Lois Anne Buck 

Mortho Eugenia Burke 

Elisabeth Holt Burns 

Orangeburg, S C 

Uniontown, Pa 



B.S., Secretarial Administration 

A.B., English 

B.S., Physical Educotion 

A.B., English 

Adelphian, Treasurer (2): Junior Book 

Cornelian; Pine JHeedles (2. 4). Literary 

Aletheian; Daisy Chain (2); Y.W.C.A. 

Aletheian: St. Mary's School and Junior 

Exchance Chairman (31; Dorm Repre- 

StalT (41 ; Carolinmn Feature Writer (4) ; 

; Recre. 

College (1, 21; Dean's List (3); St. (31: Points Committee (41; 

D.,.,.- l.,-t 13. 41; l'r..ct„r (21; Dance 

ati'on'Atiociation'u! 2. "3. 4l! 


Mary's House (3. 41 ; Botany Club (31 ; 

Sen.. (■ Leacue (41 ; Dance Committee 

(3. 41 : Camp Counselors Club C 

Basketball (31, 

(31; Y.W.C.A. (1. 21; H.ll Social 

!■ ■ Inl (3)! 

Camp Com^mittee (41 ; Co-of 

Committee (1. 31; Hall Cheerleader (3. 

1. Week 

41; Chemistry Club (1, 2); Gamma 

Ho'ckVy n''i. 3,''4r°"Life Sa'v 

Alpha (3. 4). 

" ' V\.on"'!' 

Speed Ball (1. 2, 3. 41; Swim; 

ming n. 

2,3, 4,1; Tennis (1, 2, 3, 41; Vo 

lley Ball 




in 5ii 

]ni, Ljreeit and l/[/nite 

Ellen Mark Bush 

Mary Elizabeth Butler 

',r„l.-,ion, W Va 

,VinMon Vilem 

A.B., History 

A.B., Grommor Grode Educotion 

\.l-llililaii: Pinr XrrJUi 141: Proclol 
III: Y.W.C.A. (41 : Maaqur.adc. (2. 3. 
II. Wardrobe MUlrr.. (41 ; Square Circle 
11. 2. 3. 4): World Federallat (4): 
IMarlikera (1. 2. 3. 4). 

if. BaplUI Student Unloir (41: Folure 
Fire Lhiel (21 ; Areherr (1) : Life Sa.lsf 

Dorothy Sue Callahan 

Sallie Moore Calvert 

IJnicn L-vel, Vq 


B,S , Home Economics 

A.B., History 

M, , , il .', 3, 41: B.pli.l 

(21; Houaekecpint Chairman (II: Future 
Teacher, ol America (4): Voile, Ball 

Flora Ellen Cameron 

Nancy Reid Campbell 



A.B., Sociology 

A.B., Latin 

A.lelphi«n:C<.ro;i-.ia-. (2.31: De 
131: Honor Roll (31; Proctor (1 

n-, Li.t 
2. 3): 

Aletheian: Hall Board (21: Houae Preai- 
den. (3): Leeialature (3) .^ Dean. Li« 

Adclphiun Dance Committee (21 
faith Council (41: Y.W.C.A. (1 

(31 : Elections Board (4| : Proctor (I. 2. 

'2. 41 ; 

4): Junior Ad.iwr (4( : Y.W.C.A. (1. 

. Ptcsi- 

21: Chemiatry Club (I. 2): CUaaical 

Sociology Club (3. 4). 

(3. 41 : 

Club (I. 2. 3. 4). Treaaurcr (2(. Preai- 

dcnt (4): Future Tcacbera ol Aneric. 

Joyce Whitfield Carpenter 

A.B., Primory Education 

1 Junior Colleee 
Honor Roll (31 ; 
\, (3) : Future 

June Spencer Corter 

A.B., Physics 

Dikean: Coro/inian (21: Cnrrici 
mittee (31: 

(Y tlie Atandiimj set bij tlie hcKst class ijft. 

Margaret Ann Cassidy 

Bayside, Long Island, N. Y. 
A.B., Sociology 

Adclphian; Dean's List (3); Junior AJ- 
visor (2) : V.W.C.A. (1. 2, 3, 4|. Cabinet 
(3. 4) ; Sociology Club (3. 4) ; Veteran. 
Club (1. 2. 3. 4): Pre-Nursing (21; 
Recreation Association (I) ; Dolphin Seal 

June Elizabeth Chandler 

Drexel Hill, Pa. 

A.B., Primary Education 

Ann Leia Chipley 

Rita G. Clarke 

Rocky Mount 

Northfork, W, Va 

B.F.A., Art 

A.B., Psychology 

Mildred Armstrong Coble 

Borbara Elizabeth Connolly 


,-,.,„.. '.c 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

B.S., Home Economics 

AJelphian: Y.W.C.A. (1. 2); Square 

Circle (1): C« a Alpha (3. 41. 

Publicity Commillee (41: Square Danre 

A.lel,.hian: Dean's List (31: Honor Rol 

ii,,n„ i" !,„"'„ : hub (2, 'i.' 41:' r'cc 

Elizabeth Leigh Cooke 

A.B., English 

Peggy Bernardine Coppola 

A.B., History 

3) : Elections Board 

(31 : Hono 

Forum Coi 

Theta' (3. 

national Relations (1. 2) : World 

ist (1. 2); Phi Beta Kappa (4). 





.^J^ono^ and fa 

brinq to tkt 




^ B0 ^P 


Vela Covington 

B.S., Nursing 

Elisabeth Fore Crawford 
A.B., History 

Patricio Lawrence Cun 

, Cabini-I (3. 41; Psycholofy Club 
iff Saving (1): Slalc Student 

Ruby Esther Davenport 

B.S., Home Economics 

Church Croup 12. 31: Home Ecoi 

H.ll U.Jci 

Alpha Thr-la 13, 41 ; Dorm Housrkrepinf: 
Committee (11; Future Teachers nl 
America (41; Recreation Association I-', 
41: Basketball (2. 41: Slate Stuilrni 

I.eeisl.iture. Delegate (4». 

Barbara Anne Davis 

l.lelphian: Mars Hil 

; Church Group (21 

Dolly Davis 

Atlanta, <3c 

A.B., English (Dramal 

Cornelian; Managing Cditoi 
(4) : Phi Beta Kappa 13, 
List 13. 41 : Honor Roll I 
Proctor (It: Arts Fo 
II; MasqueraJers (2 
(41; Alpha Psi Omeg 

D/fL Sd 

ooi ive won 


Frances Lee Davis 

A.B,, Sociology 

Archery Club 

Sara Louise Debnom 

A.B., Mothematics 

Cornelian: College Cheerleader 141 ; Cla- 
Cheerleader (31; Class Project Chairman 
(31: Carolinian Reporter (1, 4), Re- 
orite Editor (21, Makeup Editor I3< : 
Outstanding Senior 141: Hall Election* 
Board (21; Dais* Chain (21: Dance 
Committee (It; Y.W.C.A. (I, 4» : Square 
Circle (I, 2, 3, 41. President (4» : Gali- 
Club 12. 3, 


I tp> 

June Bost Derby 


A.B., Primary Education 

Adelphiat,: Bolany Cli.b (41; Fulur< 

Ruth George Dobson 

High Point 
A.B., Sociology 

(41; High Point Colleje ; Iniv.Tsily of 



Wilma Reed Devoe 

Hohokus, N. J. 
A.B., Biology 

D,a,.> Lisl (3i: Junior Advisor <3) ; 
^.W.r.\. (1. 2. 41; Bolany Club <3, 4); 
l.l,.n.i«ltv Club (2, 3. 4); Mrdic.l Tecb- 
n..l..cisls Club (3. 41. Social Chairman. 
Vice-President (41 ; Galilean Club (3. 
41. Social Chairman (4); Square Dance 
(2) ; Lite Saving (31 ; Goll (II. 

Carolyn Elaine Drum 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Nancy Bridgett Dickey 

Kings f.' II'-'-: n 
A.B., Sociology 

Master Electrician 
ningy Club (3. 41 ; Radio Workshop 
; Recreation Association (2); Play- 

Kathleen O'Deil Edens 


B.S., Home Economics 

Dikean; Junior Advisor (3| ; 
Home Economics Club (1. 2. 3. 4 

Evelyn Marguerite Dobbins 

Union, S C 
B.S-, Home Ec< 

Jane Briscoe Edmunds 

L\n:l'burg, Vo 
A.B., English 

Cornelian; Secretary o( Student 
ment (31; College Social Chairm, 

31. Class K.liinr {!.' 3). Din-,-l„r» 


u/e are ei 

luai to tne en 


■TV f « y f 

Lillian Eichenboum 

ll'irW/rr/j'k, N J 
A.B., Psychology 

I'l'il'iu'r' (3*: Ca/o'lnoi/i. 
Ntiiiiaili'r 111; Ctitadtii, Uua 

Margaret Ann Ellen 
B.S., Sccretoriol Administration 

Mary Upshur Elliott 
A.B., English 

Ruth Elizabeth Elliott 

A.6., Psychology 

II. 2. 3.' 41, ScM-ial Con 
Ih Council (31: Pn 
PUrlitcn 13. 41: 

College Boartl 

Ruth Patton Ellis 

H.yh Pen. 
A.B., French 

Margaret McLendon Everett 

A.B., Sociology 

Adelphian: Sorioloey Club (3. 41. 

Jean Farley 

Ph.lndelp'iia, Pa 
A.B., English 

List (3. 41: Honor Roll (1. 2. 31: 
Ma»quiT;,ilcrs (2. 3. 4) : Quill Club (3) : 
Arts Forum Commitlee (3. 4) ; Phi Beta 

Jean G. Featherstone 


B.S., Home Economics 

Alclhrian: Drar.'. List (3. 41: Y.M.C.A. 

3. 4). Cr< 


Club (2. 31; Home Economics 
Club (1, 2. 3. 41. PublicilT Co-Chairman 
<41; Recreation Aaaociatioo i3. 41; 
Square Dance (3. 41; 4.H Club (3. 41; 
University Sermon Marabal (II. 


or ivp re ii'Ci 

prepared to m 


Barbara Anne Fehr 


B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Adelplliaii: Marshal (41: Class Si-iielarv 
(31: Daisy Chain (21: Dance CommillM 
(21 : May Court (4) : Gamma Alpha 
(3, 41; Hall Board Member (1); Senior 
Class Project Committee; Swimming (31. 

Jo Anne Ferguson 


B.S.S.A., Business Education 

Cornelian; Anderson College (1. 2) 
Dean's List (31: Baptist Student Union 
Gamma Alpha (2. 3. 41 : Future Teach 

Eulene Morie Fishe 


A.B., English-Drama 

Patricia Webb Fisher 

U lo Moss 
A B Chemistry 

I- Ina Cm s 



Joan Lee Ferguson 

Eost Braintree, Moss 
A.B., Psychology 

Mono Faye Fipps 

A.B., Spanish 

Adclphian; Dean'. List (3): Honor Rol 
(1. 31: Service League (41: Y.W.C.A 
(11: Baptist Student Union (21: Futur 
Teachers of America (3. 4) ; Spanis 

Jean Evelyn Fisher 

White Plains. N Y 
B.S., Home Economics 

: Proctor (21; Interfaith Council 
.1: V.W.C.A. (1. 21; Chemistry C 
2. 3. 41 ; Home Economics C 

Muriel Doreen Fletcher 

B S Secretarial Administration 

\AJ. C ka6 dk 

own u5 u/Lddotn 




Alyce Stuart Forsyth 

Gloria Gaugler 

loddle Ruer. N J 
A.B., Spanish 

Barbara Louise Fuller 


A.B., Grammor Grade Education 

(1); Y.W.C.A. (2. 3. 41: BoUny Club 
(3. -1) ; Future Teachers of Anierim 
(3, 41; Volley Bull (2). 

Elizabeth Frances Gottschall 

Coral Gobies, FIc 
A.B.. Sociology 

Aletheian : Legislature (3) ; House Presi- 
131: V.w'.C.A. (1. 21:" Soeiology Club 

Marilyn Ann Garver 

Patricio Haden Gary 

Betty Jone Greene 
B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Adelpllinn; Dean's List (3): Dance Coni- 
Alpha (3, 41, Treasurer (31. 

Cornelian: Dane, 

2. 3. 41: Cliamber Music 
Croup (3. 41: Darlioelles (31: .Maa- 
querailers (2, 3, 4), Vice-Preaidenl (41: 
Alpha Psi Omega 13. 41, Vice.Preaiiient 
(41 : Playlikers (1. 2. 3. 41. Stage 
Manager (41: Music Eilucalion Club (1. 
2. 3. 4). Secretary (31: Recreation 
Association (I. 2. 3. 41: Dolphin Seal 

Nancy Catherine Greenlee 
B.S., Home Eco 

^y^ncl we loue ner nakttuitu. 



Carolyn W. Griffin 

Anne Louise Grinnells 

Janet Ruth Handler 

Rebecca Hurt Hardaway 

Elizabeth City 


BroLikl\n, N Y 

Columbus, Gc 

6.S., Physical Education 

A.B., Primory Education 

A.B., Spanish 

B.S., Home Economics 

Association (2. 3, 41 : Dance Croup (3 
4): Square Dance (2. 3. 4): Camp 
Counselors Club (3. 41: Co.of (3. 41 
Archery (3. 41: Gymnastics (2. 3. 4) 
Hockey (2, 3. 4): Life Saving (41 
Soccer (2. 3. 4): Speed Ball (2. 3. 41 
Swimming (2. 3. 41; Tennis (3. 41 
Volley Ball (2. 3. 4): Basketball (2. 3 
41: Softball (2. 3. 41. 

Adelphian. Marshal (3): Daisy Chain 
(2); Junior Advisor (3): Interfaith 
Council (4): Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. 3, 4); 
Lutheran Students Association (1. 2. 3. 
4): Future Teachers of America (41. 
President: Archery Club (2) ; Life Saving 

Council (41: Daisy Chain (2)': Proctor 
(31: Hall Board (II: Hillel (1. 2. 3. 
41. Social Service Chairman (3. 4); 
S,.ani.h Club (3. 4). 

PreTidJn"' 14?" 'camlinun'"!) : Pinl 
VeeJfcs (41. Photography Staff; Dean's 
List (3. 41: Ma. Court (41; Y.W.C.A. 
(1, 2, 3. 4). Cabinet Treasurer (41: 

nomics Club (1. 2. 3. 4); Galilean Club 
(3. 41 ; Future Teachers of America (4) : 
.\rchery (21: Life Saving (1): Volley 

Marie Harkey 

Edna Lee Harper 

Mildred Doris Harrison 

Roe Harrison 




W il50n 

B.S., Distributive Education 

A.B., English 

A.B., History 

A.B., Spanish 

Alethoian; Y.W.C.A. (21; Gamma Alph 
(3. 41 ; Future Teachers of America (4) 
Recreation Association (2, 3, 4): Squar 
Dance (2, 3); Archery (2). 

t'K"''/,'''Tn'''"iT ':-!'i,.'', (3i"!'H.,no; 

Roll '- '■' 1 M'l-. 131; Inter- 

Ijiil, 1 . ;. -, tt , \. (1. 2. 31; 

bl'i.'l-^ ...' .,1,:,'.,,:, .'i'u'i,"'(2'i7 Future 
T..,. 1.. i- i \' ■:. , Hi; Square Dance 

1*2', '''•'"';,,- '"'l ;'.''; llaerfai'lTcouncil 
. 1 . 1 « . \ n ■:: Baptist Student 
1 1 - • 111; Future Teach. 

;,!,. > ; \. , ...,„ „i,ci\"rrBa.ketba'li 

Dikean. Marshal (31; Dean's List (31; 
Honor Roll (3) ; Proctor (1. 31 ; Junior- 

miltee (31 ; May Queen (4'l ; Choir (1. 

ers of America (4); Spanish Club (3. 
11; Basketball (11. 

Phi Beta Kapi 

{/[/ormnci ivitn will and asnirat 


a ^ 

Mory Foy Hoskins 

Henley Head 

A.B., English 

Mrlliriaii: AnUI 

Slal (1) : Pine 

I: Doa-i 

Vrf<//r., Pholoiraphy Editor 
l.iil (3, 41 ; Dance Commlller (2) j Hall 
Swiul CommillTO (2) ; Y.W.C.A. (I. 2. 
1. «). Vicc.PrFtl.leat (3), Cabinet Senior 
AclviKir (4): Wotlef Founilatloo (1, 21; 
Claaalcal Club (1. 2. 3. 4) ; Galilean Club 
13. 4) : Future Teachcra o( America (4) ; 
3. 4), Cabinet 
Llle Savini (1) ; Voller 7 

B.F.A., Art 

IJikean. Publiclt 
( I) ; Pre.hmao 
lature III; C./«/ 
Pine >„rf;„. l-h, 
Liu 131: Hon»> 

Aria Forum Coniii. 

Colt (1. 2. 3, 



Helen Chalmers Hicks 

V\ limmglofi 

B.S., Home Economics 

C.rnclian ; Mary Baldwin College (1. i 

Marilyn Janet Hill 

A.B., Psychology 

-nl 131: Leji.. 

C.rnelian: Hou«: p,. 

lature (31: ClaM D 

Ptnr .Veerf/c< (4l : Colden Cbain (41 • 

Dcan-a Liat (41: Finance Board (4). 
i): Hall Social 
■I Science FoniB 
L'nmuaical Chair- 

Secretary; Procto 


4) : Senior Show. 
Pbi Beu Kap|>a 

Malynda Anne Hiott 
B.F.A., Art 

Irene T. Holland 

.'.'D-r.-lg-n, D. C 

A.B., Economics 

'l/iin acnli 

Sara Leach Holland 

f •nl-!iqh 

Mary McDonald Holmes 

Ed-n- -•- 

AS., Psychology 

lhk.„„ Marshal (41; Hall Board (2): 
l:.. N-.H... Ad.erlisine Staff (4): 
II - ■ li-r (31: Y.W.C.A. (1. 41; 

- n'-."\l."2. i. 4)': Dolphin" slai 

IJ. 3. IJ; P„,t War Action, Committee 

A.B., Primary Educotion 
(Vi ■'"y W tA''\T"2 "3 '' 4°"° We'll" 

Foundation (1.' 2. "x 41.' Trlisnre" "l 
CooncU (4); Future Teacher, ol America 
13. 41: Dorm Election, Chairman (31; 
Softball (21. 

♦ t 



ei/emeni ad our aim.^ 

Patricia Anne Hubbard 

A.B., French 

Elcclions Chai 
Dean's List (2, 3t; Proct 
sy Chain (21 ; Junior A.ivis 
C.A. (*! ; Chemi 
Spanish Club (3. 
2) : Tau Psi Ome, 

Anne Fahey Hughes 

LumDenond, Md 
B.F.A., Art 

Dikcan; Proctor (II: Arts Fo 


Patricia Anne Hunsinger 

Ridgenood, M ) 
A.B., English 

Kate Elizabeth Hunter 


B.S., Home Economics 

Roll 3. 

Mary Ehzabeth Hutchinson 


A.B., Biology 
Laboratory Tec 

Virginia Stebbins Ingram 

B.F.A., Art 

Rosemary Jacobs 

A. 6., Primary Education 

Dikenn. Marshal (11; Juni..r Book E 
.hanee Chairman; May Court (41; Inte 
laith Council (41: Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. 4 
Social Chairman (21 ; Lutheran Studen 
Association (1. 2. 3. 4|. ViccPrcside 
(31. President (41; Future Teachers 
America (4); H.ll Social Committee (1 

Inge Jacobson 

Woodmere. N. Y. 
A.B., Sociology 

Cornelian; Carolinian, 
Business Manager (31, 




l/we it moue forward 




Lydia Eafman James 

B.S.M., Theory 

Roll (3),' Junior Advisor:' Ar 

Joyce Adair Jefferson 
B.F.A,, Art 

(31: Dance Col 

Barbora Anne Jeffries 


A.B., Primary Education 

Alcthcian. Marshal (41 ; Dean's L 
Danre Chairman (41 ; Dance Co 
(31 : May Court Maid of Hon 
Y.W.C.A. (1(; Baptist Student 

Margaret M. Jeffries 

Cornelian: Legi.l.tu.r (41: Dan'. Li.l 
(3. 4): Proctor (II: Pais) Chain 121: 
Junior Advisor: Choir II. 2. 3. 41 : Veal- 
meni Committee (31 : Inlerlailh Council 
(2. 3. 4). President (4): Y.W.C.A. (II: 
St. .Mary'a House Altar Guild 12. 31. 
Vestry (21: North Spencer Spollifhl 

Faye Eloise Jenkins 
B.S., Home Economics 

7o tlu 

Bessie Louise Johnson 
A.B., Biology 

Dikean: Dean's Li.l (31; Y.W.( 
21: Wesley Foundation (1): 
Club 12. 3. 41. Sccrctatv (31. F 
141: Future Teaihrrs n( Ame 

e goal cue inu6 

idt attain. 

Nancy Ann Jones 

A.B., Primary Educotion 

Baptist Student V 

ion Council 

Basketball (2, 

Nellie L. Jones 

High Point 
A.B., Physics 

Cornelian; Vice.Presic 

ivemment (41; Vice-President oi ^.-^^^ 

phomore Class: President ol Junior y^ ^k 

iss: OutstandiDS Senior (41; Golden - ^k 

lain (3. 41. Vice-President (31: Honor / 1 

II (31 : Greater University Council / 


(3. 41, Proji 

tions Board (2) ; Daisy Chain ( 

Committee (1, 21; Junior .Advi 

(II: Y.W\C.A. (1. 2. 4): ; 

(2. 3. 41; Student Chancelh 

(31: Galilean Club (2. 3. 41: Future 


rN V 

Martha Eloise Jordan 

Carolina Beach 
B.S.M., Piano 


Patsy Adams Jordon 

B.S., Physical Education 


Barbara Keller 

Danen, Conn. 
A.B., Sociology 

Cornelian; Interfailh Council (4): 
Y.W.C.A. (I. 21 ; Tau Psi Omega (3. 4). 
Treasurer (4); Senior Show; Sociology 
Club (3, 4). 

Wilma Lillian King 

B.F.A., Art 

Cornelian: Pine Xeedles. Bu«inc5« 
(2, 3). Section Editor (4); Proctor 
Daisy Chain (2) ; Dance Committd 
2. 3) ; Arts Forum Committee (4) 
Club (2. 3, 4), Secretary (3); 
Publicity Chairman (4i ; Hall S 
Committee (2. 31; Recreation A 
ation (1. 2); Archery Club (3). 

Rebecca Katherine Kirby 

Granite Falls 
A.B., English 

Anna MendenhoJl Kirkman 

Pleasant Garden 
A.B., Sociology 

Mildred Pauline Kyzer 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

.letheian: Proctor (3); Daisy Chain 
2); Interfailh Council (3); Lulherar 
ludenls Association (1. 2. 3. 41. Vice- 
'resident (4t ; Dorm Social Chairman 

Jean Anne Lambeth 
A.B., Psychology 

Secretary 13). 

(21; Dolphin Seal (1. 2. 


^\eep in slant, Ljreen and U[/hiU 

Kathcrinc Jane Lambeth 

bruwn Surnniil 
A.B., Engliih 

Ramona Dore Lamm 


B.S., Seeretoriol Adminislrotion 

Mavis Janet Large 

Sally Louise Lawson 

Kof ky Muuni 

^I'.neo jfii, WoSb 

B.S., Home Economics 

B.S., Physicol Educotion 

i:,„nrli.n: n.-...-. I.i.l 1.1. 

13. 41. I',..,' ■ o I .. 

11. 2l:_II 1 " ■ 

-l'„'|, .iwnr.l'TJ'i!" 



1' 11. 2. 

a (3. 

„ Scholar- 

Ch,', Club 12)1 ruZTr" T,.t\J/. 
ol America 14); Rn-.talion A~ocialion 
(1. 2. 3. 4); Dolphin Sral (1. 2. 3. 41; 
Arrhcry Club (2) ; Squar<r Dane. (3. 41 : 
Camp Commillrc 14) ; Co-ol (3, 4); 
Hock-v (I. 2. 3. 4); Lilr S.vini (1. 4): 
Volloy Ball (3. 4): Ba.knball II. 2. 3. 

Frances Ann Leather 

A.B., Art 

Dance Committee (31; 
:oramittee (41 ; Y.W.C.A. 

President of Junior Club 
.idem (4) : Bapliat Stu- 
■lunci! (2. 3, 4), Greater 

Alice Ehrie Lee 


B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Adelphiao: Salem Collete (1): Y.W.C.A. 
(2, 3. 4); Church Croup (2, 3, 4); 
Social Committee (3) ; Gamma Alpha (3. 
41; Future Tcachera of America (4); 

Sarah Alice Lewis 

B.S., Home Economics 

Club (2. 3. 
(1. 2. 3. 4): 

Almo Grey Liliey 

Farm; I e 

8.S.S.A., Distributive Education 

Cornelian. .Marshal (31 : Houo- President 
(4), Summer Session (I»4S) : President 
of Student Cotemment. Summer Session 
(19491: Service Leame (31; Proctor 
(1. 2); Dance Committee (31: Classical 
Club (2. 3): Gamma Alpha 13. 41; 
Future Teachers of .\raerica (41; Golden 
Chain (4). 

oj^ tlie standard 6 Set i?t4 the best class uet. 


Rebecca Anne Lloyd 

A.B., Recreation 

Alelheian: Carolinian. Exchang 
(3). Pholoerajihv 
\eedles (3, 41 ' 
Business Staff 


Mabel Frances Long 

A.B., Sociology 

Photography Sla 

(3); Y.W.C.A. (I, 2, 

liH Club 

Katherine Loughead 

Norfolk, Vo 

Eunice Hepler Lowde 


A.B., English 

B.S., Home Economics 

Alelheian: Dean's List (31: Honor RoH 

Manager (41: Masqueraders (3. 41: Tau 
P.i Omega (41; Alpha P.i Omega (4): 
Classical Club (1. 2. 3, 41; Phi Eela 
Kappa (41. 

dents Organijalion (41; V.W. 

Helen Margaret Luke 

Charleston, S. C 

Dixon Lyon 

Alienhurst, N J. 

A.B., Education 

A.B., Chemistry, English 

Alelheian: Lesley College (1. 21: Procto 

Cornelian: Caroliaiaa (3. 4): Plavliker, 

Betty Eunice McAdams 

Frances Marian McAdams 



A.B., Biology 

B.S., Physical Educotion 

.''" ' . v " X. '(2. 3K''jui^iI!; 
1 \\ > > » I ; 1 ; Botany Club 

11- ( :^ . ,1, (2, 3); Future 

A.sociali.m (1, :. 31; Dance Croup (2); 
Archery Club (2, 3); Camp Counselors 
Club (I. 2); Archery (21: Hockey (I, 
2); Shimming (1,2); Basketball (1.2). 

Corneh.,.. M,..',, . :. - ,,... 1 , .,;„. 
Proctl; "l ' ;. - '. ' /",","),'„',!„' 

ChTb |.3l; Fut'-re Tea, lo-r,' of America 
(41: Recreation Association (1. 2. 3. 
41: Recreation Association Cabinet (3. 
41: Dance Croup (3, 4): Dolphin Seal 
(1. 2. 31; Camp C,.„n„l„„ Club |1, .', 
3): Co. of <-.. 11: Xrrh.rv ILM; C, ,„ 

Instruct.., - :, il ;. 

-.J^onor and ta^ne brina to tk 

e name 

f>^ D 


Oriana M McArthur 

Nancy Olma McCall 

Neva McCormick 

Betty Sanders MacFarlond 

AB Socoogv 

A B Eng sh 

B.S., Secretarial Adminislrotion 

B.A., English 


V. 4 a Counrii 
n In n 1 Exfc... 
B n Union 

Dikcan: Dean's Lis. (.11; Hnnnr R.,11 
(2. 31: Signo Alpll. Pr«Mlonl 111: 
Gamma Alpha (3); Parliamrnl.tian 111. 

III: Y.W.C.A. Ill: Pbr>ic> Club (J, 
l.i(r .Savins (1): S.immins (1. 2. 3). 

Alston Shuford McKeithan 

Margaret P. Lee McKinney 

Elinor McNair 

A.B., History 

Betty Jean McNoiry 


A.B., Primorr Educotion 

A.B., Psychology 

AB , English 

Oik.-,,.. I.. ,, - 1 .: . ;. |.,,„-,o, a. 21; 
Cin,.. 1. . - :..„ Club (31: 
Z....1.... 1 . .- :.; Psychology 

..aslir. (11; H,.. k.-v (1. 21; Lite Savins 
(II: SpttH Ball (1. 2); Basketball (I. 

,u \ w \ 1 ,.-„„,„ (4): Junior 

Adclpbian: Daisv Chain (21 : [ 
mi..,V. (2(: V.W.CA: (2 
Trachers of America (4) : Ar 
S.immine (I). 

yy^ t/ie J^c/iooi ive won t forget. 

Decorating for the big 

"Christmas Dream" 

. . . wintry trek to Rosenthal Gymnasium . . . warm greetings 
exchanged in the receiving line ... Dr. Jackson, Miss Taylor, 
and other speciol guests . . . Quiet blue lights ond less quiet 
music ... low murmur of voices and swaying couples . . . 
glimmering sotin dresses beside block tux . . . Pine-scented 
Christmas trees bedecked with silver stars . . . striped condy 
canes and Christmas stockings lining the "little gymn" . . . 
much-frequented punch bowl filled with traditional green 
punch . . . fireplace and Christmas tree for the convenience 
of Santo's visit . . . pendant stars and colorful holly wreathes. 
. . Clock bells onnouncing on the hour that "this is W. C." . . . 
Dance No. 2, Dance No. 2, DANCE NO. 2 . . . the figure 
carrying red poinsettias on a sproy of greenery . . . rendezvous 
under the clock for exchange of dances . . . General confusion 
in claiming wrops AND portners at 12 o'clock . . treading 
back to respective dorms on tingling feet and some aching 
ones . . . Open house and open fire . . . hot chocolote ond 
cookies . . . taking advantage of mistletoe ... 1 o'clock ond 
reluctant goodnights . . . Thus endeth the "Christmas 
Dream" . . . 

This is W. C.-Past, Present, Future 

"The Greatest Show on Earth . . . October 27th, Aycock 
Auditorium . , . mysterious reheorsals . . . prop pilfering . . . 
modernistic posters . . . admission tree . . . but pay to leave! 
. . . lost hour costummg . . . torchlight parade . . "Yes! 
we are equal to the challenge" . . . chorus singing "This is 
The Woman's College" . . . sheepish cost . . . one hundred 
years at W. C. . . . "Old Mclver had a school" . . , Normal 
girls . . . "She walked up to the Soda Shop" . . . "Helpless and 
Griddel" . . . Variety show . . . The year 2000 . . . futuristic 
costumes . . . elegant Infirmary . . . field trips to Egypt . . . 
|iiors of 1950 unveil the long awaited 

A gool accomplished — 
the Chopcl Window from 
the "Closs of '50." 






Jean Alexander McNeely 

A.B., Biology 

Beatrice Ann Magee 

B.S., Home Economics 

.dilphian: Mars Hill Jun 

Shirley Haile Mahon 

Newton Upper Falls, Mass 
A.B., History 

rial Boar. 

3, 4): Honor Board (3, 4). 

Business Slaff (1); Pint 

clion Editor (41 : Golden 


, President (■ 
Honor Roll 

Helen Mamber 

Miomi Beach, Fla 
A.B., Art 

Adelphian; Banner Committee Chair 
man (1) : Class Publicity Chairman (21 
Pine iHeedUs <2. 3. 4). Oreanization 

Phi Beta Kappa (4). 

Jean Hildebrand Marrow 


B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Noomi Ruth Marrus 

A.B., Recreation 

Elections Board. Dormitory Representa- 
tive (3) : .\rls Forum Committee (2) : 

13. 4); North Siiencer Spotlight (3); 


Katherine Louise Marshall 

Cieorvvoter FIc 

B.S., Physical Educaficn 

Dolphin (1. 2. 3. 4) : Co-ol (2. 3 
41: Golden Chain (4). 


Wyndall Grace Mason 

A.B., Education 

.\letheian. Marshal (3), Secretary (41 
Dance Chairman (21 ; May Day Maid o 
Honor (4); Home Economics Club (II 

st"on' Association (1. 2); Golf Club (31 

Volley Ball (2. 3.' 4) : Basketball '(1. 2 

we are eaiu 

at to the en 






Foir Caldwell Mceks 

ilviTilly <4); Dran'i LUl (3> ; Proctor 
I ; Orrrntboro Symphony Orchrtlra 
. 21: Y.W.C.A. (W: Church Croupa. 
pllit Sludcnl Union (I. 2, II: CUmI- 
1 Club (3, 4): Socioloiy Club (2, 3|: 
rhcry Club (3): Archery (I, 2); 

A.B., Engliih 

Ciirnclian: Elrrlli 


(3. 4) : Dally Chain I 

131 : Ana Forum C 

Oulll Club (3, 4): Phi Alpha Thrfa 

13. 41, Sccrvlary 

millcc 141: OoMrn Chain 

Chapel Com. 

Constance A. Miller 

A.B., Sponish 

2): Church Groups, St. Mary'a (1, 
Square Circle (2, 3) ; Spanish Club 
4). Presideni; Dolphin Seal II. 21: 

Eva Miller 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Dikean: Inlerlailh Council (3. 4i : 
Y.W.C.A. (1, 3, 41: Gamma Alpha (3, 
41; Recreation Aaaocialion (3, 41: 
Square Uance (3, 4| : Daiay Chain (2). 

Martha Rose Miller 


B.S., Physicol Educotion 

Marilyn Ann Moeller 
Towsen, Md, 
B.S., Home Economics 

I: Y 

Buiineu SlaH 131: Dance 
3), Decorations Chairman 
(1, 2J : Botany Club (1. 
Chemistry Club (2); Home Eco- 
cs Club (2. 3. 41 : Galilean Club 
4): Recreation Association (21: 

Patsy Ellen Miller 

Baifimore, Md 
A.B., Biology 

A.lelphian: Junior House Presijeo 

Business Staff: Service Leaeue 
Botany Club (21 : Chemistry Club i 
Medical Tecbnolofists Club (3 

(1. 2. 3. 4): Dolphin Seal (I, 2. 3, ' 
Camp Counaelora Club (I. 2): Ca 
Committee (I, 2, 3. 4), Chairman < 
Co-ol (3): Hockey (1, 2, 3, 41: Sp. 
Ball (1, 2, 3, 41: S«immint (I, 2, 
41: Tennis II. 2. 3. 41: Volley I 
(II: Basketball II. 2. 3. 41: Softl 

Nancy Foster Montgomery 
B.S., Physical Education 

A.lelphian: Queens Collete II. 21; Junior 
Advisor (41 : Future Teachers of Ameri- 
ca (31 ; Recreation .Association (3. 41, 
Cabinet (4). Treasurer (41: Dolphin 
Seal (3, 4): Clo«cine Club (41: Camp 
Counselors Club (3. 4) ; Camp Com. 
mitiee (4): Co.ol (3. 41: Cymna>tics 

7 or ive rp cue u prepared to bi 


Helen Jean Moody 

Barbara Thorne Mocmau 

Slier City 

Westporf, Conn. 

A.B., English 

A.B., Sociology 

A.iM„h,.,M. Mar.1,,,1 Hi: H.-,.. Pr-.i- 

Adelphian. Vi, p-Pi. s..l. i.T (31; Chair- 

l'',",!^ ., ' , iii. ■ '.,/i . 1. , 'j,mio; 

!pi"' ,Vo',/;. \ . . ' : M:::,'^'."r lit 

(3. 41 : rii.M, , 1 .1 1 :f 1 ,1 ,,M ,. Boar. 
(31: Proru., ,i,; Da,„ C.i,a.n (21 
Junior .^Jwsor (3): Social Science 
Forum Conimillee (3. 41: Choir (I. 2 
31: Tau P.i Omesa (3. 41: Alpha 
Kappa Delia (41: Chemistry Club (3 
4): Chapel Checker (21: Co.Chairman 
of Project Committee (21: Sociology 
Club (3. 41, President (41. Treasurer 
(3): Honor Board (2. 31. 

Melrose Moore 

Brown Summit 

Florence Strotton Morrill 

A.B., English 


Hall Board (31; Mo.lo C<,mmilt,.e (11: 
Senior Council (11: Cnrolwian 12. 3. 
41, ll,.|„,rl,., C. 41. Exchange E.lilo, 

CI, ,'....;,: r.':..., Cll: Dean's Li« 
!!• II K'" ' ■' : .'Service Leagiie 

n" j 'y .' .: -"'r°l). vTsTrli'In' 

A.B., Art 

Dikean: Dean's List (31; Hall Soc, 
Committee (1. 21 ; Dance Comm ttee 
Decorations (1. 3) ; Arts Forum Socia 
Committee (41; Art Club. Social Chair 
man (3. 4) : Future Teachers of America 
(41; Chapel Checker (2). 

^","i^ '- ' ■ • '. : 'r 1 . ■'. '''.".''' Kcc! 

"2!: I...Hn ■ K.M.Jm. V'liaiZn 

Margaret Helene Moynohan 

Peekskill, N. Y. 
A.B., English 

Allene H. Neal 


B.S., Secretarial Administratit 

Dikean: Dance Comjtnll,-.< II. 

Marianno Newlin 

BolboQ, Canal Zone 
B.S., Home Economics 

Prjscillo Elizabeth Newman 

Fanwood, N. J, 
A.B., English 

Cornelian: L. zi^l.iliir. lit; llnnor Board 

(3) : International Student Committee 
(41 ; Choir (1. 2. 3) ; Tau Psi Omega 
(3. 4) : Zoology Field Club (2) ; Phi 
Beta Kappa (4). , 

# ^ 



l/l/. C. had jA 

own ud unidom 









Lois Spaugh Newton 

Nurry Ann Nixon 

Elizabeth Janet Norman 

Sally Ann Ogilvie 



;•: n, K\c. 

A.B., Primary Educotion 

A B„ English 

B.S., Physicol Education 

B.S., Physical Education 

Bik.'.Mi 1' ■'• '■■:■'■- .1..' .■ ■ 

il- ||W,,,I. . r .;,■..:':.,; ,'; ■: 1 . K, | ,., 

\,i, ,|,| ,, ,., 1 . , , . ;, . V ^- . 

Cornelian: Hmis- Presi.lenI (31: Judicial 

Hoi.-r !■ . • . , • 1 . . . 

> \ ■ 1 - ■ , i : i ." W. -iMiinisler 

Board (4): Ueislature (31: Senior Show 

Director (4): Golden Chain (3. 41: 

S^rv,.. 1 . . |. . ■ 

1 . 1' .■,„up'(2. 

Dean's List (3); Service League (1. 41: 

C un' 1 ''.'iV |'i'"m '( Ts'^T' 

Proctor (I. 2): Daisy Chain (21: Y.W.. 

C.A. (1. 2); Chemistry Club (2. 3. 41: 

A'rX"y'''(3.''4)'; 'l.')mua=lk'r'(l! 2. 'i. 

Future Teachers of America (41: Recre. 

t): Hockey (1): Soccer (21: Speed 
Ball (2) ; Volley Ball (2. 3. 4) : Basket- 

Seal (1. 2. 3. 4) : Camp Counselor, Club 

ball (1. 2. 3. 41: Softball (2) ; House 

(2. 3. 4): Camp Committee (3. 41: 

President (4); Legislature (4). 

Co.„f (2. 3. 4): Recreation A«i«i.ti„n 
Cabinet (2. 3. 41 ; Gymnastic. (1. 2. 3. 
41: Hockey (1. 2. 31: Speed Ball (2. 3. 
4): Volley Ball (2. 3. 41: Basketball 
(1. 2. 3. 41: Softball II. 2. 3. 41: 
Campus Purs.. Drive Chairman (4|. 

Penelope George Pontelokos 

Joyce Cecelia Porker 

M, Florence Parrish 

Mary Elizabeth Payne 

Rokv Mount 




A.B., English 

B.S., Music Theory 

A.B., Psychology 

A.B., Art 

Cornelian: Carol,,,,,,,,, li. , r (.-. .11, 

\.l.-l|.i,,,,„; l.c=i-ljlNrr I 1. ; ll.a.i'. L 

»1 .A.lelpliia.i ; Squar,- Circle 11. 21: Psy- 

; choloey Club (3. 11. S.crl-lary' 141: 

(41: Daisy Chain (2): Dance Com. 

Editor (3): I'nl ■ 

N.W Guiltor,! (1. , . 

L Club (1. 2. 3. 4». 

r4'r:"Y.W.C..V ■("' 2.°'3r: A«""ci'ub 

Intcrtailh Conn, il n ^ \i , - 11 ,- 

(1) : ClasBicnl ( 1"1, M J ; 11 . i„„.,. 


Archery Club (21: Hall Board (41: 

Toclicrs o( Ai.M 11,. Kj.l., \\ 

Hall Social Committee (2. 3. 41. 

•hop (41: ChnjH-l CImk.r (41: Chair. 

1 lul. 11. :. :!. 11. Ir.asurrj I3l. 


we loue ner na 


^ ^ 


Jo Ann Pegg 

A.B., Grommor Grade Educatic 

Dikenn. Buuk Excli 

De.n'8 Lisl (31; 

Advisor (3): Y.W.C.A.. Gruup 1 

Helen Louise Pilley 

A.B., English 

nior Rol 

esley Foutiilaliu'.i 

Bolany Club (2. 3) : 

3J : Hall Boacc 

Nancy Ann Porter 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

B.S., Physicol Educotion 

Phi BrU Kappa 

Rose Murray Potter 


A.B., Grommor Grade Educotion 


Vivion Lorraine Pitt 

Oxford, Pa 

B.S., Secretoriol Administration 
and Retailing 

AJelphian: Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. 4); Garni. 
Alpha (3. 41 : Homa Economica Clii 
(U: World Fod.r«li.t (3); R«realiu 

Mary Ann Preston 

Coral Gobies, Flo 
B.S., Home Economics 

\ i. ,-l' 141: SifiiM Delia Pi 
(2. 3. 4); Chemislry Club (1. 2. 3): 

(2): Church Croup. Uanlorlh 'Fellowship 

Doris Lee Poole 

B.F.A., Design tor Advertising 

Melhcian: Carolini.jn, Circulation Slafi 
(2) : Pine Veed/es. Arl SlaB (41 ; Proclor 
(1); Junior Advisor (3): Arls Forum 
CommiHee (4): Y.W.C.A. (31. Freshmau 
Club Leader (31 ; Baptist Student Union 

Catharine Elizabeth Quick 

Bloomfield, N - 
A.B., History 

unior Book Exchange Chaii 
:oradtii. Literary SlafT (41 
I; Y.W.C.A 

Classical Club 

i/l/ormnci witn mil and 






Jerry Ann Quinn 

A.B., Sociology 

Betty Anne Roder 

B S, Disrribu»i>e Educori( 

Urlliruu: Hall Uuif.l (21; ' 
I. 2. 3): Caoinia Alpha (3. 
Icllr Chairman 141: Fulufr Tr, 

Joonns Roselyn Roub 

Kingston, Pq 
A.B., Economics 

Margaret Redman 

Walnut Cove 

B.S., Home Economics 

Univcralty; Cur- 
eerini! Commiltce 
cc (2) ; Social 

ici- Kurum Comn 
Council (3) ; Hi 
iming (I. 2. 3). 

Eleanor Louise Rierson 

RoDnoic, Va 

A.B., Primory Educorion 

Cornelian: Roanoke College (1. 
Botany Club <3. 4) : Future Teachert 

Jacqueline Agusta Reynolds 

B.S., Home Economics 

Eleanor Rigney 

Elmhurst, L I , N. Y, 
A.B., History 

Cornelian: Freshman Comniisnion (11: 

Legislature (3, 4): Class President (41: 
Piftf Xerdles, Co-Section Editor (21: 
Ontslanding Senior (4) : Phi Beta Kappa 
(3, 4): Golden Chain (3. 4): Dean's List 
(31: Honor Roll (1. 2); Greater Uni- 
\ersity Council (4) : Curriculum Com- 
i.,ill.i, S.rr.iotv 131: Junior Advisor 
HI; Y.WC^V. 11. ■■. 31: Phi Alpha 
ri..M I.I. II: llnian. Club (21: Phi 

I'm O t:.i 11. .'. .1. II; Weil Scholar- 

-liip (,11 ; \.l.rji„ Club (I. 21. 

Betty Tuttle Riley 

A-B., Primary Education 

l/l/ith achieueinent ai our aim, 



Ruth Joyce Roberts 


B.S., Home Economics 

Harriett Jane Robinson 

Portland, Conn, 
A.B., Chemistry 

Square Circle (2. 3) : Bolanv 

): Chemislry Club (1. 2. 3. 4( : 

Club (2. 3, 4) ; Veterans Club 

Volley Ball (1); Pbi Beta 

Mary Worth Rock 

Claudia Ann Rogers 



A.B., French 

A.B., Biology 

Cornelian : Dean'. Li.t (3. 4); Honot 
Roll (2. 3): Proetor (1); Y.W.C.A. (3. 
41, Cabinet (1); Church Croup, (1. 2, 

J'.Jb?3"/L'.irufe,?;."^ ^■"-•'■ 

Aletheian; House President (41; Le 
lature (41; Hall Board (31: De 

I'l" 2. \'l. ''• ■ ' .' \ 1, ^1,"-' 

(31; W.-,|., i,.,::, ,: M ■ i. 

Medical I..1, „.,■_. l:..1, ,3. 

Council (31 : Galilean Club (3. 
Future Teachers of America (4) ; Da 

dn 3. '4); 'Ba.ket'ba!!°"(l)1'Tr'e° 
(2); Square Dance (2). 

Mary Grey Romefelt 

Glen Rock, N J 

Lillian Rosenberger 

Lynchburg, Va. 

B.S., Home Economics 

(41; Class Cheerleader (21; Dais, 
(2); Future Teachers of Americ 
Sohball 121. 


llikean; St. Joseph's Colleee ; De 
3. '4)"; Volley bTu (uTBrste'tbalMl 

Jeonne Rose Rothenberg 

Gladys Loftin Rowe 

Richmond, Va 


A.B , Gromtno, Grode Education 

Adelphian; Pme \e,dles (41; Mac 
Murray College lor Women; Dean's List 
(3J; Hillel (2. 3. 4); Psychology Club 

W> ' ' - •: 'B!,l'a„y°C°u'b'( 
1 . r, ol America (4 


{/[/e it moue tonvard L^la6S of 1)0 

C=> ^ ir) 

Ann Elizabeth Royster 
B.S., Music 

Esther Maria Samuelson 

Providence, R I 
A.B., Spanish 

Adclphion; Mav Dav Chairman (41; 
Snng Conimitlco 111; Elrcl...,,. Cha.raan 
(3): Pint yeedUs. Section Editor (2. 
31. Business Manager (4); Golden Chain 
(3. 4). Treasurer (4); Dean's List 13): 
Honor Roll (I. 2, 3); Curriculum Com. 


Ruby Rebecca Rumley 

Vo til 


I : Spanish 

irbara Mae Sanders 

B.S., Music 

likean. Marshal (31 

e Qoai we inu 

6t attc 

Alma Marie Sabiston 


A.B., Grommar Grotie Education 

Dorothy Lee Sole 

|3| : Junior Adv: 
Wesley Foundatic 

Dance Committee 
Y.W.C.A. (1. 2): 
. 2. 3. 4) : Future 

Mary Leia Saunders 

Danville, Va 
A.B., History 

Dikean: House President. Su 
sion (21 : Carolinian. Featur, 
4t: Dance Committee (31; 

i: Inlerfaith Council 
(I. 2. 3): Quill C 
Workshop (3. 41: ! 

Katherine Amelia Schrum 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Aletheian: Legislature (41; Dean's List 
(3. 41: Honor Roll (1. 2. 31; Points 
Committee (3. 41 ; Service League (31 : 
Proctor (21: Lutheran Student Croup 
(1. 2, 3, 4). Secretar)- (3): Sigma 
Alpha (3. 41. Treasurer (4t : Sigma 
Delu Pi (3. 41: Squire Circle (I. 21; 
Camma Alpha (3. 41. President (41: 




Alice Augusta Seitz 

C-offney, 5 C 

Eleanor Green Senter 

Betty E. Setzer 

Mary Frances Shackelford 

A.B., Music 

A.B., Grammar Grade Educotion 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

B.S., Home Economics 

Dikean: Limestone Colleer: Greensboro 
Symphony Orchestra (3. 41: Chamber 
Music Croup (3. 4|. 

\.lel|d,i.n. Marshal (41; Dean's List 
(31; Pror.or (1. 2); Y.W.C.A. (11: 
Raplisl Student Union (11: Future o( America (4). Social Chair. 

Ilikean; Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. 4); Camma 
Alpha 13. 41: Rccreati.m Association 

H'ali""s^i'al*cTa,r.'.i""".i". ' l"'"'' ' ' 1 
visor (31; Inl.rl.,: 

Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. .... 11 1..., 

Club (1. 2. .3. 11. . : .1.. 1.,..,,. 

Teachers of Am -rica (11: Beer, at.on 

(2.""3T4')';"sasiictb'aH"(2.'3'. 4»° sliflball 

Marie Avery Show 


Marilyn Joan Shaw 

Nutley, N. J, 

Mory Wholey Shepherd 


Joanne Shoemaker 

A.B., History 

Cornelian; Leeislature (41; Co-Director 
of Senior Show (41: State Student 
Leeislature Delegate (3, 41; Carolinian 
(1. 2, 3. 41. Reporter (11. Headline 
Writer (21. Campus Feature Editor 131. 
Columnist (4); Pine Needles. Lilerarv 
Staff (41: Coldcn Chain (41: D, .,„■- 
List 141: Honor Roll ll_ 2>: I'r... i.„ 

Y?WX.\"'ii.' V..' \ '.',.'ii", ^',' '. ; '; 
Clas.i.-,,! . ..1 .1 J. 1..... .. ... .. l; 

A.B., English 

Aletheian;Book E.chanBe Chairman (31: 
Co„,dd,. L,lerj,v Siall 141; Carolinian 

F,..„„r. W,.., .-. Pine \eedle.. 

ll'.'.n!',"l; "' ."'-.,",'!." Leai^e 141 i 
l.'ni'i..' . .... 1..' ~ '...Ian 141;' Choi? 
11' ''■' '\ ' '""'1 I-"- ••.»• Secretary 
!' : 1 li..!.lerlt'(3);"R.di'o Wo"rkshop 

li Association (2) ; Dolphin 

l.l. Saving (2). 

A.B., Primary Educotion 

Adelphian: Ser^ ice Leacue (31: Proctor 
.Xm^rica (3." 4| '; Baskelblll (?.' 2.'%)'. 

A.B., Primary Education 

Aletheian. Marshal (31: Future Teachers 
o( America (41; May Court (i). 


^\een in slant, VJreen and \/Wnih 





Betty Ryan Shuler 

Mary Poul Shuler 

A.B., History 

A.B., Engliih 

Danrr "croup "l, ")'. ° 

Comrlian, N.K-ial Comniillrc (I). Suclrlr 

>»aa (4); /><», /V,,d/„ (41: Oanca Cm.. 
miMr, (3(: y.W.C.A. (1. 2, J. 4). 

Nell Fleming Siceloff 

A.B., History 

^tlrlphian, Pn'siilrnt (4) : Li^eialalurr 
21: EIrcliona Board (3); Scrvic 

I): V.W.C.A. (1. 4): Fulur,- Ttach«. 

Eleanor Skeels 

A.B,, Primary Education 

Davilla Smith 

Bachelor ot Fine Arts 

Photography Staff (4) : Coraddi. Photog- 
raphy Staff (4): Dcaii'a Liat (31: Daisy 
Chain (2) : May Court (4) : Y.W.C.A. 
Ill: Art Club (2, 3. 4). Vice-Preaident 
(tl: Galilean Club (3): Recreation Aa- 
..H-iation (2. 31: Volley Ball (1): 
Kaskelball (21: Badminton (21. 

of^ the standardA Set l)ij the fjest class ijet. 

Atjelaide Virginia Sigmon 
B.S.. Secretoriol Administrotion 

Cornelian: Dean'. Liat (31: Proelot (2) 

Letty Bontj Slaughter 
A.B., Grommor Grade Education 

Adclphiao: Hall Board 121: Proctor (II: 
Dance Committee (2> : Y.W.C.A. (4) : 
Housekeeping Committee (II : Home Eco- 
nomics Club (II: Future Teachers ol 
America (4) ; Recreation Association (II: 

Helene Audrey Smith 

Uticc, N 1 
A.B., English 



List (31 : Hillel (I. 

raders (3. 41. Paint > 

Delta Pi (3. 41: Dramatic Act 

Board (41; Galilean Club (2. 3 

.North Spencer Spoltight (2. 3. 

Radio Workshop (3. 41. Chief 

nouneer (31. 



Jean Minnis Smith 


B.S., Physical Educotion 

2. 3. 4) : Softball (1, 

Ball [21 : Baiketb 

Sara Jean Stacy 


A.B., Primary Education 

Cornelian. Marshal (41 ; Dancp 
lee (3): Mav Court {4| ; Chape 
131 ; Future Teachers of Ame 

Barbara Stoughton 

Bachelor of Fine Arts 

Dikean; Coraddi. An Editor 
Groups (3. 41 ; An Club' (3, 

Ruth F. Smith 

Long Island, N, Y. 
A.B., English 

Frances Willard Stephenson 


A.B., Grammar Grade Education 

Hattie Louise Strother 
B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Shirley Max Swift 


Betty Jane league 


A.B., History 

(r.'°2l'""iu,.l"o7 Ad',"i»o^r'°(3l\ ' Y.W.C.a! 
11. 21; Inlernational Relation. (4); 
Future Teachers of America (3. 41. 

A.B., English 

Cornelian. PresiJenI (4): Social Plan, 
ning Council (41 : Hall Social Chairman 
(2); Dance Commillee (I. 2. 31; Junior 
Advisor (3): Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. 3. 41; 
Future Teachers of America I4J ; Rec 


.^y^onor and tame hnnq to tk 

e name 






Dorothy Jeanne Teogue 


A.B., Elementary Education 

Alclli.-ian. Matslml (3), Prfsi,l..„i (41: 
Creatpr University Council (3. 4) : Pointi 
Committee. Stcrclary <3>, Chairman (4) ; 
Social Planning Council (41 ; Proctoi 
(21 : Dance Cliairman (3) : Fulurc Teach- 

Hottie Elizabeth Thigpen 

Scotland Ne-t 
A.B., Chemistry 

Sylvia Helen Thomann 

Nutle-, rj 
A.B., Economics 

Alcll,.-ia..; Hall Board 

Board 13. 41: Dean'. LiM (31: Pr. 

Ill ; Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. 3. 

Betty Joyce Thomas 

B.S.S.A., Business Education 

Virginia Chorteric Thompson 

A.B., Mothemotics 

Corniliaii: Inl.rfoilh Council 141; 
Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. 3. 41: Square Circle 

Anne Westwood Tolor 

A.B., History 

Jane Bentley Tomlinson 

Daisy Chain (21 

y (31: Hall Boarc 
1) ; Honor Roll (31 
Y.W.C.A. (1. 4) 
Future Teachera o 

fL Sell 

001 luc ivon 

t foraet. 

.radei (II : Dam 

Vivian Trevathan 

B.S.S.A., Business Educati 

idelphian: Ptoctor (3); Y.W. 
I : Gamma Alpha (3. 4) ; Ho 
omics Club (I); r 



Regenia Jane Trogdon 

M. Elizabeth Truitt 

Betsy Waters Tyson Wilma Faye Umfleet 


Li, :i-, Hendersonville 

B.S., Secretorial Administrotion 

A.B., Biology 

A.B., French B.S., Nursing 

Dikean; Dean's Lisl |3I: Sfiii.i- Lras'"' 
«1: Y.W.C.A. (3); Cam,,,. Alpha (.1. 

Cornelian: Y.W.C.A. (1. 21: Me. 
Trchnoloeisls Club (3. 41 : Veleraos 1 
(21: Recreation Association (1. 2 

lieal Alethcian: Pr,„ tor 11. SI: Y.W.C.A. Dikean : Service League ( 11. 
Club (1. 2. 3. 11: Future Teacher, „f Ameri. 
. 3. c. (11. 

Ines Guerrero Urdaneto 

Muriel Vail 

Ann Denny Vomer Hildur Von Hommerstein 

Medellin, Colombia, South America 

Warwick, N Y. 

Salisbury Muni.Ji, bermony 

B.S., Home Economics 

A.B., Sociology 

A.B., Sociology A.B., History 

Dikean: Dean's Lisl (3); Y.W.C.A. (1. 
2. 4); Church Croup (4): Sigma Dclu 
Pi (2, 3. 41. Corresponding Secretary 
(3, il: Home Economic. Clob (2. 3. 41 ; 

(2): Square Dance (41. 

Cornelian: Dean'. List (31; Inter: 
Council (41: Sociology Club (3. 4) 

tailh Alethei.n: Dean's Li.t (3| ; Y.W.C.A. Dikean: Univer.ity of Munich. Germany; 
(2. 3). Treasurer Junior "Y" (3); Alpha International Student (41 : Golden Chain 
Kappa Delta (41; Sociology Club (2. (4). 
3. 41. Vice-Pre.ident (41: North Spencer 
Spcligh, 13. ^41. (41; 


Lye3^ we are equal to tke ckailen^i 


Anne Lee Wagner 

B.S., Physical Education 

'■ LIM (31 ; Honor 

Y.W.C.A.. Trraiurrr Junior "Y" 

Itrcrralion AaMK-lalinn (3. 4), 

.Irni Co.ol Club H) ; Camp Counai- 

rbara Wogoner 

I.Oi finr SrcHlr. Ill; Coioldt 

Town .Slurlrnu Orcantullon 11, 2. 
Vitrl'rr.ldenl (3) : Maaqonadcn 

Doris Anne Walker 

Dorothy Mae Warden 

A.B., English 

B.S., Home Economics 

Dikcan; Dean'. Li.l (3); Honor Roll 
131: Junior Adviaor (3); Y.W.C.A. (I. 
.'. 3. \): Sludenl Commiltre ol Framed 
I'i.lure Renlal Colleclion. (3), Chair. 
...,.n (t): Fulure Tea,l,rr> ol America 
(1. I): n„.i.-. Club (2. 31. 

Adelphian; Y.W.C.A. 12); Chcmi.l 
Club (2): Home Economic. Club (2 

Betsy Lea Wore 

B S., Home Economic 

Marguerite Way 

B.S., Home Economics 

Cornelian; St. Mary". Colleje ; Y.W.C./ 
13. 41 ; Home Economic. Club 13. 41 

H„mc Econom 

Emma Foye West 

A.B., Sociology 

(1. 2, 31; Wesley Founda- 
. 3. 41. Council (I. 2. 3). 
I. Secretary 121; Sociology 
I: Future Teachers ol Amer- 
Kcrreation Association 12. 3. 
Ball 13. 41 ; Softball (21. 

Katherine E. Westmorelonci 

B.S., Secretoriol Admintstrotion 

Cornelian; Manacer Handbook til; 
Proctor (II: Daisy Chain t2t ; Dance 
Committee 12. 31; Junior .\d>iK>r (31: 
Choir (l(: Y.W.C.A.. Program Chair- 
man (I): Gamma Alpha (2, 3. 4): 
Home Economic. Club (II; Falarc 


or 14 /p re ivpi 

nrcnarcd to he 


Irma Whitehead 

B.S., Nursing 

Anne Eorly Williams 

Rocky Mount 
A.B., English 

Ditean; Maty Washineton Colle( 

Mary Leah Whitfield 

A.B., Recreation 

Jeon Elizobeth Williams 

New Bern 
A.B., English 

Adelphian, Matihal (4); Pine AV, 
(4); Daisy Chain (2): Dance Comm 
(41; Y.W.C.A. (1, 2. 3. 4); F 
Work.hop (3. 41. Script Editor 
Program Director (4| ; Volley Ball 

Sarah Ann Williams 


Shirley Eudora Williams 

Richmond, Va 

A.B., Sponlsh 

A.B., Mathematics 

Cornelian; Dean'. List (41; 
Committee 111; Junior Ad.isor (31; 
Future Teacher, of America (41 : Spanish 

Adelphian: Senior Council (41; Review 
Wesl'evF...' ' ':"" S.. .'..,. 

Alice Foye Wilson 


A.B., Grommar Grade Education 

June Anna Wilson 

High Point 
A.B., Sociology 





W. C. Las 1 

ou/n 14 J u/iSdom 



Naomi Woodworth 

Brointree, Masb 
A.B., Chemistry 

r.or,.oli«n; J,.,uar House- (3): 
Hall Board 111: D,a„-, Li.t |3I; Honor 

l°,eJ'[3\': UnZ"\j°tL (3l'; v'.W.'. 
C.A. (1. 21: Square Circl,- 131; Chi-m- Club U. 2. 3. 41. l'„-.i,k.„t |H: 

oJcanultion " (3|';' 'colde'n""'"'(4i": 
in,, 11.-.., K.,,,,a Ul. 

Frances E, Worrell Lois M. Zimmerman 

Erwin Hompsteod, Md, 
A.B., Sociology B.S., Nursing 

Dikcan: l),a„'» Li.l 131; Proctor (2): Dik,-an : ttV.lcm Maryland ColUee; Town 

^^ T/tcffuncam 

With memories of friendship and of the sharing of many 
small and many great pleasures and achievements, and with 
fine thoughts of past joys we, the Senior Class, will ever 
remember our classmate 

Albemarle, N. C. 
September 18, 1929 February 19, 1950 

^nd we love net" naktfullu 

7(Je (co^ aUt^ 


. . UfKM^ CU% S^^^ 




College Cheerleader . . . "Little Bit" . . . always 
in on everything . . . notorious . . . lives in the 
Cory office . . . willing worker . . . class project 
booster . . . devoted to people . . . super-sales- 
mon . . . jovial . . . friendly ... the real school 

Vice-President of Student Government . . . 
down-to-business legislature meetings with par- 
liamentary procedure plus . . . Greater Uni- 
versity enthusiast . . . o four-year leader . . . 
smiling . . . friendly to everyone . . . level-headed 
. . . humor . . . third finger, left hand. 






Judicial Board . . . Monday night zero hour . . . 
capable and efficient leoder . . . understanding 
. . . Hinshaw . . . dependable . . . Vice-President 
of Golden Chain . . . conscientious . . . Arn . . . 
smart and steadfast . . . well-liked . . . May 

Editor-in-Chief of Pine Needles . . . perfectionist 
. . . always working on something . . . admirable 
artist . . . has the creative genius . . . poised 
. . . modern dance . . . high scholastic standing 
. . . unbelievable energy . . . personality . . . 









Chairman of Service League . . . "Over the top" 
. . . hard-worker . . . co-operative . . . leader 
since Freshman year . . . "Moo" . . . hearty 
friendliness . . . popular . . . sociology field trips 
. . . ready to help . . . always sees the brighter 

Chairman of the International Student Commit 
tee . . . inspiring organizer . . . renders faithful 
service . . . intelligent . . . full of ideas . . . 
columnist . . . enthusiastic about campus activ- 
ities . . . bubbling friendliness . . . musical . . . 
idealistic . . . likely to succeed. 






President of Student Government . . . tackles 
big jobs and does them well . . . capable . . . 
poise befitting a fine president . . . shining mem- 
ber of Greater University Council ... an all- 
night worker . . . respected . . . patient ... has 
a quiet dignity, keen insight. 

President of Senior Class . . . hard-working ond 
efficient . . . always gets things done ... Phi 
Beta Kappa . . . thoughtful ... a conservative 
liberal . . . coffee and Chesterfields . . . merry 
eyes and hidden humor. 






Golden Chain's links are seven — leadership, scholarship, service, toler- 
ance, magnanimity, judgment, and character. Members, selected on 
the basis of these merits, are campus citizens who con be found both 
on and behind the scene of activity. 

Replacing Who's Who at Woman's College, Golden Chain was 
organized in 1948 as a forerunner to Mortar Board. Stress is placed 
upon service to the campus through the organizational unit and 
through its individual members. Publicity does not herald the coming of 
worthwhile Golden Chain projects. By working for the same goals, the 
group gives its members a sense of enlarged responsibility to the 
campus. Links, in all areas of campus life ore always among the first 
volunteers when there's a job to be done. 

Golden Chain serves Woman's College by recognizing and en- 
couraging responsible leadership. Faculty advisers as well as members 
contribute both constructive criticism and able guidance. By giving 
each other strength through encouragement, each individual finds that 
growth emerges with membership in the Golden Chain. 

Lee Mohan, president, has added to the effectiveness of the Chain's 
activities. With Oriono McArthur, vice-president; Betty Crawford, 
recording secretary; Betsy Newman, corresponding secretary; Sammy 
Somuelson, treasurer; ond Mory Ann Preston, social chairman; the 
organization's operations prove efficient. 

Miss Helen Ingraham, Miss Ellen Griffin, and Dr. Malcolm Hooke 
con point with pride to the Golden Chain. Individual and unit achieve- 
ment ore evidences of the effective service and leadership both acknowl- 
edged and stimulated through the symbolic seven linked chain. 


ne Edmunds, Eleanor Rigney, Befsy Newman, 
McArthur, Lee Mohan, President, Esther 
'reston, Borboro Moomou, Joan Ferguson, 

SEATED, left to nghl 

Betty Crowford, Ori 

Somueison, Mory Ai 

Nancy Porter. 

STANDING: Joylee Montague, Helen Moody, Marilyn HHI, Helene 

Smith, Nell Jones, Solly Ogilvie, Morie Show, Pot Ashley, Irene 

Hollond, Noncy Blonton, Soroh Corter, Helen Momber. Not Pictured: 

Susan Dawson. 


Commencement Program 

9:00 P.M. Senior Closs Ball Alumnoe House 

00 A.M. Art Exhibit Weatherspoon Gallery, Mclver Building 

00. P.M. Annual Meeting of Alumnae Association Alumnae House 

30 P.M. Senior Class Day Front Campus 

30 P.M. Guest Performance by Playlikers Aycock Auditorium 

1 1 :00 A.M. Baccalaureate Sermon Aycock Auditorium 

Reverend James T. Cleland, M.A., B.D., Th.M., 
Professor of Homiletics, Duke University. 

4:00 P.M. Concert by the Greensboro Orchestra and the 

College Choir Aycock Auditorium 

5:00 P.M. Informal Gathering for Seniors, Parents, Alumnae, 

and Friends Lawn in front of Chancellor's House 


10:30 A.M. Graduating Exercises Aycock Auditorium 

The Governor of the State of North Carolina 

The Representative of the Senior Class 

The President of the University of North Carolina 

The Chancellor of Woman's College 

Announcement of Awords 

Presentation of Diplomas 






DR. JOHN E. BRIDGERS, JR Corresponding Secretory-Treasurer 

MISS SANCHA THAYER Recording Secretary 


Dr. Charlotte Dowley Dr. Virginia Farinholt 

Miss Augustine LoRochelle 

Rebecca Blankenship, Peggy Coppola, Dolly Davis, Jean Farley, Joan Ferguson, 
Edna Harper, Marilyn Hill, Katherine Loughead, Oriana McArthur, Shirley Mahon, 
Helen Member, Ellen Metz, Elizabeth Newman, Helen Pilley, Eleanor Rigney, Harriett 
Robinson, Esther Samuelson, Hattie Thigpen, Naomi Woodworth. 

^\nowiedae L^omed^ but l/l/ljdom. cyLin^erS 

FRANCES LOMAX, Cheerleader 

ANN DEANS, Treasurer 

NELLIE BUGG, Secretary 

NANCY HOLDER, President 

SARAH CARTER, Vice-President 




Nancy Holder ond Miss Davis, leaders of the red 

We Had 

Junior year, and an entirely different feeling about 
W. C. . . . we're beginning to manage things now . . . 
Freshman week. Junior advisers, and Junior house presi- 
dents were ours . . . "Ask Me" and we DID know the 
answers! . . . buildings were looking like we'd be able 
to use them yet . . . "Bailemos" on the coldest night 
of the year, with little parties around fireplaces in the 
dorms afterwards . . . notoriety from our vocational 
guidance program . . . coming to a decision on our 
project and strapping on seven-league boots to make 
the climb for the top . . . nights at Aycock in secret 
practice for "Ye Gay Nineties Review" and all the fun 
of those happy nights of feeling the class spirit swell 
. . . more exams and "Why did I choose this for my 
major?" . . . watching the Student's Building disappear 

Kirklond gols ond Mrs. Andre 


I/lore To Learn 

a little bit more each day and feeling a splendor with 
the sudden view of the sprawling new library . . . with 
Spring, the elections . . . 7:30 and the new post 
office and the entire campus decorated with posters 
. . . and there was our class going into office! . . . 
our first Junior-Senior and feminine dresses on the 
May night . . . that mad rush to grab the front 
chapel seats . . . singing like mad for the green 
jackets and feeling suddenly lonesome without them 
. . . taking over all that the seniors left us and 
knowing we WILL achieve that aim with a class 
like this . . . knowing that there's just one to go 
and wondering where all those years have gone . . . 
Miss Davis and all those red jackets chalking up the 
third one. 

Tar Heel born— Lois Stephens, Mortho Phillips, 
Mary Hinnanf, Nancy Homlet. 

Junior class of nine 

F/i:tt Roif, left lo ri^ht: Inza Abernathy, Valdese; Nellie Adkins, 
Franklinton; Virginia Albritton, Raleigh; Betty Sue Alexander, Greens- 
boro; Jacqueline Alford, Middlesex; Martha Allen, Charlotte; Margaret 
Alston, Greensboro; Mary Upton Andrews, Glade Valley; Bonnie 
Brown Ashe, Luniberton ; Patricia Ashley, Smithfield. 

SeconJ Ron: Nancy Atkins, Durham; Joan Austin, Brevard; Marie 
Averitt, Clayton; Jean Aycock, Fremont; Enid Ayers, Lexington; 
Nancy Ballard, Ellerbe; Clara Banner, Burnsville; Elizabeth Barber, 
Wilkesboro; Rosemary Barber, Atlanta, Ga.; Sara Lee Barker, Burling- 

Third Row: Mellie Hill Barlow, Florence, S. C; Irene Bass, Fayette- 
ville; Jane Bass, Spring Hope; Mary Bassett, Asheville; Margaret 
Elizabeth Batte, Statesville; Ann Baxley, Wagram; Hazel Opaleene 
Beamer, Mt. Airy; Betty Beauford, Draper; Coan Bell, Fayetteville; 
Margaret Bentley, Greensboro. 

Fourth Roil-: Ann Bergen, Oxford; Shirley Berger, Wilmmgton ; Shirley 
Berry, Durham; Lois Best, Clinton; Betty Grey Billings, North Wilkes- 
boro; Betty Bivens, Albemarle; Hester Bizzell, Newton Grove; Mary 
Louise Black, Pinehurst; Emdy Blackwell, Pine Hall; Evelyn Blalock, 

njlh Row: Nancy Blanton, Walkertown ; Jane D. Bledsoe, Laurel 
Springs; Nancy Bogart, Greensboro; Penelope Bogart, Washington; 
Rena Boney, Balboa, Canal Zone; Bella Bouhuys, Enka; Claire Bowers, 
Rich Square; Bulow Bowman, Charlotte; Josephine Brooks, Raleigh; 
Ann Brothers, New Bern. 

Sixth Row: Barbara Anne Brown, Winston-Salem; J. Evelyn Brown, 
Sparta; Josephine Bryan, Lillington; Margie Buck, Kinston ; Nellie 
Bugg, Macon; Charlotte Bunch, Edenton; Pauline Burchette, Ronda; 
Louise Burgess, Chicago, 111.; Nancy Burton, Greensboro; Carol Byrd, 


een fifty 























^J^ere J /o m^ c/add none can Suma66; 1/1/ e It neuer be outdone; 

Junior class of nine 

F/rsl Rolf, lefl lo right: Doris Byrd, Lenoir; Mary E. Cahill, Braintree, 
Mass.; Arlene Callender, Greensboro; Elizabeth Calvin, Canton; 
Dorothy Cameron, Broadway; Leona Cameron, Cameron; Peggy 
Cameron, Southern Pines; Ann Camlin, Hamlet; Frances Campbell, 
Pinehurst; Mary Anne Campbell, Washington. 

Second Row: Faye Carlton, Albemarle; Maria Carroll, Oxford; Sarah 
Carter, Winston-Salem; Lou Ray Cartwright, Harmony; Carlene Cathey, 
Gastonia; Martha Fuller Chaffee, Morganton; Annette Chandler, Ashe- 
ville; Sally Cheney, Pinehurst; Carroll Christian, Charlotte; Jeanette 
Christian, Greensboro. 

Third Row: Nena Claiborne, Greensboro; Dorothy Clodfelter, High 
Point; Joycelyn Coats, Smithfield; Elizabeth Anne Coble, Guilford 
College; Evangeline Coker, Carysburg; Barbara Collins, Reidsville; 
Cecelia Cone, Raleigh; Dorothy Copeland, Greensboro; Mary Copen- 
haver, Asheville; Nancy Corbitt, Gatesville. 

Fourth Row: Anne R. Correll, Winston-Salem; Mary Kathleen Coston, 
Henderson ville; Ann Cox, Mt. Olive; Catharine Cox, Carthage; Ann 
Cragan, Sanford; Sarah Cranford, Kings Mountain; Pickett Crouch, 
Lenoir; Rebecca Crowder, Peachland; Dixie Dean Grumpier, Clinton; 
Gray Culbreth, Wilson. 

Fifth Row: Josephine Cusick. Raleigh; Nadia Daughtridge, Rocky 
Mount; Minnie Lee Daughtry, Clinton; Elizabeth Davis, Blanch; Jane 
C. Davis, Carthage; Marian Davis, Asheville; Dorothy Day, Smithfield; 
Ann Deans, Wilson; Kathleen Deans, Greensboro; Evelyn Dcarman, 

Sixth Row: Carolyn Dietz, Fieldale. Va.; Kathryn Dobbins, Yadkin- 
ville; Laurah Dobson, Statesville; Laura Dcdson, Reidsville; Rosemond 
Doughton, Sparta; Jeannette Sandlin Douthit, Bryson City; |anet 
Drennen, Carneys Point, N. J.; K.itherme Dukes, Ahcskie; Marilyn 
Dunn, Roseboro; Doris Dwyer, Kannapolis. 

Not Pii lured: Mary L. Cole, Greensboro; Virginia Cole, Salisbury. 





f 0^ 



een fifty 















LJur ioi/e and pride can't be denied ^or the L^ia66 of 'dI. 

Junior class of nine 

First Row. left lo right: Elaine Early, Arlington, Va.; Jane Lee Eddy, 
Fayetteville; Anne Edwards, New Bern; Dorothy Elliott, Shelby; 
Esther Elliott, Roanoke, Va. ; Nancy Elliott, Stony Point; Mary Jane 
English, Ashford; Corinne Etheridge, Whitakers; Annice Page Everett, 
Laurinburg; Betty Everett, Raleigh. 

Second Row: Louise Erickson, Kalmia; Annette Ezzell, Dunn; Mildred 
Farlow, Randleman ; Ann Farmer, Wilmington; Margie Ferguson, 
Reidsville; Mildred Ferguson, Belmont; Marv Gladys Fisher, Granite 
Quarry; Ann Flack, Forest City; Ora Lee Flanagan, Farmville; Mary 
Elizabeth Fleet, Rocky Mount. 

Third Row: Jean Floyd, Charlotte; Blanche Foster, Blanch; Rowena 
Foster, Winston-Salem; Ann Fcwlcr, Durham; Frances Fowler, Mt. 
Airy; Patricia Fowler, Durham; Virginia Francis, Waynesville; Joanne 
Friend, Roanoke, Va. ; Frances Fulcher, Davidson; Betty Sue Fuller, 

Fourth Row: Muriel Raine Gallagher, Ridgewood, N. J.; ]ohnsie 
Gambill, Sparta; Betty Sue Gandy, Darlington, S. C. ; Barbara Garvin, 
Spruce Pine; Emmalynn Gettys, Bostic; Mary T. Gibbs, Warrenton ; 
Betty Alice Godwin, Fayetteville; Adele Gold, Shelby; Miriam 
Gonella, Franklinton; Ann Goudelock, Monroe. 

Ftjth Row: Mary Grace Grady, Kinston ; Mary Eleanor Gray, Lexing- 
ton; Anne Green, Lillington; Elsie Green, Waynesville; Emily Green, 
Winston-Salem; Shirley Greenblatt, Vineland, N. J.; Tommie |eanne 
Greene, Washington: Virginia Gregg, Wilmington; Anne Grier, Smith- 
field; Louise Griffin, Williamston. 

Sixth Row: Jane Grigg, Lincolnton; Catherine Grill, Valdese; Eleanor 
Griswold, Durham; Shirley Haase, Charlotte; Betsy Haley, Elon Col- 
lege ; Mary Ruth Hall, Brevard ; Dorothy Hallenbeck, Charlotte ; Sarah 
Ann Hamilton, Smithfield; Nancy Hamlet. Statesville; Sally Jo Ham- 
rick, Tryon. 

Not Pictured: Ann Franklin, Charlotte. 

een fifty 

p ^ ^ © (ly ^.) 
















^Ag />^j/ in at l/w. U. Aaj known, L^ia56 of 'dI, marcn on! 

Junior class of nin( 

First Row. left to right: Frances Harbison, Morganton; Elizabeth Hard- 
ing, Cana; Mary Elizabeth Harper, Deep Run; Betty Ann Harrell, 
Morganton; Margaret Harrelson, Kings Mountain; Betty Jean Harris, 
Oxford; Janet Harris, Thomasville ; Jean Hart, Oxford; Virginia Hart, 
Mooresville; Jane Hawk, New Bern. 

Second Row: Bobbie Jean Haynes, Gastonia; Patricia Hege, Lexington; 
Edith Hendrix, Rockingham; Jean Hester, Roxboro; Helen High 
Rocky Mount; Elizabeth Hilton, Asheville; Marian Hines, Wilmington; 
Mary Bryant Hinnant, Charlotte; Patricia Hockett, Greensboro; Jean 
Hogshead, Greensboro. 

Third Row: Gustavia Holbrook, Rocky Mount; Nancy Holder, Char- 
lotte; Kathryn Holly, Marshville; Margaret Holmes, Wilmington; 
Jane Holtzclaw, Charlotte; Jeannette Horton, Zebulon; Margaret Ann 
Houck, Salisbury; Doris Hovis, Charlotte; Betsy Howard, Salemburg; 
Frances Howell, Candler. 

Fourth Row: Jane Hudson, Halifax, Va. ; Miriam Huggins, Shannon; 
Tempe Hughes, Myrtle Beach, S. C; Mary Anne Hunt, Lexington; 
Amelia Hunter, Charlotte; Nancy Ann Ijames, Mocksville; Ann 
Ingram, Mt. Gilead; Eugenia Ingram, Asheville; Sarah |ackson, 
Washington; Florence Jacobson, Asheville. 

Fifth Row: Margaret Jan.sen, Asheville; Laura Jenkins, Cherryville; 
Susan Jenkins, Goldsboro; Alma Johnson, Union Gro^e; Elizabeth 
Johnson, Smithfield ; Joan Johnson, Raeford; Margaret Ann Johnson, 
Robersonville ; Mary Katharine Johnson, Winston-Salem; Janette Jones, 
Badin; Jean L. Jones, Salisbury. 

Sixth Row: Jordan, Milton; Sara Katherine Jordan, Wilmington; 
Nellie Grace Joyce, Price; Waldeen Kearns, Randleman; 
Keith, Hendersonville; Polly Jean Kennedy, Atkinson; Virginia Key, 
Robbins; Katherine Kilgore, Charlotte; Elizabeth King, Statesville; 
Barbara Kinsman, Longmeadow, Mass. 

Sot Pictured: Wilma J. Haynes, Greensboro; Elizabeth Henderson, 
Burlington; Anne Johnston, Kelford. 






















^J\een ivell in siakt hotn red and ivliite Lyur coiors hold and clear; 

First Row. lejl In righl: Nancy Kirkpatrick, Waynesville; Elsa Janis 
Kittrell, Lumberton; Phyllis Kline, Asheville; Cornelia Kuykendall, 
Madison; Julia Ross Lambert, Asheboro; Peggie Lambert, Kannapolis; 
Jeannette Lambertson. Rich Square; Nelle Rose Lancaster, Louisburg; 
Sarah Lancaster, Pikeville; Beatrice Lanier, Chinquapin. 
Second Ron.- Betty Mae Lathan, Monroe; Eleanor Leach. Raeford; 
Ruth Margaret Leafe, Badin ; Patsie Lee, Durham; Beth Lennon, 
Boardman; Ruth Levin, Burlington; Mary Virginia Lewis, Nutley, 
N. J.; Ann Linville, KernersviUe; Ann Little, Statesville; Martha 
Littletield, Savannah, Ga. 

Thiiii Row: Carolyn Liverman, Ahoskie; Jean Llcyd, Sanford ; Frances 
Lomax, Charlotte; Mable Frances Long, Prospect Hill; Daisy Loud, 
Redbank, N. J.; Ann Sharpe Lowrance, Statesville; Mildred Lowrey, 
Winston-Salem; Elizabeth Loyd, Washington, D. C. ; Eleanor Annis 
Lucas, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Doris Lyerly, Salisbury. 
Foiiiih Ron: Francie Lynam, Morganton; Elizabeth Lynch, Kings 
Mountain; Virginia Lynch, Rowland; Naida Lyon, Greensboro; Jac- 
queline McClure, Douglaston, N. Y. ; Sue McCormac, Rowland ; 
Virginia McDade, Greensboro; Jane McDaniel, Kinston; Sarah Louise 
McGoogan, St. Pauls; Betty Mclnnis, Henderson. 

F/flh Row: Jean Mclnms, Pleasant Garden; Flora Mclver, Wilmington; 
Lydia McKeithan, Raeford ; loanne McLean, Lumberton ; Geneva Am- 
mons Maney, Ivy; Barbara Mangum, Burlington; Emily Manlove, 
Cecilton, Md.; Dorothy Mattel, Waynesville; Elizabeth Callahan 
Martin, Franklin; Geneva Massie, Canton. 

Sjxlh Ron: Lottie Matheson. Ahoskie; Patricia Mellonas, High Point; 
Elizabeth Memory, Mechanicsburg, Pa.; Rosalind Mercer, Chadbourn; 
Betty Lou Merrill, Beaufort; Gretchen Metz, Summertield ; Edith 
Mewborn, Snow Hill; Barbara Miller, Greensboro; Helen Miller, 
Winston-Salem; Jewel Miller, Winston-Salem. 

No/ Piclnred: Margaret L. Lyon, Greensboro; Frances McGeady, 

Junior class of nine 


een fifty 



T>Lo(4ai are u/e to [/[/. U. ^oreuer hoici it dear. 

Junior class of nin( 

Finl Row, lejl lo right: Margaret Miller, Statesville; Mary Ruth Miller. 
Laurel Springs; Emma Mills, Polkton; Trieda Mills, Charlotte; Betty- 
Lou Mitchell, Burlington; Mary Lou Monnett, Greensboro; Jaylee 
Montague, Clayton; Jeanne Montgomery, High Point; Margaret Mont- 
gomery, Farmington; Ada Jane Moore, Greensboro. 
St'ioiiJ Ron: Ann Moore, Elizabeth City; Betty Lou Moore, Greens- 
boro; Carolyn Moore, Lenoir; Reta Elizabeth Moore, Leaksville; 
Jeanne Moore, Forest City; Julia Moore, Ahoskie; Sterling Moore, 
Warrenton; Carol Morgan, Henderson; Marie Morgan, Gold Hill; 
Patricia Morrell, Asheville. 

Th/rd Row: Cecilia Morri,ss, Farmvillc; Christine Moutafis, Greensboro; 
loan Mueller, Westfield, N. J. ; Naoma Muller, Babylon. Long Island, 
N. Y. ; Sara Myers, Hoffman: Phyllis Niven, Monroe; Dorothy Norfleet, 
Greensboro; Frances O'Connor, Greensboro; Catherine M. Oliver, 
Reidsville; Mildred Orrcll, Winston-Salem. 

Fri//rlh Ron: Jessie Rae Osborne, Swepsonville; Eileen Osherotf, Char- 
lotte; Elizabeth Outlaw, Mt. Olive; Elizabeth P. Parker, Raeford; 
Elva Parker, Goldsboro; Irene Elizabeth Parker. Williamston; Dorothy 
Parrish, Smithfield; Patricia Paton, Fayetteville; Geraldinc Pcarce, 
Micro; Hazelbelle Pearsall, Rocky Mount. 

Fifth Row: Caroline Pearson, Baltimore, Md.; Myrle Peoples, Mccks- 
ville; Peggy Peters, High Point; Betty Petteway, Jacksonville; Marian 
Phillips, Winston-Salem; Martha Phillips, Thomasville; Carolyn Pickel. 
Clemmons ; Jean Pitman, East Hartford, Conn.; Edith Plyler, Gold Hill; 
Rachel Poole, Thomasville. 

S/xth Ron: Carmen Pope. Creedmorc; Anne Powell. Albemarle; 
Emogene Powell,; Nancy Preas, Danville, Va.; Jane Pritchard. 
South Mills; Nancy C. Pritchett, Burlington; Evelyn Proctor. Elm 
City; Nancy Purves, Great Notch, N. J.; Peggy Putnam. Falls Church, 
Va.; Cornelia Quinn, Kenansville. 

,Vo/ PitttireJ: Zilphia Pool, Greensboro; Chattie Price. Monroe. 

een fifty 




J4ere J to the class none can Surpass; lA/e ll neuer be outdone; 

First Rnw. left to right: Faye Quinn, Beulavlllc; Mary Emily Ranson, 
Charlotte; Hattie Ratcliffe, Charlotte; Harriet Reaves, Graham; Hilda 
Redding, Randleman ; Roberta Redman, Asheville; Patricia Reid, 
Lowell; Colleen Renegar, Yadkinville; Mary Reynolds, Greensboro; 
Nell Richardson, Wendell. 

Second Row: Helen Rigby, High Point; Peggy Rimmer, Mebane; 
Margaret Ritchie, Greensboro; Mary Lynn Roberson, Walkertown; 
Jacqueline Roberts, Durham; Marilea Roberts, Reidsville; Emilic 
Robinson, Charlotte; Joan Robinson, Hamlet; Millicent Rollms, Marsh- 
ville; Eleanor Rose, Franklinton. 

ThirJ R'Hi: June Rose, High Point; Mary Jane Ross. Asheboro; 
Kathcrinc Routh, Guilford College; Jeannette Ruiter, Charlotte; Ellen 
Russell. High Point; Marian Russell, Norfolk, Va. ; Patricia Sanderford, 
dry; Joyce Sandlin, Bryson City; Helen Mae Sarles, Greensboro; 
Ora Lee Scott, Burlington. 

Fourth Row: Gladys Sealy, Orrum ; Joanne Sechrest, High Point; 
Anna Blair Secrest, Monroe; Nancy Selecman, Washington, D. C. ; 
Shirley Sharpe, Winston-Salem; Mary Ward Shearin, Whitakers; Rose 
Ann Shearin, Rocky Mount; Jo Anne Sides, Rocky Mount; Nina 
Singleton, Harmony; Kathryn Sink, Lexington. 

Fifth Row: Ellen Skinner, Rocky Mount; Ruth Sledge, Graham; Martha 
Raye Smathers, Canton; Carolyn Sykes Smith, Lemon Springs; Danny 
Kate Smith, Charlotte; Doris Jane Smith, Winston-Salem; Eleanor 
Smith, Kinston; Isabelle Smith, Gibson; W. Jane Smith, Rutiin; Lax inia 
Smith, Charlotte. 

Sixth Row: Margaret Smith, Durham; Nell W. Smith, Yanceyville; 
Dorothy Spahr, Abingdon, Va. ; Nancy Spoolman, Windsor; Dorothy 
Stanfield, Brown Summit; Jeannine Stanley, Carolina Beach; Lois 
Stephens, Durham; Mary Giles Stewart, Fayetteville; Mary Ann Stil- 
well, Charlotte; Dorothy Strother, Oxford. 

Not Fictiired: Margaret Simon, Bayonne, N. J. 

Junior class of nini 

een fifty 

p> ^ f) <^ ft ^ fiT 

vJur loue ana pncte can't be cleniea Jjror the CtaJJ of 3/. 

Junior class of nine 

rirsl Row, left In right: Mildred Sugg, Kinston; Pegg)' Sutton, Clinton; 
Jane Swindell, Elizabeth City; La Verne Sykes, Durham; Ann Talley, 
Randleman; Elizabeth Tanch. Pittsfield, Mass.; Sybil Tanner, Wilming- 
ton; Maiy Elizabeth Tart, Dunn; A, Frances Taylor, Durham; Mary 
Anna Taylor, Williamston. 

SecoiiJ R/ur: Mimi Temko, Greensboro; Grace Thompson, Laurinburg; 
Jeannette Thompson, Goldsboro; Mary Anne Thompson, Saluda; 
Mary Lillie Thompson, Clarkton; Peggy Thompson, Durham; Virginia 
Dare Thompson, Whitakers; Betsy Tunstall, Ahoskie; Sarah Turling- 
ton, Clinton; Annt Van Horn, Greensboro. 

Th/iJ Ron: jane Vann, Badin; Anne Vc-asey, Washington; Hattie 
Wallace. Kannapohs; Hilda Wallerstcin, Richmond, Va. ; Wendy 
Ward, New York, N. Y., Carolyn Watson, Greensboro; Mary 
Weatherspoon, Winston-Salem; Anne S. White, Mooresville; Frances 
White, Wendell; Laura White, Greensboro. 

ro,n/h Row: Alice Marie Whitehurst, South Mills; Nancy Whitley, 
Zebulon; Gwendolyn Wilborn, Lillington; Sarah Wilkins, Wytheville, 
Va. ; Nan Wilkinson, Rocky Mount; Emma Jean Willard, Winston- 
Salem; Betty Jo Williams, Monroe; Cloise Williams, Statesville; Jac- 
queline Williams, Middlesex; Nancy P. Williams, Elizabeth City. 
Fijlh Row: Priscilla Williams, Durham; Addie Williamson, Asheville; 
Barbara Williford, Farm\dle; LaRue Wilson, New Bern; Betty Carroll 
Wimbish, Greensboro; Nancy Winningham, Charlotte; Ann Winslow, 
Raleigh; Rebecca Woodruff. Oxford; Renthea Woodworth, Erwin; 
Patricia Workman, Burlington. 

Sixth Row: Dorothy Worley, Canton; Anne Worsley, Oak City; 
Louise Wright, Roanoke, Va.; Beulah Yates, Elkin; Sybil Yelton, 
Spindale; Ann Young, Rockford, 111.; Elizabeth Young, Charlotte; 
Lillian Zachary, Taylorsville; Martha Zachary, Charlotte; Sally-Ann 
Zeiger, Greensboro. 

Not Pictured: Lois Taylor, Elcn College; Lydia Jane Underwood. 
Boonville; Kathleen Wray, Shelby. 


een fifty 






















Uke best that lAJ. C lia6 htiown. CiaSd of '51, march on! 

^'Jd U Watck Our Words WltL ^aJi 

LILIAN BUTNER, Cheerleader 

ELAINE HOLLY, Treasurer 


SON I A ANGSTADT, President 

MARJORIE MOORE, Vice-President 

Dixie Farthing, Barbara Jobe, < 
Louise Madison fighting the 
"Battle of the Bulge." 

W. C. looked wonderfully familiar that second September 
. . pulling things out of storage and moving them from the 
freshman to on upperclass dorm . . . seeing old roommates and 
all the last-year's faces . . . and "why didn't you write lost 
summer?" . . . studying after 11:00 and overdoing it . . . 
getting around to discovering Peabody and having a wonder- 
ful time with weenie roasts and kicking up red leaves on 
walks after class . . . taking out lost year's agonies on this 
year's rats . . will the jackets be block with white, white 
with black, lovendor? . . . and then weoring them . . . hundreds 

Bobbie Fisher, Frances Miller, 
Mildred Newitt, Ann Whittington 
—the Soda Shop '400.' 

We Came Back For More 

of kinfolk marching through the dining halls in the spanking 
block blazers ond we didn't wont to take them off for weeks 
. . . Henry IV and Gulliver were our men of the moment and 
then there were those tasting tests in the Psych Lab . . . 
the Sophomore formal and mobs of people in non-academic 
faces . . . thot Notre Dame-Carolino gome and screams from 
the dorms the first five minutes . . . "what we know vs. what 
we do" . . . campus activities looking more and more exciting 
. . . meetings with Miss Hunter to plan schedules and the 
constant confusion and indecision about majors and their 
requirements . . . "calling (or senior dates" for the sophomore 
porty . . . the party the seniors gave us and feeling the 
"sister spirit" more than ever . . . standing under their 
windows with "The Time Has Passed away and we must port" 
. . . getting up at six and plowing through muddy fields to 
moke their daisy chain . . . and then carrying it for the long 
lines of block robes and knowing that someday we too will be 
aisle-marching . . . moving up another notch. 

Bcc Catling and Nancy Gr( 

A clossy fit tor Eugenio McCorty. 

Sophomore revenge 


UleS, we're tke L^ia55 of '32, 

F/itl Roil . lejl lo tight: Mitchelene Adams, Diana Addison, Dorothy Ander- 
son, Patricia Anderson. Jean Andrews, Sonia Andgstadt, Isabel Armstront;, 
Margaret Arthur. 

Second Row: Martha Jean Austin, Mary Gordon Austin, Mary Jane Austin, 
Elizabeth Bachman, Nancy Bailey, Anne Baker, Ethel Ball. Mary Ann 
Barlow, Katherine Barnes, Dora Barrett. 

Third Row: Bettie Barringer, Mattie Barringer, Nancy Lou Barton. Erlcene 
Bason, Janet Batts, Viola Batts, Elizabeth Baucom, Beulah Beatty, Virginia 
Beck, Elizabeth Bell. 

Sol Piclined: Barbara Barbour. 

Class. ..W.C. 


ur ieruice we ujUI render 


r-irsi Ran:, lejl la ri^hl: Peggy Belton, Sarah Bennett, Alice Bernholz. 
Evelyn Best, Carolyn Biggerstaff, jimmie BiggerstatT, Joyce Biggs, Mar)- 
Lou Bikle. 

SecoiiJ Rfiu: Corinnc Bissette, Marie Blake. Carolyn Blanchard, lune 
Blumenthal, Jacqueline Bodie, Anita Bolinger, Evelyn Boone, Elizabeth 
Boulus, Joyce Boyette, Sue Boykin. 

I'hirJ Row: Beth Bracken, Laura Bradfield, Anne Bradford, Rosa Lee Brake, 
Clara Brauer, Sara Breeden, Betty Britz, Colccn Brock. Mae Brock, Barbara 
F. Brown, Margaret Brown. 

Noi PiiiiireJ: Rosemary Boney, Dorothy L. Morton Brown. 


Jo tkee, our dear old {/[/. U. 

Pmt Row. left In ri^hl: Peggy Brown. Barbara G. Brumsey, Betty Bullard, 
Betsy Burroughs, Carolyn Burton, Lilian Butner, Glenna Byrd, Martha Byrd. 

Second Row: Catherine Cahn. Madeline Caldwell, Virginia Cameron, Kath- 
leen Campbell, Eva Kate Capps, Kathleen Carter, Bessie Cartwright, Joyce 
Casey, Betty Causey, Iris Hood Chestnut. 

Third Row: Frances Clegg, Evelyn L. Clement, Margaret Click, Elizabeth 
Coffey, Margaret Coffey, Jane Collison, Mary Rose Compton, Betty Jean 
Conley, Virginia Conner. 

Noi Picli/red: Jane Cabaniss, Jessie Campbell. Lynn Richardson Chaphn. 


.^y^nd ail wno will defend 


First Row. left tn right: Dorothy Corpening, Grace Contras, Mary Jo Cox, 
Jo Ann Craft, Betsey Crawley, Nancy Cropsey, Nancy Cross, Leola Culbert. 

Second Ron: Diana Cummings, Betty Cushwa, Mary Sue Dail, Hazel Dale, 
Anne David, Alma Davis, Christine Davis, Miriam Davis, Nancy Sue Davis, 
Helen Day. 

Third Row: Joan De Gruchy, Glenna Dewitt, Bettye Jo Dillard, Bettie Alice 
Dixon, Mary Lucinda Driver, Anne Dryden, Betty Duncan, Annette Dunham, 
Ellen Dupree, Jacquelyne Dwiggins, Shirley Mae Ehret. 

Kot Pictured: Marie Costello, Elizabeth Crescenzo. 


Lies, we u striue to mahe Iter aiorij in 


Fill/ Raw. lejl lo right: Mary Frances Elsen. Jo Carroll Ennis, Ellenor 
Eubanks. Bettye Evans, Nancy Everhardt, Jane Everitt. Mildred Fain, Grace 

Secoiiil Row: Dixie Rae FarthinL', Alice Faucette, Peggy Feinster, Frances 
Ferebe, Anna Fey, Rose Fincher, Mary R. Fisher. Joanne Flanagan. Rebecca 
Floyd, Jessie Ford. 

Third Row: Betty French. Kathryn Friday, Edna Friedman, Ann Frost, 
Katherine Furr, Bee Catling, Lucille Gay. Betsy Gehman, Nannie Gibson, 
Elsie Glavich, Patsy Goad. 

Not PiclineJ: Ruth Fisher, Amanda Gekas. 

• I 



■^nrouqk faitn 


a ioiialt 



"J '} 

b -" 

F//.1/ Rriti . U'jl Id lif^hl: Margaret Gooch, Jane Goodman, Betty Goss. Lillian 
Ann Gravely, Nancy Gray, Betty Green. Margaret Green. 

SeconJ Rfiic: Martha Green, Bernice Greenberg, Ann Gritiin, Barbara 
Griggs, Caroline Guthrie. Shirley Hack. Rachel Hackney. Dolore.s Hadaway. 
Mary Rose Hall, Betty Kit Hamlin. 

Thud Rriu: Lucille Hampton, Doris Hancock, Jean Ann Hanna. Lucille 
Hannah, Margie Harding, Geralyn Harman, Betty Harrington, Katherine 
Harrington, Barbara Harris, Jean Harris, Patricia Harris, Jean Harrison. 

Sol P/iluH'J: Mary Harmon. 


^o c 

ome on, 


a56 o, 


Fnsi Roil, left In rit^hl: Patricia Harrison, Eleanore Haroutunian, Tommie 
Haywood, Dolly Hedgecock, Anne Henderson. Sara Henneberger, |ean 

Second Ron: Marcia Hermann, Katherine Hildebrand. Ginny Hill, Eleanor 
Hirsch, Sophie Hobson, Janet Hodges, Dorothy Hogan. Elaine Holly, 
Catherine Holm, Sue Bett Hooks. 

ThirJ Row: Eleanor Hosklns, Jane Hough. Joyce Howe, Nancy Howell, 
Doris Huffines, Bette Hufham, Norma Hunley, Frances Hunt, Martha 
Hurlocker, Mary Idol, Virginia Rae Ingram. 

Nol PiclitreJ: Catherine Hudson, Peggy Lee Hull, Clara Hunt. 

Class. ..W.C. 

Were Jf /or W. C. 

First Rnw. Icfl Id i/ahl: Mary Holshouscr, Henrietta Jackson. Barbara 
Jacobjen, Grace Jahn. Jacqueline Jcrnigan, Barbara lobe, Ann T. Johnson. 
Betty Johnson. 

SecoiiJ Roir: Dorothy Johnson, Frances Johnson, Jacqueline Johnson, Joyce 
Johnson, La Rue Johnson, Miralyn Johnson, Phyllis Johnson. Susann.i 
Johnson, Joann Johnston, Peggy Johnston, Ann Jones. 

ThhiJ Rnw: Gean C. Jones. Margueritte Jones. Bert Jones, Barbara Jordan. 
Lillian Joyncr, Laura Judy. Rose Kahn Ruth Ann Kelley. Susan Kimbrough. 
Betsey Kinard. Marie King, jane Kirkmaii. Kathryn Kirschner. 


uje can 

konor a 


uour name, 

Firsl Roir. lejl to right: Louise Kloster, Rebecca Lamy, Rebecca Langdon, 
Ann Lawless, Dorothy Lawrence, Evelyn Lawrence, Wanna Faye Laws, 
Frances Leatherwood. 

Second Row: Joan Lemon, Joyce Lemons, Mary Ola Lilley, Helen Linville, 
Martha Lippard, Martha Lohr, Lois Long, Mary Moore Lovett, Carol Lowery, 
Shirley Lyon. 

T/j/rd Row: Eugenia McCarty, Dian McComb, Dorothy McCorkle, Mary 
David McCullen, Esther Marie McDonald, Ann Elizabeth McGoogan, Jane 
Mcjunkins, Betty McKnight, Elizabeth McLeod, Nina McLeod, Mary 

Not PictureJ: Martha Lazenby, Mrs. Marilyn F. Lentz, Elizabeth Mclnnis. 

Class. ..W.C. 

can euer serue ijou, 

Fint Row, U'jl to rii^ht: Betty Will McRcynclds. Louise Madison. Nan 
Malloy, Peggy Mann, Anne Marlette. Hilda Marston. Sally Masengill. 
Martha May. 

Second Row: Martha Maynard, Nancy Medford, Martha Ann Mcdlin. 
Emily Micol, Dotis Miller, Frances Miller. Kathryn Miller. Nancy Mitchell. 

Third Row: Gloria Monk. Carolyn Mcon, Louise Mooney. Eva Kate Moore. 
L. Jane Mcore, Marjorie Moore. Nancy Mae Moore. Fay Morgan. Marilyn 

Sol Picli/red: Mary Elaine McNull. Mamie Faye Marshall. 


f it Sfei 

h in all tkf ijear6 to 

F/Kl Rnu, leji In iii^hl: Nancy Maples, Pat Mills, Joy Morton, Dollie Moser, 
jody Mundy, Edith Nardin, Carolyn Neece. 

Second Roil.- Mildred Newitt, Sharon Lee Newman, Jessie Grey Nichols, 
Nancy Nunez, Sally Oden, Katherine O'Donnell, Jean Okey, Lucy Page. 

ThiiJ Ron: Frankie Palmer, Raedelle Patterson, Ruth Henry Patterson, 
Anne Payne, Betty Pearl, Ethel Pendleton, Betty Jo Petrea, Joan Pharr, Mary 
Jo Phillips, Mickey Phillips. 

Sot PnHnecl: Dolores Norris, Juda Page, Mildred Pearson. 



Class. ..W.C. 



to di 

eserue mou. 




r'nsi Row. li'jl I" i/nhl: Peggy Phillips, Louise Pickard, Peggy Sue Pickle, 
Ruth Pierce, Lu Ann Pillatt, Jean Pinchback, Dorothy Plaut, Imogene Pons. 

Second Row: Mary Elizabeth Pope, Elizabeth Pcplin, June Poteat. Ramona 
Powell, Margaret Prcssly, Anne Prestcn, Ina Mac Price, June Rainey. 

Third Row: Joan Ramsey, Betty Rand.ill, Rod^eryn Rau, Ruth Raulmv Lora 
lean Reeves, Mildred Rhinehart. Betsy Richardson, Ellen Rickert, loan 
Roberts. Kitty Robinson, Carol Rogers. 

Sol Picliired: Roberta Ricsman. 



e6, our aim to make uoviv atom ikine 

I'irsi Roil . left I') right: Elizabeth Ross, Jean Rotha, Sally Rothman, Anne 
Rouse, Anne Russell, Betty Russell, Margaret Ryder, Everette Claire Sander- 

Second Row: Susan Sanderson, Rachel Sarbaugh, Lenore Satterfield. Jean 
Satterthwaite, June Saunders, Marie Sawyer, Mary Scarborough, Carole 
Schaffer, Dorothy Scott, Charlotte Sedberry. 

Third Row: Olive Ruth Sedgwick, Dorothy Shamel. Olive Ann Shaw, Ellen 
Shepherd, Betty Sherron, Dorothy Shiver, Ellen ShuforJ, Nancy Sides, Betty 
Siler, Millicent Simon, Helen Simpson. 

Not Pictured: Nancy Rae Rothrock, Jessie Macon Sapp, Jane Sarsfield, Norma 
Sherrer, Martha Sekis. 

Class. ..W.C. 


sin UP tor tea 


First Row. left In ri^hl : Carolyn Simpson, Nancy Sink, Marion Skinner, Jean 
Slater, Frances Small, Mary Beattie Small, Elaine Smetana, Frances Smith. 

Second Row: Janie Smith, Pete" Smith, Nancy Page Smith, Patricia Smith, 
Shirley Smith, Rachel Smothers. Ann Snead, Priscilla Snider, Mary Sor- 
rentino, Anne Southerland. 

ThiiJ Row: Jane Spencer. Jean Stamey, Marceiene Stanley, Hazel Steele, 
Sophia Steffan, Peggy Stewart. Jean Stone, Jeanne Straiton. Bobbie Mae 
Strickland, Alice Suggs. Anne Sutton, Rosemary Sweeney. 

Sol PicliireJ: Virgir 
Talley, Anne Taylor. 

A. Smith, lewcl B. South, Margaret Sutton. Ruth 



en come on, 


of '52, 

Piiil Ron. left 1(1 r'l^ht: Joan Taylor, Shirley Tegg, Sue Tenney, Geral.dine 

Thomas, Nancy Thomas, Jeannette Tillett, Ruth Tillman, Mary Agnes Tola, 

Marilyn Tolochko, Vixvj Trott. 

Second Row: Betty Jean Trcutman, Jane Troy, Mary Ahcc- Turner. Sarah 

Turner, Carolyn Tweed, Adehne Tyson, Ann Tyson, Virginia Mae Van Dyke, 

Betty Lou Van Hook. Annt Venters. Patsy ^X'agoner, Jane Walker. Frieda 


Third Row: Mary Anne Ward, Patricia Warren, Regena Lee Waterman, 

Betty Sue Webster, Colista Weisner, Frances Wells, Joy Benton Welsh, 

Winifred Wheeler. Jean Whisonant, Jacqueline Whitaker, Jean White. 

Pauline White. 

!\ol Picliired: Patricia Jean Taylor. Charlotte Thronberg. Frances Ann Todd, 

Ruth Underwcod, Mary Jane Wessman. 


e re a 



Fhsl Row. lejl to right: Sara White, Miriam Whitley, Anne Whittington, 
Joann Wicker, Joan Wickman, Catherine Williams, Emily Williams, Nancy 
Williams, Mary Jo Willis, Yvonne Willoughby. 

Second Row: Elizabeth Wilson, Betsy \X'intic-ld, Almetrice Wood, Joan 
Wrenn, Sara Wyche, Mary Charles Alexander, Bette Barksdale, Mary Lou 
Barnes, Rosemary Boney, Mary Virginia Brooks, S.ira C;oi;i;in, Nova Ann 
Corbett, Bertha Crockett. 

ThinI Ron: Clara Gilbert. Anne Hall, Ann Hughes, Mazie James, Jo Ann 
Lowry, Barbara F. Maugham. Barbara Mernll. Janice Murchison, Virginia 
Oliver, Kathryn Parker, Mar|orie Perry. Ann Carter Pollard. Bobbie Lee 
Potts, Antoinette Reavis. 

Sot PiiliiieJ: Joceiyn Williams. Iris Young. 

J^erUce Ljluen, ^J^onor Ljained 


MARY JO KELLEY, Treasurer 





We Had To 

September 12 . . . was it really last yeor? . . . dorms 
buzzing with excited strangers, fathers and mothers, 
hammering and tacking . . . Freshman Week . . . 
everything looking big and orderly and feeling very 
insecure . . . climbing steps, filling in blanks, "con 
you tell me how to get to Mclver basement?" . . . 
learning to get everything in before lights out . . . 
house meetings and rainy walks to chapel ... so 
many girls on one campus! . . . waiting to see what 
these "family style" meals were . . . white envelopes 
under doors and a day of feeling like Lena from 
Lower Slobbovia . . . Biology, ond knowing that they 
had you in mind when they planted all those trees 
. . . Greater University Day and knowing you are a 
part of W. C. and W. C. is a part of the whole thing 
. . . ond then week-ends at Chapel Hill and Duke 
and college is a very lovely thing . . . learning the 
words to the class song through Sorry's ingenious 
trick of jon-door advertising . . . and then the won- 
derful mass meeting when "What is the best class at 

tart Somewhere 

W. C." echoed through Aycock , . . again and again 
. . . Corolinians every Friday night . . . the Christmas 
program at Aycock and feeling very eager for home 
but happy with the feeling ... the first elections 
and you've made a name for yourself . . . the 
YEARLING . . . getting to know faces on campus and 
what they stand for . . . exams ... no one told you 
they were this bad . . . and then the luxury of going 
to the show on week nights, squandering time and 
money at the Soda Shop or even if you DIDN'T have 
date . . . just knowing that you COULD . . . the 
first class formal and the newness of the celebrated 
class dinner . . . the Arts Forum and the realization 
that W. C. can hold her own anywhere . . . coming 
back from Spring holidays with a new feeling because 
the dogwood and the forsythia were playing hostesses 
. . . drawing for rooms, squeals, and a ten-dollar 
reservation . . . and then the year's over faster than 
you'd ever dreamed it would be . . . last minute 
goodbyes and you know you won't be sorry to come 
back next September. 

Clowning tor the F 

The Freshmi 
Holden, Jea 
Betty Clyde 
Ann Voorhis, 

in Commission oddressed by Sarah Carter. ON FLOOR, left to right: Rose Marie 
1 Denny, Louro Horriss. SEATED: Dot Lowenstein, Dot Woody, Carolyn Hoden, 
Hill, Polly McDuttie. STANDING: Noncy Bortholomew, Peggy Crumpler. ABSENT: 


I \ 

Fml Row. lefl to Sue Carolyn Ahcll, Ann Mar 
Margaret Wood Anderson, Gelene Andrews, Sara Lynr 
Hilda Barker, Anna Eulalia Barnhill, Nancy Stewart 
Hilda Bingham Beck, Ann Bennett, Celeste Christine B 

e Ahernathy. PegKV Jeannine Allen, Amelia Louise Almond. 
Bailey, Gladys Virginia Baker, Nancy Louise Barbee, Doris 
Bartholomew, Mary Jane Beam • Second Row: Sally Beaver, 

and, Mary Garland Brumley, Ann Bryson, Pat Butler, Marjorie 

Cagle, Mary Sue Carpenter, Luta Chipley, Sara Ann Cohoon, Madolyn Cohen • Third Row: Mildred Cooper, Piney 
Cox, Betty Craig, Virginia Craig, Caroline Crews, Joan Crossley, Joan Deviney, Hazel Duval, Barbara Dyhrberg, Anne 
Elizabeth Elmore, Shirley Ezzell, Ruth Farmer • Foiirlh Row: Ramona Farrington, Ann Ferrell, Clare Forney, Bessie 
Freeman, Bobbie Fuller, Lorna Garrett, Anne Gatewood, Rebecca Glass, Jane Greenwald, Betty Gregg, Helen Hall, 
Barbara Harper, Faye Harris • Fiflh Rou: Ann Harrison, Laura Harriss, Barbara Hill. Betty Hill. Patricia Ann Hopkins, 
Peggy Home. Rcbetca Hundley • \,/; Pnlimd: Mary Jean Beck. Mildred Early, Joan Edv^ards. 

First Row. Itjt to right: Joan Jacobi, Cherie Ann Jantz, Martha Johnson, Mabel Jones. Miriam Kaplan, Dorothy 
Kendall, Marion Kimmelstiel, Joan Klein, Janet Langley, Doris Ella Lewis, Barbara McKeithan. Barbara McKinney, Ann 
Carol Maney • Second Row: Ann Miller, Mary Louise Mitchell, Elizabeth Mooney, Peggy Morgan, Adelia Mauldin, 
Evelyn Nance, Betty Oldham, Pat Owen, Isabel Outlaw, Julie Packer, Barbara Ann Parker, Mary Anna Peck, Yvonne 
Peters, Jane Plyler • Third Row: Nan Potter, Kathryn Pritchett, Nancy Pritchett, Cathryn Puckett, Jessie Quinerly, 
Barbara Robin, Marilyn Robinette, Joan Rosen, Harriet Shain, Carole Shean, Marion Sifford, Martha Ann Sisk 
• Fourth Row: Mary Elizabeth Stimson, Betty Styers, Charlene Thomas, Jane Thom.iv Marcie Vander Schalie, Maxine 
Warren, Frances Warren, Rebekah Welborn, Margaret Ann Whisenhunt. DcI.hls W Lite. M.lJred White, Dorothy 
Williams • Fifth Row: Mary Wilson, Sandra Wilson, Sylvia Wiseman, Betty W i.,i;lit, \,.no Lee Yelverton, Ann 
Zappa • Nat Pictured: Mary Jean Lohr, Betty Pegram, Ann Reams, Louisa Roth, Ptgg) st.iccy. 






Firsl Row. UU to 
Ann Bocrner, Etlu- 
Eleancir Bull. Hil. 
Kathryn Camphtll 
Patricia Ann Cmw 
Row: Bctly l.i.u II 

A 1 11 


rlh Rn 


McDurtie, H.iti 
Brown, Palric 
MacMillan U 

[ansen, Sylvia Kanter, Gwoi 
izaheth Lee, Lou Ann Lewjs • / 
ia Anne McGougan, Jean Fay i\k 
Ann Buckncr, Frances Merrimon 
IS, Lida Louise Martin. 

T Alta Lee Barger. Mary Elizabeth Baugh, Trilby 
Martha Elizabeth Brown, Merle Buie, Jeannette 
ttly B.ilinscn BurKcss. Sarah Ann Butts, Laura 
c I li/,ibtth { I.ivlon, Lura Bertha ClingenFeel. 
Ii.iv. AltJiiL listen, Ella Ann Falls • ThirJ 
M. Amiis KittrnlKe Gee, Amelia Ann Glasgow. 
' :. MiaIilIJ. Sue Henderson, Molly Holland. 
I Hull, Mary Hoyt, Sally McRae James. 

I Llyn Graves Kirby, Angclia Miriam 
I:. :!i:;".J. Dorothy Leah Lowenstein. Pauline 
LI M..itm • Not PiclnreJ: Mildred Carolyn 
llyn HollingcT. Mary Louise Johnson, Peggy 

First Row. left to rie.hl: Janet Menzel, Cynthia Merle Miller. Margie Ann Mitchell, Ann Wallace Moore, Janice Edna 
Moore, Edna Morgan, Anna Mormino, Billie Marie Oliver, Huldah Louise Osborne, Barbara Edwards Pasour. Patricia 
Edwards Pasour, Ellen Perry • Second Row: Helen Jane Pleasant. Jean Marilyn Potts. Charlotte Anne Preas, Rebecca 

Rowena Rhyne, 
Seligson, Laura James Sexton, 
Shaffner, Nancy Craig Simpson 
Annette Strickland, Ruth Ann 
Thomas, Jane Long Thompsi 
Warren, Mildred Warren • 
Williamson, Ann Woodall, J 

Margaret Romefelt. Rozrlk- R..binsn 
Mildred Joyce Shackelford, P^k^\ M :■ ^ii -, it. 
C;.itiicnnf Dare Sitterson, Bettv I. ^ i, Kohby Summerlin • / / I 

,, Marioric Jeanne Tilson, Lij liJiuuh. H 

Fijih Row: Pat Westall, Ruth Powell Wheeler, 
nette Zimmerman • Not PiclNred: Anne Morrisi 

Scobey, Ellen Jo 
ir; Emily Carolyn 
Lin, Carol Stockard, 
L ster, Lorene Earley 
Waldas, Cora Lee 
rr Wilkinson. Ann 
n, Arline Elizabeth Palmer, Lorena 


~ > 

Lady Talton, Helen Frances Tapp, Ma 



\ m tj I; 

' m^ aKf 



ir^^^^^Ef^ J 





'^— 'J^j^tx^y^J 



,^^ .■ '^^- ■ •^ Ifv ^^—f - **^ 

• ' ■ . ' ■■-■■ ■ ' •■ 

■ '■ . . ' *f . " 

I 'J 


FirM Row, left lo riihl: Mildrtd Duns Ah 
Sue Ellen Baxter. Grey Fetter Bedford, A 
Brabston Brown, Beverly Belle Bryant, E 
Southerland Cole, Elizabeth Anne Corn« 
Davis, Mary Katheryn Davis, Jerre Dennii 
Jo Ann Fuller • ThnJ Row: Uixy h\.uK. 
MarKaret Olivia Grlg,^s, Gwendolyn H,,,: . 
Karen Heck, Sara (oyce Henderson • / 
Hunter, Mary Elizabeth Johnson, ^ . I 
Kelly, Betty Ann Kirby, Pegsy Ann I iah 
• Fiflh Row: Princess Ann Loniax, Sue Ai 
Lois Anderson Mclver, Sarah Jane McLea 
Grier, Juanita Joy Hamilton. 

r-irit Row. lefl to right: Mary Louise Marks, Ruth Hamlin Martin, Joan Massey, Gloria Miller. Carolyn Miller, Jane 
Misenheimer, Nancy Ann Moore. Sue Brevard Morris, Dorothy Anne Morrison, Marlene Muller, Carolyn Forrest 

lean EhzabLth Andrews. Frances Armstro 

S, Eliz.rbeth Ann Baucom, 

la Beeson. Mary Gay Bloodworth. M,..„ 

ne PLrkins B.uwn. Ou.da 

lum, Audra Jean Clinard • V, ., A' 

1 iliM , ( -<Cin-, 1 ■.:aW 

Crjgan, Mary Scott Daniel, 1 ■ ■ \ : 

|i '.■'■.■ , 1 ■ :•,;, \:in 

Stone Dinnv, Julia Ann Dogs^'i ' 

P ■ 1 'v 1 

,i\, Dnns Dolores Gantt. Maliss.i Mim. n 

.I..IIII, 1'. um 1 Ikn UWnn. 

A.;: \-- IV Mary Alice Harris, .\l..rth 

Ann HLatncr, M.irt: irct 

1 \I,:k Holder. Virsinia Taylor 

Holloman, Sara Caldwell 

;l.irt Garner Jones, Dolores 

Julia Joseph, Verna Mai 

1 Aim l^Jfurd, Geneva Lois Linebcrge 

. Elizabeth Frances Little 

. Anne Luther, Janet Evelyn MacPha 

1. Patricia Ann McBarron. 

oi PiciiireJ: Phyllis Funderburke, Fatrici 

a Jean Glass. Sara Ellen 

Murray, Jean Kathryn Mu 
Osborne, Lou Ruth Outen. M i^.: 
Ann Ramsey, Bobbie Jean i; 
Gushing RoJDertson. Mary J'.n: ! 
Conrad Sharp, Elizabeth 'Wiilii s 
Stone, Jane Strelitz • Foii-:i> Rn 
Elizabeth Teague, Frances Thompsi 



Rnslyn Dee Weinsi 

■ ■ in Williai 

nth, Betti( 

StciiiiJ Row: Sarah Martha Newton, Wynne Norman, Geneverette Oldha 

,; IVtrce, Elizabeth Lou Phillips, Betty Ann Pope, Virginia Lee Pruitt, Nancy 

\\ iivnant Richardson, Jeannine Elizabeth Rigby • Third Row: Josephine 

! I u Catherine Royal, Mary Elizabeth Sampson, Ruth English Sevier, Jean 

:i r CUV Ann Shotwell, Patsy Sybil Sides. Barbara Benton Stacy. Emily Ann 

Caro'lyn Christine Swindell, Jean Reynolds Tandy, Ruby F.n i l,>.hi Mnv 

Turner, Barbara Vecch, Earlene Vestal, Joan Vera \\ I r 



Fiith Row: Barbara Grey Wells. Virgin) 

iva Helen Wimbish. Diane Rochester Young • 

vnsend, Dorothy Mae Tribble. Mary Lila Wood 




, -M 







, , ' < ' - 


/•>,/ R««'. /t'/; /« r/.i;/./. N.incy Anne Adci, Mary Arrowood. Bafinal, Mary Alici- Ballcw, Yi^hnn Barnette, Susan 
Batten, Mary Alice Batty. Mary Ruth Beam, Nancy Lee Blocksidge, Kathleen Bodenhcimer, Dorothy Ann Boiter, Ann 
Bondurant • SecniiJ Rote: Dorothy Bowden, Margaret Ann Bruton, Anne Bunn. Gladys Rose Carr, Betty Sue 
Causby, Audrey Jane Cheek, Betty Sue Clark, Bettye Jo Cooke, Margaret Cox, Ji yce Curls, Doris Nelle Davis, 
Constance DeLancy • Third Rotr: Mary Dowtin, Teretta Ann Dupree, Nancy Carolyn Earic, Billie Jo Ei-vin, 
Phyllis Page Eure, Mary Farmer, Phyllis Ann Flynt, Katherine Freeman, Joanne Freeman. Jane Fuller, Nancy 
Lee Gaston, Shirley Ann Gee • Fourth Row: Jean Goudelock, Doris Ann Graham, Alma Louise Greene, Peggy 
Ann Hall, Helen Mae Hammond, Patricia Ann Harrelson, Ann Harris, Martha D. Harrison, Margaret D. Harrison, 
Margaret Harrelson Helms, Lois Herring, Dorothy Jean Hicks, Minnie Lee Hooks, Mary Grace Houser • Fifth Rou: 
Barbara L. Hunt, Ruth Idol, Ophelia Ingold, Rebecca Isc-nhour, Nellie Ivey, Peggy Jernigan, Barbara Ann Jones 
• Not Pidiired: Ann M. Bennett, Mary Anne Dudley, Carolyn Haden, Irma B. Holmes, Helen G. Howell. 

Fint Ron: left to right: June Joslin, Mary Joe Kelley, Dorothy Kerner, Mary Frances Klutz, Annie Kornegay, Katherine 
Koster, Pattie Leach, Mozelle Liner, Barbara Ann Little, Celia Lively, Louise Long, Sara Lucas • Second Row: Joyce 
Ann Lynch, Emily McCracken. Faye McDade. Edna McManus, Catherine MacRae, Patricia Markas, Dale Medford. 
Vivian Mercer, Vivian Merrell, Caroll Lena Miller, Caroline Julia Mills, Patricia Murphy, Martha Myers • Third 
Row: Martha Nesbit, Mitzie Palmer, Ernestine Pate, Anne Pepper, Alice Pitts, Ann Plott, Edith Powell, Jean Raines, 
Edith Rawley, Nancy Ripple, Cora Roberts, Mary E. Rogers, Ruth Sanderson • Fourth Rou: Nancy Seibert, Barbara 
Shitlield, Kathryn Shields, Sue Shugart, Shirley Silvers, Nancy Jo Smith, Ann Snyder, Catherine Solomon, Janet Spear, 
Susan Stearns, Billie Marie Suitt, Peggy Tate, Carolyn Truett • Fifth Row: Shirley Uden, Nellie Waddell. Marie 
Werner, Thelma White, lean Williams, Sybil Winstead, Dorothy Woody, Frances Wrenn • Not Pictured: Ann 
Wecker. Miriam Winttrling, 

^ . ^'ug^ 3. 

#t t 



%. I 


First Row. Ufl 
Barnes, Barbar.i 
Catherine Bryan 
Carter, Patience 

>/; Carolyn Adams, Virginia Alexander, Mary 
eckner, Luuise Beverly, Margaret Ann Blackwel 
lie Dale Bunn • S,o»:J Row: Frances Elizahe 
Clement, Nancy Ann Clifton. Betty Lee Cobb, 

Hill Crumpler, Barbara An 
Deck, Patricia Ann Donnel 
Fussell, Lois Kathryn Gard 
Jane Gresham, Jean Grov 

: Daniels, D( 
Annie Lee 1 
r, Lucille Gil 
, Emma Sue 

Arnold Davis. NLirguei 

Johnson Bailey, Mary Ann Barker, Betty Ruth 
I, Joan Elin Blumberg, Barbara Lucy Britt, Julia 
li Carroll. ALiry Christine Carroll, Emily Cheek 

Patricia Connolly, Colleen Crenshaw, Margaret 
ite Louise Davis • Third Row: Peggy Jean 

Jean L. Fogleman, Rena Ann Furlong, Marilyn 

s, Ri.;. > i .;Licline Goodwin • Fourth Row: Ellen Gravely, Mary 

H.iU. i ll.::Jley, Selma Haydock-Wilson, Patsy Jean Haywood, 

Rebecca Helms, Ruth Herring • Fifth Row: Citlimuc H..l:;,^.s, Jane Everette Howard, Jean Stewart Howard, Barbara 
Ann Howell, Mary Lou Howie, Shirley Day Jones, Audrey Diane Kaplan • Not Pictured: Dorothy Baillie, Valinda 
Lee Butler, Mildred Clark, Mary Alice Elliot, Cenieth Catherine Elmore, Janet Fyne, Mary Gaither, Molly Goldman. 





:r, Verda Lynette Lewis, Nanc 
Sammie Lane Mercer, Mary > 
y • Sco'fiJ R.,u: Anna Frai 
Ida Lou Nichols, Mary Sue Ni( 
Caroline Perry • Third Roi, 

■ Elizabeth Long, Margaret McArthur, Sarah 
.rma Montague, Marvine Raye Montgomery, 
:es Morgan, ^L^ry Jane Mosteller, Dorothy 
lols, Carolyn Ruth d'Brien, Edna Otterbourg, 
• Joan Phillips, Betty Jean Poplin, Imojean 

Presnell, Margaret Reavis, Polly Ann Sharpe, Jean Skees, Mary Frances Skidmore, Doris Ann Smith, Carolyn Souther- 
land, Edna Mae Stephens, Juanita Stokes • Fourth Row: Ann Stroud, Ruth Suessmuth, Frances Taylor, Janet 
Trembath, Ann Voorhis, Barbara Walton, Mary Ann Weatherlv, Shirley Whitford, Sara Willard • Fifth Row: Barbara 
Wilson, Mary Jane Wilson, Marjorie Jo Womack, Betsy Wray Wrenn, Betty Lou Wright, Violet Mae Yarbrough, 
M.\!\ Ruth Yow • Not Pictured: Patricia Ellen Kaufman, Carolyn Allen Mclntyre, Pauline Mauney, Charlotte 
Freida Muscovitz, Kathryn Oliver, Jane Parnell, Barbara Rogers, Zita Ann Spector, Judith Swaim, Annie Jean Sykes, 
Patricia Tesh, Marilyn Thomas. 

-f>.t .1.1:1,1. t.- 



I'lni Rinv. hjt to rif^hi: Virginia Baibour, Joyce Boween, Mary Anne Carrington, Greta Sue Cashion, Jane Cunning- 
ham. Sara Glascock, Jo Elaine Goodwin, Mary Belle Grayson, Elizabeth Greene, Janice Harvell • Second Row: Betty 
Clyde Hill, Mary Lee Jones, Carolyn Junker, Betty Cole Lane, Margaret Ann Mansfield, Billie Juanita McKinncy, 
Mary Frances Mitchell, Marie Moore, Wilma Powers • Third Rou-: Janice Raby, Betty Lou Robertson, Betty Van 
Sliarpe, Janet Thornton, Baibara Ann Tillet, Berta Trusheim, Mary Anne Ward, Martha Ann Washam • Foiirih 
Row: Jacqueline Wheeler, Sara Ellen Wilson, Elizabeth Witcher, Alice Young, Joyce Young • Sol Pictured: Mary 
Gavin, Laura Morgan, Beatrice Vida. 


r-int Row. U-U to riahl: Treva Eliz.ibeth Adams, Winnifred D. Allen. Betty Lee Blaylock, Geneva Fae Coffey, Ann 
Turner Collson, Claire Craven Cox, Margaret Craig, Sally DuPree, Katy Sue Farthing, Rebecca June Fondren • Second 
Row: Alice Lane Hardin, Elizabeth Dean Hepler, Patricia Ann Hocker, Georgia Ann Katsekas, Frances Maxine Kerley, 
Joan Kern, Margaret Annie Lewis, Mary Catherine Neale, Doris Jean Paschal, Carolyn Hudson Repass, Lois Rosecrans 
• Third Row: Edith Margaret Schneider, Norma Dolores Smith, Marianne Stanley, Ruth Starr, Barbara May Taylor, 
Jean Kelly Thacker, Betty Jane Thompson, Jean Whitley, Jo Ann Zimmerman • Sol Pictured: Frances Armstrong, 
Beverly Baylor, Angela Weir Hames, Annie Laura Harris, Judith Irene Swaim, Bertha Mae Tilley, Carolyn Louise 
Walters, Josephine Wilson, Sarah Elizabeth Wright. 





l/[/e ^kp L^om^merciau J^ini 

EVERETT McDonald, Secretary 

MARTHA EVERITT, Cheerleader 

ALMA SWART, Treasurer 



Getting Down 

We had one year ot W. C. and every minute of it 
will stay with us forever. We chose to get our train- 
ing from September to June . . . writing at 120 per, 
finding out what makes those ominous-looking ma- 
chines tick and feeling like o great conqueror when 
we could look at them without shuddering . . . hoping 
against hope that the Certificate would come 
through in the end . . . We rushed right down to 
business but still had time to realize that there were 
elections to campaign for, dances to plan and enjoy, 
hundreds of things that our college had to offer us. 
It seemed like a little metropolis but it wasn't long 
before we became an essential part of the whole 
. . . and W. C. was essential to us! Our dorm became 
a unified group of girls more so than any other dorm 
on campus, because we oil suffered the same things 
together. Miss Clement and Hinshaw made life in 

[o Business 

the dorm a central thing; Mickey was our guiding 
light as far as Woman's College "do's" and "don'ts" 
went and for good advice when we needed it . . . 
We got busier and busier and wondered why they 
didn't plan to have 36 hours in a day just for us . . . 
We hod parties and teas, the Commercial formal in 
the spring, meetings with President Lucas presiding. 
It didn't take us long to learn that we were devoted 
to W. C. but time raced along anyway. We were 
getting jobs, having all kinds of privileges those last 
weeks, living in the last-minute terror of not being 
able to pull through. But then it was here ... we 
were rushing into Aycock . . . hanging over the 
balcony and waiting for the final nod from the presi- 
dent to excuse us from mass meeting . . . and then 
marching out with a "All Hail, Hail to W. C." We had 
had a wonderful year of living. 

^yvtt kail, kail to l/W. U l/we, ike L^c 

omfnercLau an 

F/nl Roil, left to li^ht: Mary Agnes Allen, Barbara Jane Allrcd. Frances Allred, Ann 
Thorne Alston, Dorothy Bailinger, Georgia Belle Bass, Norma Baxley, Sarah Katherine 

SecoiiJ Row: Jean Bobbitt, Barbara lean Boggess, Bronna He 
Buchanan, Carol Lee Buckwell, Margaret Kristine BullarJ. 

etta Brooks, Elizabeth 

Thiiil Roil : Betty Baxter Burgin, Barbara Ann Girter, Joyce Eudelle Carter, Magdalene 
Carter, Dorothy Ann Casey, Helen Lamb Cheek, Alice Gaynelle Chilton, Alice Carol 
Clayton, Jean Carolyn Cockrell, Betty Jane Coggin. 

fo/irlh Roil'.- Anna Shirlene Conrad, Sallie Beatrice Correll, Betty Covington, Johnsie 
Christine Cranford, Jean Elizabeth Crews, Joan Crumpler. 

Commercial Class 

hin/ Hi'ii. It'll l„ rii^hl: Dorothy Ann IXiwkins. N.inty lilizjbctli IXvInc, Oonnj f laire 
linslcy. M.irtli.i Emily Kvcnlt, Iktty ( arulyn lloyJ, I-|urciKt (.llri^llnc l-'loyJ, Frances 
Anne l-'rcdcruk. Victuri.i ( .irolim- (i.irJiK-r. 

Seci/iul Row: Cleo CJ.irncr, Mary Carolyn Gibson. Rilriua Ann (iill. Pc-^gy Gilhkin, 
l-tlie- Joan Gray, Mary Atha Grccnc. 

rhnJ Knti: l\-,ut:y loytc Grief, ( lara Mac Hailluutk, Mary Lou Hanson, Sm; Ann 
Harman, Marion l.cary HarrLlI, Mildred Harrin,^lon, Jean Marioric Hams. Jean 
i;iiz.ilxtli HatlR-rill, Barbara Kan Hovis, Barbar., K<.nl. 

Vonrlh Run: Barbara Aijncs Ki^ycr, Martha Anne- Kluttz, Hlla Joanne Koonts, Margaret 
Helen Koonts, Flossie Esther Krites, Peggy Jeanne Lipe, Elizabeth Ann Lucas. 

lonor an 

a loue tnee, .... d^uen tkmuqk etemdi 

l/l/e U ckensk tk 

e memones 

le6 .... LvT all 14 Oil koia dear^ 

First Row, left to right: Laura Everett McDonald, Dorothy Elizabeth McGirt, Kathleen 
Woolard McKeel, Mary Scott McNairy, Sharon Lee McQueen, Virginia Bullock Mac- 
Rackan, Mary Esther Martin, Mar)- Fond Mason. 

Second Row: Peggy Jean Mellon, Mary Alice Miller, Patsy Sue Mitchem, Betty Ann 
Moring, Wilhelmina Ann Motley, Jean Atkinson Motter. 

Third Ron: Susan Debnam Murdoch, Irene Myers, Ruth Dorothea Johanna Nau, Betty 
Jane Nutt, Irene Elizabeth O'Brien, Bobbie Colleen Oxford, Catheren Dale Ozment, 

Gisela Louise Patterson, Ann Pender, Margaret Richardson Pettigrew. 

Fourth Ron: Bobbie Dean Phillips, Pearl Raynor, Lula Frances Riddle, Eleanor Marie 
Rogers, Elizabeth Dixon Rountree. 

Commercial Class 

l-hsl Row. lejl to lit;/'/: Vivian Lorcda Sci^ltr, Sybil M.iric Sh.irp, M.irlha Anne 
Simmons, Iktsy I.ovc- Sniilii, Durolhy WooJ.ill Smilli, l.orr.unc Smilli. Jimmic Ruth 
Spcncc. Harbar.i Jean Spillmaii. 

SeioiiJ Row: Hilda Mae Stevens, Alma Grietje Swart, Dorothy Dean Taylor, Barbara 
Tew, Grate Thompson, Vir,^inia Lee ToJJ. 

r/j/iJ Row: Peg^y Bess Tucker, Barbara Lee Turner, Marjorie May Weatherly, Jane 
Chandler Wells, Mary Ellis West, Patricia Ann Whedbee, Jewel Wheeless, Delores 
Whisonant, Emily Frances Williams, Dorothy Grey Wilson. 

r-oiirlh Row: Mar£;aret Anne Windley, Dorothy Wright, Bennie Yerton, Delia Young, 
Kay Curtis Youngblood. 

.^y4nd Ci 

arm uoar 6 

tandami .... .^Jjown tkroaak ikt 


l^nMAoU t» t^ 





Oux W%^CUUf^itc(M^ 


fo^t(^%e^4^ i^ iKC(Mtfriete 






"Orgonizotions" seems almost an inadequate word 
to describe the living, active bodies on the Woman's 
College campus . . . and the organizations are 
many which constitute this part of our life which 
is so active and communal. For all of us entering 
into some organizational activity, there is an 
awareness of personal development as well as a 
feeling of the growth and enthusiasm of W. C. 

Legislature, the Curriculum Committee, the 
Greater University Council, Honor Board, Service 
League, the Elections Board, Faculty-Student Re- 
viewing Committee, recreational organizations, 
clubs. Judicial Board, the publications, and many 
other of our organizations vary from the very 
serious, down-to-work groups which struggle with 
the problems of self-responsibility and freedom, to 
the eornest, ever improving creative attempts in the 
Arts, to the light-hearted groups which meet for 
fun and entertainment. Our campus would cease 
to be the active and functional life it is without 
these groups which educate us beyond that which 
we find in our textbooks. We find in our associ- 
ations with them a responsibility to lead and to 
follow, the know-how for this leoding, and the 
ability to toke part actively and positively in com- 
munity living. Not only do we learn and find the 
opportunity to apply the theoreticol knowledge 
acquired in the classroom, but our organizations 
provide us with a better understanding of problems 
which may confront us in postgraduate years — 
they fill our need for an outlet into society and the 
activities of that society. 

We are proud that the ideals of sound govern- 
ment, that the proper distribution of power and 
responsibility, and thot the triumph of right are 
operating within the structure of our organizations. 
We have fervently practiced and upheld these 
principles of democratic government and living, 
striving always to improve and progress in our 
campus activities, living better os our knowledge 


Noomi Woodworth conducts Student Curriculum Co 
South Spencer SPOTLIGHT goes to press. 
Veep Jones presides. 

Peggy Jeffries, Jeon 

Mass Meeting br( 
Teacher Taylor conducts FTA meeting. 
Darlinettes wait for the downbeot. 
Preview of Student Government to Freshn 

Kappy Marshall and R. A. 

Bailey house meeting. 

Buildings have line, form, and material which make 
an accurate description of them possible. Student 
Government does not have this advantage. We at 
Woman's College do not talk about our Student 
Government, we act through it. Fine phrases could 
not denote the range of services rendered by Stu- 
dent Government or point out the value inherent in 
learning through experience. 

Nancy Porter, the Chief Executive, has had able 
assistance in Nell Jones, Vice-President; Fran 
Fulcher, Secretary; and Jo Pharr, Treasurer. These 
were not the only Student Government officials — 



house presidents, judicial, legislature, and hall board members, section leaders, and others all 
fall in the same general classification. 

Legislature is one of the most vital of the Student Government's voices. Under Chair- 
man Nell Jones, the members of this body and all others attending its sessions have found 
that the Student Government room is no longer large enough to provide seating space and 
consequently have moved into the student activities room at the Alumnae House. 

Issues, Jisiiisscil .ukI .Rliiplfd in l.cuisl.itiiic, luivc Ix-cn the coiitc-rn of tlie entire student 
body. This year W'uniuns College \()ted to join the National Student Association whitli tlie 
Legislature endorsed. A new and more lenient late rule has been set up so that the number 
of board cases may be cut. A coordinating council is now trying to give more order to the 
round of club meetings that iei]Lnrc- so niiuii time. A new provision regarding the freshmen 
elections has been adopted so the Iresliin.m class may feel a sense of belonging earlier in 
the year. These are merely indications ol the w ide number of jobs that the group is responsible 
for completing. 

Student Government works. The faculty gives guidance, not orders. It is because of this 
atmosphere that student-faculty relations here at ^X'. C. are maintained on such an even 
keel. Student Government is an aid not only in faculty-student relations, but it contributes to 
the successful planning done by students themselves. Left to chart their own courses, the 
students learn to make decisions and to assume that kind of responsibility which gives them 
poise for later jobs outside the campus. 

The specific achievements of Student Government to which we point with pride will soon 
be a part of "the good old days." With the expanding physical plant, campus government 
(irmly rooted at Woman's College will widen its horizons in keeping with the spirit of the 
progressive fifties. 


AT TABLE, left (o tight Jo Phorr, Sccrc 
tory, Nell Jonel, Choifmon • FIRST 
ROW Elconor Rigncy, Lcc Mohan, Moric 
Show, Ellen Mcti, Pcqgy Coppolo, Jonct 
Hondlcr, Borboro Gor«in • SECOND 
ROW: Nancy Burton, Solly Cheney, Alma 
Sobiston, Moc Holmes, Martho Phillips, 
Betsy Howord, Noncy Holder, Joan fcrgu 
son, Kappy Marshall, Helen Moody • 
THIRD ROW: Grey Lillcy, Sorah Mortho 
Newton, Lois Newton, Joylce Montogue, 
Dot Kendall, Betty Hill, Mary Alice Miller, 
Jean Horns, Irene O'Brien, Jane Heod, 
Amclio Schrum • FOURTH ROW Mary 
Ann Preston, Becca Hordowoy, Mary Ben. 
son, Ann Wogoner, Jone Thomas, Noncy 
Bartholomew, Ann Former, Mickey Sugg, 
Noncy Blonfon, Ann Bonduront • FIFTH 
ROW: Pot Ashley, Borboro Kinsman, 
Betsy Borker, Peggy Johnson, Mory Rey- 
nolds, Kitty Grill, Ann Rogers, Sarah 
Carter, Glenno De Witt, Jeonne Tcogue, 
Alice Pitts • SIXTH ROW Lydio Moody, 
Alyce Forsyth, Jonet Fyne, Ann Brothers, 
Carol Byrd, Betty Mclnnis, Solly Calvert, 
Miss Cunningham, Miss Anderton, Jane 
Edmunds • SEVENTH ROW: Noncy Por- 
ter, Soma Angstodt, Louise Pickord, 
Robbie Best, Betty Gotfscholl. 






The development of a friendly spirit and a cooperative understanding between 
the three divisions which make up the Greater University of North Carolina 
is the aim of the Greater University Student Council. Cooperation based on 
mutual esteem, consideration of conflicting needs and common problems, and 
a closer unification both academically and socially have been long felt needs 
on all three campuses. The Council in only its second year has taken impressive 
steps toward the realization of these aims. 

Last fall at the Carolina-State football game, the group initiated a 
Greater University Day with all three schools participating. The occasion, which 
the Council plans to make an annual affair, was singularly important in pro- 
moting a feeling among the students that all three schools were a part of one 
great organization. Another of the activities of the Council was the presentation 
of the students' choice of a new university president to the committee making 
the decision. The acquisition of radio time enabled the Council to encourage 
more w idely the recognition of solidarity of the three institutions. 

Through various channels the cultural and academic facilities of each 
>.ampus are made more readily available to the other two. The Council has 
finished two successful years indirectly encouraging or directly sponsoring 
intra-university cooperation via student government forums, increased intra- 
mural sports on the university basis, and joint meetings of comparable 
organizations from the three campuses. 

FIRST ROW, left to right: Corolina— Al Lowenstein, Helei 
McKeel, Jess Debmond, Bill Mockie • SECOND ROW: 
Sonia Angstodt, Glenno DeWitt, Eleanor Rigney, Ellen Metz, 
Lee Mohan, Nancy Holder • THIRD ROW: State— John 
Hoyle Adams, Jock McQwinn, Woody Boss, Jock Sykes, Eorl 

1 Epps, 

Don Bell, Dortch 




W. C. 

-Jeanne Teogue, 




Jones, Noncy Porter 

, Solly Ch, 



rs, Som Firches, Pr 



Sandy Gluck, Honk 






\Vc tiiriicJ out 700 stiDii^i; tor tlic- lust Clrt-atcr University 
Day. The date was September 2 1 and the occasion was tlie 
State-Carolina football ^aine. Sponsored by the Greater 
L'niversity Student Council, the special prot;ram was 
planned to emphasize the unity of the three schools 
which make up tlie University o( North Carolina. 

At Kenan Stadium we formed an impartial cheerini; 
section from our special seats in the end zone. Our own 
cheerleaders led us in songs and cheers for the team in 
possession of the ball. 

The Greater University theme was amplified by half- 
time activities featurint; the three college songs and a 
brief talk by Dortcii W'arriner, president of the Council. 
After the game we met in Graham Memorial Hall and 
paired otf with boys from State and Carolina who held 
dance tickets corresponding with our own. With our newly 
acquired dates we attended a special show given for us 
at the Miirehead Planetarium. An informal dance that 
evening was the happy climax to a most enjoyable Greater 
University Day. 

Betty, Eleonor, Lee, Nancy, and J 

"Hark the Sound 

SEATED, left to right: Lee Mahon, Miss Louise Alexonder, Nancy Porfer, Chairtnan; 
Oriona McArthur, Sally Cheney, Saroh Ann Hamilton, Helene Smith • STANDING: 
Sally Ogilvie, Nancy Greenlee, Fronces Fulcher, Almo Sabiston. 

Judicial Board 

Monday night means Judy Board and Judy Board 
means different things for different people. 

Should you be one of those who sit at the horse- 
shoe table e\ery week, you face the problem of how 
to be both firm and understanding and meet each 
individual case with open-niindedness. 

Should you be one who waits outside in the hall, 
should you be a victim of circumstance, you will 
join the ranks of other sitters who realize that 
Judicial Board does not mean a formidable trial. 
Final jurisdiction in all cases, except those involving 
suspension and expulsion, rests with the group. Prov- 
ing themselves capable, they merit the trust placed in 
their hands. 

HONOR BOARD — Lett to right: Peggy Stewart, Barbara Mongum, Dot Copelord, 
Potsy Fowler, Miss Vera Largent, Lee Mohan, Chairman, Patsy Jordon • NOT 
PICTURED: Betsy Newman. 


. . . iIk' r 
Hculcd by, 
adviser, the Ho.irJ t ri 

cli.iiriii.iii, .iiul Mi 

I iiilef^rily uii i.iiiipus. 
Ver.i,L;ent, iamlly .mil group 


. ., pl.iiiimi^ .in. I li.inl work for four juniors and two 
seniors under the capable dircttion of Joan Ferguson. This group 
assures each student freedom to voice opinions through secret 



, tonibinnii; stmlcnl .nul r.uiilty iileinbers, iletcrmines liow 
nils will be distributed arnong campus uru.iniz.itions. Irene 
ill.iiul, ch.iirman, and Dr. Albert Kelster, faculty acKiser. 
.iMile .lWu .md conscientious leadership. 


, . . with llie invaluable council of Mrs. Kemp Funderburk and 
Miss Sancha Thayer adjusts the point recjuirement to the office 
responsibility, thus permitting students to share more fully in 
campus or/janizations. 


by Na 

needed contact 

between the student body and the faculty in suggesting new 
courses as well as adjusting the present curriculum to changing 
student needs. 


. . . was constantly on the lookout for any points of friction 
between students and faculty. Led by Mr. James Painter and 
Lee Mahan the committee kept this important relationship on a 
free and cooperative basis. 

FINANCE BOARD — SEATED, left to right: Miss Morjorie Leonord, 
Chairmon, Marilyn Hill • STANDING: Frances Taylor, Dr. Alber 
John Lockhart, Miss Anne Fowler, 

CURRICULUM COMMITTEE — FRONT OF TABLE, left to right: Helen Momber, 
Jean Bobbitt, Christine Moutotis, Chorlottc Bunch, Mario Carroll, June Corter 
• BACK: Zaiene Angier. Lynn Eichenboum, Flora Comcron, Amelio Schrum, 
Secretory; Noomi Woodworth, Choirmon, Noncy Compbell, Jody Raub, Julia Ross 
Lambert, Annette Ezzell, Joan Austin. 

POINTS COMMITTEE— Lett to right: Lynn Brunson, Miss Sancho Tho 
Teague, Choirmon, Ann Grier, Mimi Schrum 

REVIEWING COMMITTEE— Left to right: Miss Elviro Prondecki, Dr. Malcolm Hooke, 
Elizobeth Hutchinson, Pot Ashley, Lee Mohan, Choirmon; Mr. Jomes Pointer, Foculty 
Chairman; Shirley Williams, Dr. Ruth Ceilings, Miss Bernice Draper. 

"We Never 

Left Home" 

Our headquarters, the Town Students' Room — a campus 
hmdmark. The bridge hands — or was it canasta this year 
— that were always ready any time a fourth had ten 
minutes between classes. The parkini; problem beside 
Administration Building and the never drying mud 
puddles around our door. Lunch in the Soda Shop or a 

TOWN STUDENTS' JUDICIAL BOARD — Left to right: Ruth Dobson, Angela Homer, Coroi Byrd, Choirmon; Pot Wagoner, Margoret Alston. 

rrrr ' ^"^ 

haniliiirijcr ■.i( Jerry's on Tucstlay. Tryini; to stmly in a 
corntT of the room on top of sonu-onc's kniltmu needles. 

RiisIhiil; always hack to the library at ni^uht to sweat 
out the line for overni.uht books and erawlin^ out of bed 
at S:i() to p.iy the overdue hne; rushint; — twenty (it 
seemed) to a ear to make it in time for Mass Meeting. 

Our social functions, looked forward to, worked for — 
the w ienie roast in the Hut and the bridi;e party — or was 
it canasta — in the headcjuartcrs. (iloatint; over the Satur- 
day nii;ht deadline and the limited eleven o'clocks we did 
not have. Betty Lou Moore, planning the gay side of life 
for the T.S.A. and finishing with a bang at our formal in 
the spring. President C^arol Byrd leading the figure. 

Laura White moving with her camera to the lawn of 
the Science Building, the most photographed building on 

campus. Poll) White, writing the minutes of our meetings. 
A gab session on any subject at any time. Sixteen con- 
versations between sixteen girls going on at once in the 
T.S. Room. No travel problem for us on the holidays. We 
finished college w ithout leaving home. 

All these and more are part of the Town Students 
Association of Woman's College, its room with over- 
taxed ash trays and the girls who fill them up. We are a 
part of Greensboro and a part of the college, on the 
campus and off. We belong to W. C. 

Polly and Morionno— to do 

Town Students' Rcom rcloxotion 


The Young Women's Christian Association is the integrat- 
ing element for all faiths represented on our campus — 
Catholic, Jewish, and Protestant. Through association with 
the "Y," we are better able to realize a fuller and more 
creative life. 

At pre-school conference in September we introduced 
and discussed plans for this year. And then the Cabinet 
members gathered up all of these suggestions and "re- 
treated " to the R. A. Camp for drafting, compiling, and 
more drafting of the tentative program . . . When the 
members returned, they brought with them the final blue- 
print, the excellence of which we cannot fail to recognize 
when we consider this year's ' Y" activities. 

There were Discussion Interest Groups, in addition to 
our usual class clubs — there were plans for get-togethers 

Lett to right: Frances Leather: 
Vice-President; Joon Wrenn, Sec 
retory; Morie Averitt, Treasurer. 


with iiur brothci- iiiMitLitioiis .iiul tlii-ic was work. The 
Disciissiun hUcTL-st Croups, .irr.uit;cd with each iiulividual 
stuJcnt m mind, inspirfd lis .ind taii^t;lit us. As for work — 
well, wc didnt consider it ■'work." We went out into the 
eoinmunity to render various serN'iees . . . we sewed (or 
the local colored liospital . . . we took field trips to bus- 
iness and industrial plants . . . and we worked with the 
churches in conductiiiL; informal Hible study sessions. And 
on the campus, various 'Y" i;roups promoted interesting 
and enlightening studies of the different Protestant beliefs, 
the Catholic faith, and the Jew ish faith. We branched out 
into the state and helped with the 'I'MCA's and other 
YWCA's in setting up leadership training conferences. 
We branched out still further in our international relations 
discussions, and then we cooperated with the Service 

League in sponsoring the International Student (^infer- 
ence. We co-sponsored Religious Emphasis Week . , , we 
sponsored the first experimental play of its kind ever given 
on our campus, l.veryman," which was so ably directed 
by Helene Smith, Hut of all the "Y" activities, we remem- 
ber our dormitory devotions as one of the most pleasant. 
Here we heard various speakers and enjoyed the personal 
and informal gatherings in the "little parlor." 

Under the friendly and helpful guidance of Miss 
Maxine Ciarner, the Young Women's Christian Associ- 
ation has come to a fuller realization of its aims and the 
ideals by which it lives; the YWCA endeavors aUays to 
create within each student a more comprehensive and 
satisfying knowledge of God. 

"Y" CABINET— SEATED ON FLOOR, left to right: Fay Haskins, Noncy Whitley, Patricio Fowler, Dot Parrish • SEATED IN CHAIRS: Elaine Holly, Fronkie 
Palmer Sara Borker Ann Ingrom Patricio Cunning, Peggy Cossidy, Fran Lcmox, Fronces Ann Leathers, Morie Averitt, Cecelio Cone, Joonne Flonogon, 
Carolyn Blonchord Joan Wrcnn Kathcrine Hildebrond, Catherine Grill, Nancy Jones, Jean McNeely, Mary Rock, Mary Ann Preston, President. 


From year to year the Interfaith Council keeps high its 
ideal of clear understanding and harmonious interchange 
among the faiths. Composed of representatives from 
every religion, the Council plans and produces meetings 
and programs to the benefit of its name, "Interfaith." 

The programs are more than educational — they produce 
a cooperative and friendly spirit which is essential to 
spiritual growth on Woman's College campus. Dr. War- 
ren Ashby of the Philosophy Department spoke at several 
meetings and contributed a unique pattern of thinking to 
the group. Inter-Collegiate meetings were held to pro- 
mote cooperation on a broader basis. The Council 
sponsored other bull-sessions which served to enlighten 
the members on elemental facts about the several faiths. 

Because of the admirable work it has accomplished 
toward a fellowship of religions, the Interfaith Council 
has earned its appreciated and admired position on the 
college campus. 

ADDRESSING THE GROUP: Miss Maxine Gorner, 
Loyd, Adele Gold, Clora Brauer, Priscillo Willioms, 
Jacobs, Dorothy Mortel, Shirley Willioms, Nancy M 

fivlfies Director, Rabbi Rypins • SEATED, left to right: Lois Buck, Elizabeth Boulus, Elizabeth 
•on, Charlotte Bunch, Mimi Temko, Marilyn Show • STANDING: Anne Grinnells, Rosemary 
Grccnblatt, Nancy Whitley, Dorothy Parrish, Mary Ann Preston, Janet Bachmun, Jane Swindell. 

"Watch the chimney on the school house." said Barbara 
Moomau. "When it's on top, W. C. is on top." And 
following our motto "Service." Woman's College hit 
the top in the Campus Purse Drive, urged on by 
Chairman Sallie Ogihie. Slowly, the names Jamison. 
Mary Foust, Shaw. etc.. formed the chimney on the 
school house by the Administration Building and the 
Service League reached its $4,200 goal. 

"Students as Ambassadors" was the theme of the 
Service League sponsored hiternational Student Con- 
ference m February. Betsy Newman and the Inter- 
national Student Committee gave us, an opportunity to 
know more about the foreign students stud)'ing in 
America and the possibilities open for student exchange 
and travel abroad. 

Through the operation of the Service League, we all 
were given an equal chance to serve the college and 
our nation. Clothes and money for CARE were a boon 
for less fortunate students the world over. Be it exam 
time or junior formal week-end. we served our time in 
the dining hall with a mininnun of griping and .--ore 
backs. We served and we shared the profits. 
The work of the committee chairmen, the faculty spon- 
sors, and the tireless Hoor leaders ser\ed to remind us 
that "Our motto ser\ice will remain . . ." 


Le(t fo right: Marion McAdoms, Elizobcth Boulus, Morilyn Show, B 
Moomau, Chairman; Sallie Ogilvic, Rachel Sorbough, Betsy Ncwmon 

to right: Zolene Angier, Carolyn Junker, Wy.nne Norman, Louise Griffin, 
Susanno Johnson • SEATED IN CHAIRS: Wilmo Umfleet, Anne Bunn, 
Ino Albert, Betty Hill, Joan Wrenn, Lucile Gills, Emogene Powell, Ado 
Jane Moore, Luro Clingenpeel. 

The Choir 

The choir is our most 
campus wide musical 
organization, attracting 
students from many 
majors and all classes. 
The 150 girl group 
under the direction of 
Mr. George M. Thomp- 
son, performs at almost 
every campus function 
— chapel programs. 
Arts Forum, University 
Sermons, graduation. 
Our year is highlighted 
by their Christmas and 
Easter concerts which 
draw capacity audiences. 



^^^^^^^^^^E -*^^'-:^^^^^^l 

^^^^^K - '-}^^t^^^■ 


^ „ ' ., U.. , ' M, 

-- •' ■ r r 

The Greensboro 

Idculty members, students, .ind 
members of the community at 
large are the players in the 
Greensboro Orchestra which is 
fully symphonic in structure. At 
the beginning of this year, the 
membership was reduced from 
seventy to fifty-seven players, 
following a careful selection. 

The orchestra, with H. Hugh 
Altvater, conductor and George 
W. Dickieson, concertmaster, 
participates in the Messiah pres- 
entation, the Arts Forum, and 
various other performances, in 
addition to its own concerts. 


FIRST ROW, left to right: Jane Collison, Emilie Robinson, Fronces 
Borwick, Patricia Gary, Betty Jane Carr, Miss Cowling • SECOND 
ROW: Bette Sherrill, Susan Deyton, Barbara Garvin, Ziphio Poole, 
Mr. Dickieson, Esther Elliott, Elizabeth Brown, Alice Seitz, Nancy 

The Woman's College 
Chamber Music Players 

This IS an or^t;.mi2ation whicli 
devotes its time to reading and 
performing chamber music works 
for strings. Occasionally, pieces 
are performed which require the 
use of wind instruments. The 
group, under the direction of 
Mr. George Dickieson of the 
School of Music faculty, makes 
regular appearances in conjunc- 
tion with the Greensboro Orches- 
tra and there is participation in 
the annual Arts Forum Program. 
Several out of town performances 
are usually played each season. 


Aycock is a building quite unlike any other on 
campus for it houses a tradition held particularly 
dear to the hearts of its members — the Playlikers. 
Four summers ago this unique spirit went to the 
mountains to begin the Burnsville Summer Play- 
house. This year, the summer's growth was reflected 
in a cast already prepared for the fall Freshman 
show, "Joint Owners in Spain. " Next on the hill 
was The \''oung and Fair" — a memorable per- 
formance. "Hotel I'niverse," the third play, starring 
Dolly, Corinne. Ruth, and Kitty, was fun even to 
having Thumper on the stage for the entire per- 
formance. T. S. Eliot's "Family Reunion, " the now 

"The Young and Fair" — 
Phyllis Johnson, Mary Pool, 

■Twelfth Nighl" at 
Burnsville summer 
theater — Anne Edwards, 
Sam Fleming, Gary Closz. 

Ok StcK^ 

Pre pctfofmoncc chof — Horold Flyn 
Ru(h Smith, Pot Mclonoj, Dolly Dovl» 
Lorry Lombcth, Corinnc Biucttj, 
Gene Spcrc 

custom. iry Ails i'mum hill of cxpcrimentals, and 
the toniMU-iKcincnt pLi\' I Remember Mama" were 
other liiuhh^hts. The Pl.iylikers were also prom! to 
sponsor .111 April hill of student one- 
act plavs .uul the i\Lii;uaret Webster and Martha 
(" troupes. 

Like the coneentrie circles of Dante's Hell, the 
inner sanctum of the Playlikcrs is the Masqueraders 
and above that the Alpha Psi (Apple Pie!) Omcya. 
'i'hese are respectively headed by Masqueraders Dolly 
Davis. President; Pat Gary, Vice-President; Anne 
I'dw.irds, Secretary-Treasurer. P.ulene Fisher is Presi- 
dent of Alpha Psi Omei^a, widi Pat Gary, Vice- 
President, and Dolly Davis, Business Manager. 

SEATED, FIRST ROW, left to right: 

• SECOND ROW: Anno Kirkmon 

• THIRD ROW: Novo Corbett, Loi 

Anne Edwards, Eulene Fisher, Helene Smith, Kitty Lougheod, Dolly Dovis, President; Nancy Dickey 
Borbora Wagoner, Doris Ha»is, Joan Wickmon, Betty King, Elaine Smetono, Betty Alice Dixon 
oh Dobson, Ellen Mark Bush, Esther Samuelson, Alice Forsyth, Martha Lohr, Ruth Elliot, Jeon Forley. 



It's all completed, and this is it — the 1950 Pnie 
Needles. This is the consummation of our efforts to 
produce a permanent record written by time through- 
out this year of the progressive fifties. How we 
pondered over that word progressive! Chief Mamber 
was struck with it way back in '49. She "tried" it on 
every staff member who entered her portals of 213 
Wmfield. We thought and thought, had our little 
jokes about it, scanned Roget's Thesaurus. But noth- 
ing else seemed to convey the very essence of 
Woman's College and its students at the midpomt of 
the century. We were in complete agreement. 

For five months "deadline" was the most com- 
monly accepted word of a staff numbering more than 
fifty. In September and October Lee rounded up 
facult)' members for their "sittings." Betty and Kat 
tagged along feverishly with Messrs. Taylor and 
Staley transcribing names of the Junior and Senior 

SEATED, left to right; Julia Ross Lambert, Nancy 
Hamlet, Alii Bcrnholtz, Helen Mamber, Editor; Ellen 
Bush • STANDING, FRONT ROW: Carol Perry, Phyllis 
Niven, Jean E. Williams, Evelyn Doorman, Betty Bullard, 
Glodys Rowe, Pot McBorron, Jonet Drennen, Mory 
Shuler, Nurry Nixon, Mary Anderson • BACK ROW: 
Jody Raub, Louise Madison, Barbara Jobe, Jeanne 
Rothenberg, Ruth Ann Sullivan, Carolyn Burton. 

CENTER: Betsy Newmon, Literary Editor • Left 
to right: Emogene Willard, Polly Elliot, Marie 
Moody, Becky Blankenship, Lois 
Buck, Marilyn Show, 

the Covers 

classes while Jackie, Mildred, and Jean scurried to 
notify their groups. November found Ann and her 
staff fathoming abstract drawings at 2 a. m. Would 
people say "what is it.^" Then there was the 3 a. m. 
session in December of Betsy's literary staff wlien no 
one recognized anyone tor captions. When Helen 
followed Mr. Martin, Oriana followed Helen . . . 
the organizations had to be kept in recognizable 
sequence. Meanwhile, Sally and Wilma worried; 
their deadline was next. In the quiet darkness of a 
performance in Aycock or in the midst of classroom 
discussion . . . Paddy, Jane, and Davilla projected 
their flashbulb cameras working to complete the 
task of photography by January 10 — and they did. 

So it went; while Helen prodded the editorial 
staff, Sammy and her business staff searched for ads, 
sold books, and kept the balance sheet in check. In 
February it was all completed. Standing in the rain 
for the fifth time to shoot a quadrangle picture didn't 
seem so exasperating, ideas that had to be altered 
were forgotten; for in each of us was the satisfaction 
that toward this end we had done our best. 

We hope that you can look back over the annual 
and recall this year which has affected the lives of all 
of us deeply . . . that the faces and places you see, 
the pictures of things you did, won't be forgotten, 
and that within this Pine Needles the reflection of 
Woman's College and its students will forever be 

ESTHER SAMUELSON, Business Manoger 


KNEELING, left to right: Mary Anderson, Kitty Quick, June Chandler, Circulotion Manager; 

Soro Holland, Bernice Bronstein • BENDING: Virginia Thompson, Connie Miller 

• STANDING: Potsy Miller, Noncy Selecmon, Eleanor Skcels, Advertising Manager; 

Esther Samuelson, Business Manager, Morilyn Garver, Muncl Fletcher. 


Left to right: Lee Mohan, Jeon Bobbitt, Jackie Jernigan, 

Mildred White, Oriona McArthur, Betty Crawford, Mory 

Kotherine Johnson, Wilma King, Sally Cheney. 



Progress not recorded would be wasted effort. The 
Carolinian is the instrument that gives us a more 
accurate measure of each year's activities. It is the 
center where you can get sneak previews of coming 
attractions on campus. Wednesday night in the Cary 
office means a twelve o'clock deadline battling eight 
pages of white space for supremacy. Should you 
drop in and stay you'd probably see . . . 

Metz chuckling with fiendish delight as she pounds 
the typewriter . . . Tempe searching for news . . . 
Powell desperately trying to hatch out an original 
feature. You might miss McLean who is out check- 
ing to see if Stew forgot any incident in Mack 
Harrell's life. 

You would hear a cry for black coffee and copy- 
boy, Pat, to give Marilyn comfort in her hour of 
need. There would be warnings — "Don't imply 
everything in a head, Compton" . . . "The verb 
'to-be' is nil, Betty Sue " . . . "Shepherd, not another 
line like that." 

You might steal a peek at the cartoon Griz and 
Diz forgot to label or the pictures that Becky swore 


LEADING THE MEETING: Ellen Metz, Editor • SEATED, left to right: Pat Hunsinger, Nurry Nixon, Anne Powell, Betsy 
Newman, Inge Jocobson, Marie Show, Corolyn Pickel, Betty Jeon Wright, Lynn Eichenbaum, Pot Ashley, Jean Smith, Jean 
Farley • STANDING: Marilyn Tolochko, Ellen Shepord, Betty Sue Gondy, Peggy Stewort, Mortho Moy, Sue Loncoster, Tempe 
Hughes, Ino Albert, Joanne McLeon, Mory Rose Compton, Eleonor Griswold, Corolyn Dietz. 

Silence Never Reigns 

wiiuld he p)i;uc()us nil proot. With tlif Wnuhl .ip- 
pro.uh. \iHi would take- it .ill in without (.omiiu-nt. 
Preston, hc.ul howcd over lopy, niiuiit look up, hut 
thtic- wc^uld .ilw.iys he (jucstions. 

"ILis Nuriv resii^ncd a.q.iiii, docs she think it's 

limny.-' I'his presents a li)\el\' prohlem, Shaw, 

dicdtoiny, ramifications and all, hut docs 
it nie.m:-' " "Blessing on you little one, hut is it really 
tinished, Betsy, in the hasket, typed.''" Did anyone 
see the play? Farley makes me wish I had gone so 
I could pass judgment." 

SEATED, tcfl to right: Lynn Willioms, Morylynn Robcrson, Mildred Forlow, Business Monogcr, Mory 
Reynolds • STAI^DING: Pol Workman, Dons Dwyer, Fronccs Smoll, Lib Greene, Kofic Farthing, 
Clora Gilbert, Betty Joan Pcqrom, Vtrqimo Hclloman, Dolores Norris, Mory Anne Hunt, Trero Adorn-., 
Jo Dc Gruchy, Millictni Simon 

No one knows where Ashley is 
arrixes, 'She is at a ct)nvention. 
the foothall scores!" That may 
Iiii^c and Lyn this week. 

-no trace. Word 
"Smithy forgot 
)b for 

mean ik 

SEATED, left 
Jernigon, Sora 
Mory Jo Cox, J 
Melrose Moore 
Jone McDonie! 
Pote, Jonet Dre 

lo right; Betty Lou Morrill, Bunny Greenberg, Lois Buck, Alli Bei 
Lou Debnom, Virginio Lynch, Rebecco Lomy, Olive Ruth Sedgwick, 
)Qn Klein • STANDING: Viola Botts, Elizabeth Lynch, Christ. ne Corrol 
Morllyn Robinette, Ann Griffin, Bctfyc Evans, Mildred Peorson, Re 
Borboro Miller, Jonice Roby, Nancy Ijomes, Jo Anne Everitf, Edith Pi 

nholti, Jacki, 
Lclo Saunders 
I, Solly Beaver 

ays be tilled. "What wi 
'Mildred says no money 

Sure, eight pages can 
like IS an optimistic editi 

how could that happen.^ Did you ask Reynolds 
Well, it the funds run out, we can always crawl out. 
No, not the window, Little Bit, we are saving that — 
besides it's only eleven." 

Type copy, revise, proof 
rood — weekly tasks for 
'Little Bit" Ann, Morllyn, 
Tempc, ond Pot. 

"Big Chief" Me 
Wednesdoy night deadh 

The question facing the staff this year was: We like the Cnraddi. who else 
does? Was the magazine only something that we read manuscripts for, 
argued over, proof read, sat up all night moaning over make-up to find 
at the last minute that we had to have one more page of copy, and then 
at last, pleaded with Mr. Mac to hurry with the page proofs — and after 
all this, no one ever bothered to read it? 

Believing that if it were good enough, the campus would read it. 
(and having decided against printing an entire issue of jokes and cartoons) 

the CORADDI office— Dolly, Jean, Marilyn, and Ruth. 


Galley Sheets, Pag 


SEATED, left to right: Polly Elliott, Editor; Joanne McLcon, Morgorel 

Click • STANDING: Jean Farley, Borboro Stoughton, Dolly Dovis, Pat 

ffunsinger, Davilla Smith. 

Business Manager 

Proofs, Copy 

we ^fHrlf^l <)ii( on ilic fall issue — only to be met witli an extremely scarce 
sckttioii i)f m.itcrial. This led to further bewailing the fact that literary 
output on campus was iioii existent. "Ihe old Quill (^lub has even died" 
. . . "No one is writiii/;" . . . The staff not only has to edit; it has to 
(.rcatc- the issue." But w ith the winter issue, matters looked more ciieerful. 
'riK-re was a selection of good stories to judge from, giving satisfying 
proof tliat there ucn- writers (ki campus — promising ones at that! 

I'ollow ing the principle that a secondary aim of the magazine was to 
publish varied articles and features of general cultural interest, this year's 
C.orudJi included articles on Modern Dance and Ballad singing. It was 
interesting to notice that the subject matter for stories moved in t^v'0 or 
three general trends — children, the far South, and adults with psychotic 
problems taking the lead. At best, poetry writing was simply non-existent 
with the exception of the poetry editor. 

Having the graduate school of fine arts has been a treasure house for 
making the art work in the magazine noticeable. 

IN FRONT: Inge Jacobson, Business Monoger • Left to right: Coroline Pickel, 
Virginia Albritton, Virginio Lynch, Hornet Reeves, Priscillo Willioms, Ann Camlin, 
Lynn Eichenbaum, Anne Edwards. 

Lett to right: Marilyn Show, 
Kitty Quick, Lucy Page. 

Achievement Is Recognize 

SIGMA ALPHA — goals to encourage outstanding athievement and to toster 
relationships between members and professional business world . . . small 
membership has temporarily limited activities. 

GALILEAN — movies on atomic and electrical energy . . . photography and x-rays 
. . . ballistic galvano-meters and those radios with three tubes. 

ALPHA PSI OMEGA- -gruelling mitiatior 
Shakespeare!" . . . tr)- outs for Zcta Omega 
of South Carolina. 

If ycu act, you've gotta emote 
. Drama Day at the University 

TAU PSI OMEGA— we can speak French . . . the "Pastorale de Noel" . . . good 
food at the Home Economics Banquet . . . Guignol . . . talks on Erench culture. 

ALPHA KAPPA DELTA — cur numerous new members! . . . firelight and 
explanations . . . writing letters to keep graduates informed . . . lectures at 
Chapel Hill by Sociology leaders. 

Peggy Coppolo, President; Morie Show, Ellen Men 

Honorary Clubs 

OMICRON NU — tutoring cf trcslimen . . . award to high averaging sophomore 
. . . Honors Tea . . . reports of new research . . . information about graduate 
assistantships in Home Economics. 

PHI ALPHA THETA—youngest honorary fraternity on campus . . . History 
Dept. offspring . . . work with the Social Science Forum and International 
Student Committee. 

SIGMA DELTA PI — two big projects . . . Christmas party complete to breaking 
of the Pinata . . . formal initiation . . . we are thirteen . . . Spanish conversations. 

PHI PSI OMEGA — confusion over new name . . . ue hear about Rome first-hand 
. . . "Intellect enhances life" . . . initiation into the realm of the Muse. 

GAMMA ALPHA — attention on problems facing us in business world . . . over 
all report of employed graduates . . . inspiration in installation service. 


Tempe Hughes, Esther Somueison, President; Jacqueline McClu 

Peggy Coppola. 



E»o Kate Moore, Nancy Compbell, President; 

Blanche Foster. 


Jackie Bodce, Rosemory Jocobs, Presiden 

Millie Kyzer, Kothryn Sink. 


Holmes, June Wilson, Shirley Willian 

sident; Jane Kirkmon, Gormen Pope. 

Greenberg, Mimi Temko, Lois Buck, Preside 
Florence Jocobson, Marilyn Tolochko. 

Time Out foi 

BACK ROW: Jane Head, Joy Pickord, Ann Chipley, 
Griswold, Peggy Comeron • FRONT ROW: Jo 
Carolyn Dietz. 

Religious Clubs 

HILLEL — monthly cultural programs . . . Passo\er Sedir . . . The Si^naliire 

. . . Jewish music festivals . . . combined Hillel council . . . library display of 

ceremonial objects. 

WESLEY FOUNDATION— Methodist group . . . Friday Fellowship Suppers 

at Church . . . study groups at Wesley House . . . visits by Reverend Crockett and 

his girl quartet. 

LUTHERAN STUDENT UNION— chicken dinners ser\'ed in style ... we meet 

at Chapel Hill . . . memorable visits of Dr. Elbert and Rev. Cooper. 

ST. MARYS HOUSE — sociability at our teas . . . "didn't the House look pretty?" 

. . . Religious Emphasis Week . . . Thursday lunches always have such good 

speakers ! 

WESTMINISTER FELLOWSHIP— combination of study, service and fellowship 

. . . group meetings for Bible .study, meditation . . . good food, good thought for 

supper Friday nights. 

CATHOLIC — "small, but active" . . . monthly communion breakfasts . . . 

weekly discussion divisions . . . we learn what other similar clubs are doing. 

BAPTIST STUDENT UNION~a Vocational Emphasis Week . . . Pastor's Night 

Banquet . . . Installation Service . . . deputations from other colleges . . . 

Dr. Wayland's talk. 


Betty Alice Godwin, Floro Cameron (Seated) 

President; Doris Hovis, Elizobeth Parker. 

Dorothy Morte), President; Mary Agnes Tola, 
Nancy Barton. Not Pictured: Libby Baulus. 





eft to right: Faye Jenkins, 

Soroh lewis. 




Kirby • MIDDLE ROW: 

Daisy Loud, 



n, Dorothy Sue Callahan, Mary Nan 

ce Blevins • 




Pauline Burchette, None 

McColl, Chorlotte 


President, Elizabeth Lee Coo 

ke, Ann Dovi 


Borbora Mongum, Julto Ross Lombc 

Fronces Compbcll, President. 


TOP: Borbora Kinsman, Priscilla Snider 

• BOTTOM Jeanette Christion, 

Pat Fisher, President. 

Other Interests 

Departmental Clubs 

WORLD FEDERALISTS— wish to spread information concerning UWF ... 
faculty panel discussion . . . convention at Duke on March 1 . . . group meetings 
under area field worker. 

BOOT 'N SPUR— Tuesday and Thursday afternoon rides . . . supper rides . . . 
championship cup in the winner's dorm . . . Sarge , . . practicing for horse show. 

DOLPHIN-SEAL— weekly meetings . . . bobbing for apples in jack o'lantern lit 
pool . . . seven seas pageant with props to match. 

SQUARE CIRCLE— jobs— are there any at all? . . . Hey, we need some dues' 
. . . movies . . . unmathematical larks at spring picnic. 

4-H — elegant reception . . . "Careers in Home Economics " . . . State date enter- 
taining . . . lecture on life on a Norway farm. 

PRE-NURSING— "It's the brain that counts" . . . foreign students' descriptions 
. . . we learn about nursing first hand from actual visits. 

HOME ECONOMICS— fun at the fashion show . . . we go Christmas caroling 
. . , anybody want to buy a cookie . . . A.H.E.A. initiation. 

Bunky Ashe, Soroh Lou Debn 

STANDING, left to right: Betsy Wore, President; 
Josephine Cusick, Mory Fronces Shockieford, 
Morgoret Redmon, Morguarite Dobbins, Dorothy 
Lowrence • ON FLOOR: Lee Cameron, Nancy 


right: Margie Moore, President, 
STANDING: Ann Reams, Kitty 

FRONT: Helen Miller, President • Left to right: 

Roso Lee Broke, Lib Parker, Evangeline Coker, 

Elizabeth King. 


Dot Norfleet, Carol Morgan, Louise Johnson, Preside 

Bunnie Bronstein, Peggy Montgomery. 

President; Emma Lyn 
Pot Fisher. 

Patsy Miller, Wilmo DeVoe, Lib Hutchii 
President, Beth Truitt. 

Extra Hours Taken for Fun 

Brouer, Naomi Woodworfh, F 
Nell Adkins, Harriett Robins 

MEDICAL TECHNICIANS— -yet acquainted" ueiner roast in the hut . . . 
impressive candlelight initiation . . . "white coated crew" . . . we sell greeting 
cards for a good purpose! 

CADUCEUS — informal discussions on ideals and problems of the profession 
. . . lectures by specialists . . . movies . . . observation of operations. 

BOTANY — picnic in the rain . . . Hallowe'en doings . . . lecture on slides and 
floral arrangement . . . Dr. Rogers' threats to new members. 

CHEMISTRY — progress in program giving-entertaining reports! . . . gala Christ- 
mas party featuring clasSroom skits . . . chemical fair . . . fun at freshman initiation. 

SOCIOLOGY — Hildur's talk . . . Santa Claus comes to our Christmas party . . . 
we've really got to get settled about jobs! 

PSYCHOLOGY — relaxed meetings in Town Students' Room . . . Russian tea at 
Christmas . . . our "four" initiates . . . "Has anybody found a job.-' " 

SPANISH— hot dog roast at Shady Oak Farm . . . futile hunt for a sponsor . . . 
PosmLi with Spanish fraternity . . . Travelogue meeting. 

oomau. President; Ann Varner, I 
Nancy Purvis, Hilda Wollersteii 


Pot Cunning, President; Jeon Anne Lombeth, 

Florence Parrish, Lynn Eichenboum. 

Rachel Sarbaugh, Connie Miller, Presider 
Nancy Barton, Elizabeth McLeod, Helen Lii 

1 « « 

■ol Byrd, Pot Potton • BACK: H 
nette Ezzcll, Betty Shuler, Jcon Sn 
Mortho Miller, President. 


Mary Eleonor Gray, Carolyn Dietz, Jone Head, 

President; Eleanor Griswold, Dovilla Smith. 

— Departmental Clubs 

MODERN DANCE — reception after Jose Limon toncert . . . own clupel program 
plus two other appearances . . . special Arts Forum loncc-rt. 

ART — debate between objective and non-objective painting . . , commertiai 
versus fine art . . . modern music is related . . . Polish art student. 

CHOIR — long lines for all tryouts ... red vestments and holly for Christmas . . . 
Aycock rehearsals . . . Easter program and goodbye to the seniors. 

MUSIC EDUCATION— faculty-student Thursday afternoon party ... fun at third 
annual alumnae week-end ... the week-end of spring R. A, camp jaunt. 

YOUNG COMPOSERS — auction of faculty talent . . . struggle to get compositions 
ready for Arts Forum . . . Quincy Porter lays 'em low. 

FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA— Christmas party . . . music and Mr. 
Taylor's reading . . . selection of American representative . . . fun at spring picnic. 

RADIO WORKSHOP— "Meeting at seven, Tuesday— Playliker room " . . . the 

constitution approved at 
programs ! 

Mr. Fitzpatrick and hi: 


Louise Birchctt, Jcon Aycock, Joyce Porker, 

President; Colleen Rcnegor. 


SEATED: Louise Birchette, President; Borboro Harris • BACK: 

Ann Royster, Jeon Pitman, Jean Montgomery. 


FRONT: Austin McKeithon, Pot Mellonos, Jeon 

Brooks • BACK: Corrine Bissette, Melrose Moore, 

President; Jeon Williams, Mr Fitrpotrick. 


rinnells. President; Janet Large, Jo Am 

Ruby Rumley, Eleanor Senter. 

A Sport A Day 

There's a special corner of the campus reserved for those 
class weary students who feel the need to work off excess 
energy, or "blow their tops" — and to facilitate matters 
there is even an organization that has arranged a calendar 
of sports so that these matters can be taken care of in a 
safe, sane manner. 

The Recreational Association, better known as the 
R. A., claims to have "a sport for every girl" and they 
generously invite all W. C. students to "play with the 
R. A, today and everyday." Here's a chance for every girl 
HI W. C. — there are no exams to pass, no practicals, every- 
one is a member as soon as she enters a sport. 

Fall means — hockey sticks and shin guards, speed ball, 
tennis, golf, riding, archery; Winter means — basketball, 
volley ball, stunts and apparatus; Spring, and Softball, ten- 
nis, golf, archery, and riding are back again, All through 
these seasons there's the opportunity for swimming, danc- 
ing, and, for those who like less energetic sports, Recre- 
ational Sports. 

ADDRESSING THE GROUP: Katherine Morshall, President • SITTING ON THE FLOOR, left to right: Marian McAdams, Solly Ogilvie, Anne Grier, Ann 
Goudclock, Virginio Von Dyke, Mortho Rose Miller, Solly Lowson, Pot Jordon • SEATED: Margaret Borlowe, Mortho Burke, Nancy Montgomery, Miss Ellen 
Griffin, Miss Rito Burdett, Bulow Bowman, Jeonette Christian, Virginia Bertholt, Rebecca Lloyd, Corolyn Griffin, Pot Ashley • STANDING: Pot Fisher, Dot 
Hogon, Georgie Blockwell, Mary Groce Grady, Sue Moc McCormoc, Doris Lyerly, Betty Alice Godwin, Ann Wagner, Shirley Haase, Peggy Jean Cameron, 
Fronces Compbell, Patsy Miller, Betsy Holey, Maybelle Bedell, Barbara Kinsman, Zolene Angier. 

m ^m*^ 


Corolino ond W. C. volley. 


Boot 'n Spur horse show. 

Association: for those who arc akin to fishes there is the 
Dolphin-Seal Club which produces the precision water 
pageant each spring; for those who like to "ride to the 
hounds" there is Boot 'n Spur, and for the "Isadore 
Duncans" there's the Modern Dance Club. These are only 
three out of the ten clubs that are part of the R. A.s 
widespread organization, but they will serve as examples 
of the well diversified schedule that is planned. 

There's a social side to the R. A. as well as an energetic 
side. At the end of each season there are parties called 
seasonal meetings where the honor teams for the season 

Time out from hockey. 

Emily follows through. 

are chosen. Tlieii at the end of the year tlie R. A. Banquet 
takes phice with all R. A. members attendini;. The stand- 
ing annual honor team is announced and two girls, one 
physical education major and one non-major, are chosen 
for their outstanding participation and contribution to the 
field of sports. 

Truly, the R. A. plays everyday in many ways — and all 
are successful I 

Look homeward. 

Angel Pyott. K^- 


Gym Meet is a combination of all those things that 
always attract a large, fun-loving audience, gathered to- 
gether and presented in such a way that an overall theme 
is carried out. 

The "W. C. Showboat" was given m honor of Chan- 
cellor Jackson, who was, as he is always, the skipper of 
the ship. Just as the old Mississippi showboats used to 
dock and offer the people a gala night of diversified en- 
tertainment, so did the ole "W. C." 

Most of the entertainment was provided by the exhi- 
bition of gymnastic skills — but for those who might have 
gone away unimpressed there were songs, dances, and 
the ever riotous faculty participation activities. 

The gymnastic-skills part of the program was the 
culmination of a great deal of hard work, and decided 
interest, that had been put forth all through the winter on 
the recreational Tumbling and Stunts. The girls ran and 


pert'i>niK-tl ;in ohst.ak- skill coursi.-, bcmi; rated on f;rtli 
skill. These- points v,ca- cvcntuallv totalled and added to 
the league score and those w ho made the highest iiuln Kkial 
ratings were chosen tor the honorary team. I'luler this 
category, too, must be classiticd the expert tumbling team 
from Chapel Hill that performeil t\)r the completel)' 
awed spectators. 

The physical education classes each contributed to the 
show by giving an exhibition of marching precision, intri- 
cate European dances, and clever card tricks. 

All during the energetic performances on the gym- 
nasium deck those sitting in the balcony had been in 
competition too. All the spectators were arrayed in their 
league colors and, as they sat cheering and singing the 
performance on, they formed solid blocks of Red, Blue, 
Cireen, and Purple. The noise they created really reached 
Its height when the student-faculty relay was announced I 

At the end of the evening the "Skipper" came aboard 
and, amid spirited cheers from the balcony, announced 
the winning league as well as tliose who had been chosen 
for the honorary gym team — a successful end to a most 
successful night. 

Patience and fortitude — Dr. Jackson 

Stock 'em up Majors. 

'1< J.i^'k^J 




? M^'.:' 






uocciU n 

Cur uocc<zC \\aurd 


(i/t^e%e^ t^ ^fUce? 



Social life? — the minor lond in many coses major) of 
all of us! Well we remember those permission slips, 
blue and white, with the counselor's signature and 
without the counselor's signature. One club, 2 hearts, 
pass, 7 Spades!! — and this happened on Saturday 
afternoons as we sot apparelled in — well, apparelled 
— waiting with baited breath for week-end dotes. 
The peak season found us at State, Duke, Woke 
Forest, Davidson, AND Carolina, enjoying sensational 
fraternity parties, football gomes, and dances. And 
then there were our own campus society dances 
ond the awful moments just prior to them when pink 
carnations arrived to be worn with red velvet formols. 
Our dances culminoted with open house and the 
perfect winter fragrance of open fires and hot 

Ease and naturalness were the passwords for our 
"massocre" birthdoy parties, peanut butter sand- 
wich parties, and just plain parties in the kitchen. 
Coordination of faculty and students at our dormi- 
tory teas and other social events provided us with 
interesting and pleasant interludes from classes and 
study. The "social activities class" which met at all 
hours each day in ye old Soda Shoppe hos dominated 
our daytime life here at W. C. Greoter University Day 
when the daughters (that's us I and the State and 
Carolina sons met on the campus at Chapel Hill is 
fondly remembered as a glorious ond ne'er to be for- 
gotten event. On less busy week-ends we spent rest- 
ful and happy hours on excursions to the R. A. cabin. 

And suddenly it was Spring and music floated from 
the jukebox in the Weil-Winfield bollroom. After- 
noons found us eagerly absorbing old sol's rays on 
our own "Coney Islond" and evenings singing folk 
songs in the quadrangle. And then come May Day 
and the Junior-Senior and the exciting Freshman 
Frolic — and last our own Senior Ball!! We worked — 
we played, we played and PLAYED — but most of all 
we combined the two and lived! 

Downtown for Sunday morning services. 

After the ball is over. 

Break between classes— ot the Hub- Bub. 

Miss Howell serves at porty given by Misses 
Coxe, Dowley, Shomburger, and Mrs. Kehoe 

The Juniors have their formal 

Becco serves seconds ot Home Management House dinner 

Weekly night cop in Show 

Saturday night in W. W. ballroom 

315 Weil entertoins 

End of a perfect doy 

"Y" sociol hour 

Last minute goodnight 

Social Planning Council 

,.l J.nic i;jnuiiuls iishciTcl m 
W. I.. Our i;i]i.-sts wiTc- ix-prc^c' 
Croin tlic state, .inj l-iotli i]|ip( 
in.iiiv new facc-s. Tlicic \sas a 

(Ktobcr 22 at (he gym- 
Kil under tlie leadership 
niccoming Week-end at 
tivc- (if numerous schools 
md lower classmen met 
, trip to Chapel Hill for 

the Moorehead Planetarium C Christmas Show, participation 
in the National Intercollegiate Bridge Tournament, Quad- 
rangle Sings, and Montaldo's Fashion Show — these were 
all a part of the '-i9-''i0 agenda. 

Advisers to Jane and her committee are Mrs. G. H. 
Andrews and Miss Elvna Prondecki. They consistently 
aim to promote an integrated campus social program with 
variety and appeal to as many students as possible. Work- 
ing with the Social Planning Council are representatives 
from the tour Societies, Recreation Association, Y.W.C.A., 
and the Town Students. One of its most important jobs 
perhaps is in cooperation with Hall Social leaders — also 
members of the Council. Through these persons the 

problems of d(jrmitf)ry social programming is discussed 
and suggestions for activities are frequently exchanged. 

In working through the Council, the four Societies 
completed plans for the installation of coke machines in 
each dorm. Rat Day abounded with its usual bedlam and 
good spirit, the blue, green, red, and yellow colors 
vividly spotted everywhere. There were the annual dances, 
the banquet, and this year — with the introduction of 
Greater Universit)' Day — our dorm social chairmen served 
as hostesses at the open house tea in Chapel Hill following 
the Carolina-State football game. 

The Social Planning Council ties the knot which co- 
ordinates social activities on campus. It offsets our cur- 
ricula and balances the scale of campus life. 

Lett to right, around bock of piano: Ann Cohoon, Carol Byrd, Betty Teogue, 
Virginia Boughman, Neit Siceloff, Kotherine Morsholl, Jane Howard, Hozel- 
belle Peorsoll, Mary Romefelt, Jconne league, Jean Hogsheod, Jean Morrow, 
Romona Austin, Alice Bochret, Anne Grier, Betty Carol Wimbish, Phyllis 
Keese • Playing: Betty Lou Merrill • Not Pictured: Mary Fronces 
Shackelford, Mary Ann Preston, Hornet Whitmore, Ann Pender, Koy 
Koster, Suson Dawson. 

;4deC^i^a(t Saccctcf 

SEATED, left to right: Elenor Sen- 
ter, Mary Anne Hunt, Ruth Ellis, 
Emily Atkins, Jeon Williams, Mory 
Louise Block • FLOOR: Borboro 
Fchr, Jo Bryan. 


Lett fo right: Louise Pickard, Wendy Word, Wyndall Moson • Not Pictured: Mellie Borlow. 

Lett to right: Barbaro Jeffries, 
Oavilla Smith, Fronces Compbell, 
Ramono Austin, Jane Tomlinson, 
Sue McCormoc, Joycelyn Coots, 

^o^mciOz^ Saccetcf 


Lett to right: Nadia Dougliti 

idge, Carmen Pope, Jackie Jernigon, Eliiobetli Jolinson 

SEATED, lett to right: Joyce Jet 
tersan, Mary Anderson, Sara Stacy, 
Pat Poton, Fronces Taylor • 
STANDING: Pot Jordan, Phyllis 
Niven, Morion McAdoms. 

SEATED, left to right: Mory Anna 
Toylor, Lib Harper, Ann Tallcy, 
Rosemary Jacobs, Sara Hollond • 
STANDING: Fronces Bowles, Jane 
Heod, Lib Hutchinson. 

^'Amid The Forest Green" 


The liveliness and gayety of Merrye Olde Eng- 
land reigned in Peabody Park at the May Day 
celebration. The ancient traditions of the 
simple peasant folk were the theme of the 
festivities. On the morning of the first day of 
May the village maidens gathered — some to go 
forth to seek the May, others to cleanse the 
village of the last vestiges of dark, drab Winter 
in joyous preparation for her arrival. The mod- 
ern dance group, clad in spring pastels, in- 
terpreted the ceremony. 

The Queen of the May and the fourteen 
ladies of her Court were received in the village 
with rejoicing and gay festivity. Her arrival, 
symbol of the beginning of spring, was cele- 
brated by merry folk dances and the traditional 
vvindintr of the May Pole. 






















^^^j;3lSaL^ -^li-ivv^s- ■■■ 

t-^Ks^Wiitsf/.f r , 

'?/inM/i«U tat^ 





7<^ ^e^-r 



ane(4A t^ ^^liOUt o^ t^i^ cfe<z% 









„5 -^-^ I 


A' I 


L ■'■^ &^iB^^H 




nd Mory Lib unpock first things first 

Grinning, tan, and vacation-full, we came bock "home" 
this fall. And as we hove always done, we brushed off our 
jackets, spoke confidently of the year ahead — and un- 
consciously looked for "senior" friends on a campus where 
they would be no more. But the freshmen came to fill the 
gap, to be welcomed, and to become a real part of us. 

Pre-school conference found us leading discussions, 
suggesting improvements, and assuming leadership with 
a capability and a spirit which were typically "Second To 
None." The torch-lit quadrangle rang with our shouts. 
The Purse Drive's little red school house went "over the 
top" to become a billboard for the fine Social Science 
Forum. Gym-filled Senior class meetings gave us the 
spirit and the will to produce the "dazzling" Senior Show 
with its 100 percent participation and its haunting finale, 
"Long Ago And Far Away, We Dreamed A Dream One 
Day . . ." 

Scotty Cowan's charm and burr captivated us frol 
behind both pulpit and soda shop counter, and the 

table late Saturday night parties began with their 
cokes and cigarettes. Thanksgiving came and went one 


Running the gountlet on registrotion day. 

we were hurled into the pre-Christmas term paper race. 
We whirled through our successful formals, planned our 
dorm dances and Christmas tree parties, and listened and 
clapped and whooped and listened some more to the 
Sigma Chi sextet. We attempted the German version of 
"Stille Nacht" at the Christmas carol sing and glanced 
shyly and pridefuliy at Hildur os she smiled in her green 
class jacket. 

When the Christmas concert came — with its spell of red 
and white, its holly, its gaiety, its reverence and its hope, 
we knew that we were home but that our time was 
slipping by. 

Chicken ' o lo Km 


A chemist objectively examines a compound in the confines of 
his laboratory, but the social scientist faces the problem of 
rationally analyzing the group to which he belongs — society. 
In an academic atmosphere, it is easy to theorize and present 
logical conclusions. Because of the subjectivity of the field, it 
is imperative that the gap existing between our knowledge and 
our everyday course of affairs be noted. 

The purpose of this year's forum was to examine the current 
scene and determine hovv-in it diflfers from our factual know- 
how where behavior is concerned. In order to provide a 
balanced diet. Senator Paul Douglas, Dr. Otto Klineberg, 
psychologist: Dr. Louis Hacker, economic historian; Dr. Caro- 
line Ware, sociologist; Dr. Quincy Wright, international law 
expert; Dr. Glenn Negley, philosopher; and Dr. Rupert Vance, 
sociologist, interpreted "The Social Sciences: What We Know 
vs. What We Do." Specifically, they thrashed through the 

Caroline Ware leads 

Dr. Jackson opens the Fo 


questions of minorities, nationalism, the "Welfare State, " and 
the next steps for American democracy. 

The forum benefits the students on campus more than it 
does an)' other one group. Each year builds on the one preceding 
it and becomes a real part of the thinking of those participating. 
Visiting students and faculty arrive from points throughout the 
Southeast, though in the main it is Woman's College students 
who are most frequently seen at the Aycock and smaller dis- 
cussion sessions. 

A memorial to our late dean, Harriet Elliott, the forum main- 
tains a continuity through the smooth workings of the faculty 
committee headed by Dr. Eugene Pfaft'. A student committee 
also actively promotes the Forum by advance publicity both i)n 
and off the campus and in assisting with the plans for tiie 
arrival of the visiting experts, faculty, and students. 

In its third year, the Social Science Forum is no longer .m 
experiment, but an integral part of the years activities. So long 
as men remain interested in themselves and their fellows the 
Forum will continue to have meaning for eacii college gener- 

SEATED: Mimi Temko, Helen Rigby, Marie Show, Joan Ferguson, Susan Dawson, 
Solly Cheney, Barbara Moomou • STANDING: Hozelbelle Pearsall, Peggy 
Coppola, Jody Raub, Morilyn Hill, Orlana McArthur, Lee Mahon, Coan Bell 


Diamond rings came back with some of us after Christ- 
mas — but smiles and memories of sparkling New Year's 
parties and full Christmas days came back in the eyes 
of ail of us. Even the every-year pre-exam rush found 
us humming "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer" in the 
Soda Shop. Reoding day was soon upon us with its 
usual gripes and welcome tomato juice parties; 
Margaret Webster's "Julius Caesar" — like Hamelin's 
Pied Piper — drew us out of our exam study cells to 
clap and to talk late into the night. 

Second semester brought new study interests, found 
many of us attending the tea for Eleanor Roosevelt at 
Chapel Hill and participating in the International Stu 
dent Conference. We began to think about elections, 
to write our platforms, to watch campus posters bud in 
the Post Office, and to holler like sixty at the pep rally. 
If we were Sophomores or Seniors we took an evening 
off to swish to the gym-held Apache party which the 
Sophomores gave their green jacket sisters. 

We invited friends to our Sophomore and Freshman 
formals and to our university sermons; we saw the 
campus swarm with delegates to the North Carolina 
Press Association Convention; and Arts Forum with its 

Rosemary reminisces. 
Week (inds the book store busy 




experimental plays, dance exhibition, and concert, 
again brought fine leaders in the fields of music, art, 
dance, writing, and drama to the campus. We thrilled 
to the elections to Phi Beta Kappa and to the beauty of 
the Golden Chain chapel program; we shoved our way 
into the gym to watch Charlie Justice and his Carolina 
Colleagues; we clapped our hardest at the Junior Show. 
Yet in this winter rush we took time out to make new 
friends, to live the full life which is here for us all, and 
to stand on the bridge and smile at the ever-yel!ow 
forsythia bushes, and to feel the wind in our face and 
our face in the sky. 

Respite From Studies 

\\"e are reminiscent of those red letter nights in Aycock. 
Under the chairmanship of Dr. Eugene Pfaff the student 
lecture-entertainment series of 1949-1950 was substantially 
diverse, frequently didactic, and consistently delightful. The 
ue of these opportunities — appearances of prominent 
political leaders, musicians, authors and actors — needs no 
supplementary applause. They flavor the school year with 
keepsakes we shall retain longer than many textbook assign- 
ments; they perform an important role in the allover pattern 
of life at Woman's College. 

October 4 Milton Cross 

October 12 Senator Estes Kefauver 

November 1 Quincy Howe 

November 17 Jose Limon Dance Company 

.inuary 17 Margaret Webster Shakespearean Co. 

February 6 Hodding Carter 

February 21 Richard Llewellyn 

February 28 James P. Warburg 

March 21 Constance and Harmon Helmericks 

April 12 Richard Lauterbach 


October 28 Mack Harrel 

February 1 The Rabinofis 

ebruary 10 Claudio Arrau 

March 14 St. Louis Symphony 

March 23 Robert Shaw Choral 

Richard Llewellyn 

Economici (icid fnp I 

Departmental Diversion 

I'lif's (^ollcm.- yrcw pliysically this \' .iiul with it 
the (.Icp.irtnu-iits cxp.iiulcd in tlicir .n.tivitii.-s. Thcsf events 
fiKiHir.ii^c ( spirit .iiul interest oiitsklc and lie- 
\oikI the (.l.issrooms .uui ,irc ,iik1 edue.itional to 
the students of Woni.m's (A)llci;e ,iiul the (.itizcns of Greens- 
horo. Tlic Ht)me Ixonoinics Dcp.irtmcnt, tlicir style shows, 
,ind their bknisc testint; c;unp;ui;n put us iii the news, [■'roni .md far visitors come e.ich to W'e.ithcrspoon Cialler)' 
to see the now famous Textile Exhibit of the Art Depart- 
ment. Other exhibits of art by students and outside artists 
throuuhoLit the year are of interest and benefit to the school 
.ind public and a credit to the Art Department. The annua 
Spanish night with its South American air and rhythm and 
the beauty of the French Night pageant are exents to be 
.inticipated each year. Gym Meet and the perfectly executed 
performance of the Physical Education Department gir. 
and instructors have become a Woman's College tradition. 
The School of Education through the Future Teachers of 
America gi\es the embryonic teachers of W. C. a preview of 
the life of a teacher. The senior recitals and the concert 
series are contributions from the Music Department to the 
life of Woman's College. 

Flop and Joe look to the futur< 


Trees were as green as the grass, and even the 
breeze seemed sunny when we came back "home" after 
Spring Holidays. Those first weeks we remember clearly 
— the beautiful Easter choir concert, the unusual Morman 
Easter service with its early morning march and its deep 
brass chorales, the first time a crowd of us walked up 
the new library steps to look inside. 

We packed the gym to watch the Dolphin-Seal pageant 
turn international with its theme of the seven seas and to 
porticipate fully in Gym Night, we swoyed to the rhythms 
echoing from the twilight-filled quadrangle, we perched 
on the hill near the gym to watch and cheer on the horse- 
show. We changed our coffee orders to cokes in the soda 
shop and, raincoat-covered, hurried to "Coney island" 
for a new sun tan. 

We scurried through April showers to Tuesday chapel 
and, saving our nickels, invaded the Home Ec. for lunch; 
we laughed and clapped and laughed again at the tradi- 
tional "Senior Unmusical" and wondered — that although 


Tliis year mtmor.iblc for the capable critics present at tlic 
I'oriiin. RidiarJ P. Blackmur of Princeton University, and Lionel 
Trilling of Columbia — two notable names in the world of literary 
criticism — were on hand to cover the poetry and short stories sub- 
mitted; Quincy Porter discussed the music; Barrett Clark gave a 
critical analysis of the one-act experimental plays; Bessie Schonberg 
demonstrated dance techniques. 

Incorporated with the seventh Arts Forum was the Southeastern 
Art Conference, bringing representatives from colleges all over the 
southern region. Stanley William Hayter and Aline B. Louchcim 
conducted the panels on art work. 

Dr. Marc Friedlaender began as the chairman of the Forum in 
1946, and by his faithful perscverence and intelligent handling of the 
Forum, he has been singularly instrumental in effecting the Forum's 
increasing success and the fame which has been invaluable to Woman's 

The faculty Arts Forum Committee includes Mr. Charles Adams, 
Dean H. Hugh Altvater, Dr. Leonard B. Hurley, Mr. Gregory hy. 
Miss Ethel Martus, Miss Virginia Moomaw, Miss lone Grogan, Miss 
Elvira Prondecki, Dr. Anna Joyce Reardon, Dean Katherine Taylor, 
Mr. W. R. Taylor, Mr. George Thompson, Miss Helen Thrush, Mr. 
Elliott Weisgarber, Miss Kathryn England. 

The student committee consists of a junior and a senior from each 
of the five fields of the arts, the editors of the CaroliitiMi and the 
Coi\tJJi. Ellen Metz and Mary Elliott, and a student chairman, Marilyn 

Stonley Williom Hayter 


As we walk into Aycock with our caps and gowns and 
hopes, the whole campus is ours to look at — in a slow 
evaluating way which we've quite forgotten to use since 
freshman year — and the whole campus is ours to remem- 

Yet our years of classes, book lists, and all night term 
papers hove not turned us into thoughtful, mature women; 
the horse shows, the nights in Aycock, the full Forum days 
have not lifted and directed our eyes to the many new 
concepts and interests which will still be ours many Mays 
from this one. Nor has it been the talks with faculty 
members or those cups of Soda Shop coffee which have 
developed within us a great capacity for sharing and 
for friendship. Instead it is the hodge-podge of work and 
fun, the geometric pattern of our many-sided days, our 
eager absorption of all the values and opportunities which 
have been ours for four years — it is the full life at 
Woman's College which mokes us full women. And with 

this assurance, as well as with deep humility, we are 
looking forward, as we have always looked forward. 

But it is queer thing — the end of something is never 
an end and the beginning is never a true beginning. And 
that is good. For new and challenging opportunities will 
come to us, as will chances for participation in areas now 
untouched, and as will triumphs still undreamed of. And it 
is this continued individual growth, dependent on the 
deep and firm foundations which have been built during 
these four years which will characterize us even when we 
call ourselves "Alumnae." 

There is something quite thrilling about any threshold 
— whether we are watching others looking back before 
they cross it, or whether we are walking firmly across 
ourselves. For it means that we have taken Woman's 
College in our stride, that we have gained and tried to 
give unselfishly, and that we are ready now for different 

And it means that we must reach up and turn our tassel 
— with a smile. 

?V-% ?.-^ 

Oun. ;4cluentc^.€n4^ 





i' \ 


,11' ^M 














, Coke , 


empty bottles pr 




Ask /or it either way . . . both 
trade-marks mean the same thi> 




C^iiis ^t 



L^oiieae Ljin! 

A colonial home with true southern hospitality 
for parents and friends. 




Owned .Hid opeiMad by 
Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Dickinson 


1001 East Bessemer Avenue 

Greensboro, North Carolina 

Telephone 8710 

Complimenfs of 




Clothes and Shoes for Every College Girl 


The JEWEL Box 

Greensboro's Leading Diamond and 
Gift Store for Over 26 Years 


A Letter to the Classes of 1952 and 1953 

To the sophomores we express our appreciation of the confidence you placed in our 
concern by selecting us to make your class blazers. We sincerely hope that the enjoyment 

of wearing your class blazer will be only one pleasant part of your remaining years at 

To the freshmen we express our anticipated pleasure at meeting you and serving your 
class. We believe that the black jackets now worn by the sophomores will amply 
demonstrate the quality of our blazer. 

We hope that we can deserve your confidence also, and thus have the opportunity to 
make your class blazers this commg fall. 

Ver)' truly yours, 

ROBERT ROLLINS College Outfitters 
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New York 23, N. Y. 

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Loinntrfc<> of 
SI*OIIII.\<. 4aMM»S 

m:\in: i»Ai.\rs 





iu^ BLISS, Inc. 

h\j L^atererj of ^/iiie ^ooa.'i 

Greensboro, N. C. 

16 Northwood at W'endover Telephone 2-1 J*)! 
L. J. BLISS, President 

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Architects & Engineers 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 



Sensibly Pr 









-40-4 Tate Street 

Dial 9500 

A Short Course in Success 

Back in 1923 the twenties were just beginning to roar . . . 
folks were singing "Barney Goog/e", "Ain't Gain' Rain No 
Mo' ", and "Yei, We Have No Bananas" . . . jaii music was 
the new sensation and a dance called the Charleston was 
sweeping the nation . . . the ladies were striving for a boyish 
figure and the Ziegfeld Girls were the toast of Broadway 
. . . over in Germany a scrawny little Nazi named Adolpn 
Hitler was thrown in the clink for fomenting a beer-hall 
rebellion. It was quite a year. 

That same year in Burlington, North Carolina, workmen 
were clearing a nearby cornfield to build a small textile 
mill. Some local businessmen were risking their money in a 
bedspread manufacturing venture. That was the beginning 
of Burlington Mills, a company destined to play a leading 
role in the rise of man-made yarn from obscurity to a place 
of major importance in textiles. 

During the past 25 years Burlington Mills has grown from 
one small mill at Burlington into one of the world's largest 
producers of rayon fabrics. It now has 74 plants in six states 
and four foreign countries employing over 27,000 people. 
Teamwork between management and skilled, loyal em- 
ployees made Burlington Mills a textile leader. Teamwork 
produced the highest quality textile products at the 
owest possible cost. 

This successful formula was possible because American 
free enterprise permitted constant improvements in mate- 
rials and machinery, development of our human resources, 
better methods of production, and an Incentive for progress 
and growth. The formula brought better quality fabrics to 
the consumer. It brought better jobs, higher pay. Increased 
benefits, and excellent working conditions to employees. 

And so, 25 years after, Burlington Mills wears a badge of 
success. Its multitude of products are truly "Woven Into 
the Life of America". 

Sales Offices: New York, N. Y. 

Executive Offices-. 
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Burlin0ton Mill 

"IFoven into ^ the Life of America" 


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Kl. 2. Box 867. Ch.i 

Eliiabelh. 71.3 Club Blvd.. 

Andr.w., Mary Uplon. Glade Valley 1 
\iiBi..r. Zak-iie. 1021 W. Trinity Ave. 

Durham 41. 46, 167. 173. I 

Vii|I~ladl. Sonia, I40S Lilac Rd.. Charlotte 119. 122. 1 
Ir.nilage. Jane. 123 Riverside Dr., Smilhfield 

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ew, Mary 

Mills Home, Thomas>illc 

re. 106 Oakwood Ct.. lli^-h Point 
llallingcr. Dorothy. Guilford College 
Banner. Clara. Star Rl.. Burnsvillc 
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all. Carulvn. 222 Young St.. Shelb> 
aB. 424 S. Garden St.. Marion 
oyre. 1601 Front St.. Beaufort 

Ave., Hagerstown 

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ine, Rt, 2. Zebulon 

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h St.. Lumberlon 

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C-S8 Trent Ct.. New Bern 
I07 Dilworth Rd. East. 

Ilcvins. Mary. Dobson 
Bloekridge. Nancy Lee. 1-B Graham Ct., Chapel Hill 
Bloodworth, Mary Gay, Apt, 14.G.. College Village, 

Blumberg. Joan Elin, 145 E. 30th St.. Palerson. N. J. 
Blumenthal. June, Rt. 4. Box 118. Greensboro 
Bobbin. Sarah Jean. 617 Princess St.. Wilmington 152, 
Bodenhcimer. A. Kathleen. Rt. 1. Box 490, Kcrnersvill 
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owles. Kli 
owlcs. F 

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Parkua. Dr.. Winston. 
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Windsor Dr.. Charlo 

cc Village, Apt. 25A. \ 

Boyd. Joan Elva, Collef 

Boyelte, Joyce, 1215 S. 

Boykin. Sue. 409 Hill St., Wilson 

Bracken, Eliiabeth, 1225 Dilworth Rd.. Chariot! 

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St.. Vli 

Bella. Betty. 12 S. 8th 
Brock, Coleen, 501 Pearl St.. Favelleville 
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Bronslein. Bernice. 809 N. College Ave.. KinsI 
Brooks. Bronna Henrietta. .508 Kenan St.. W ils 
Brooks. Jean. 124 Satlerlhwaile Ave.. Nutlev. 
Brooks. Josephine. 23 Shepherd St.. Raleigh 
Brooks. Mary Virginia. Hot Springs 
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Brown. Barbara Ann. 818 E. Park Ave.. Charlo 
Brown. Barbara Anne. 5208 Hawthorne Rd.. W i 
Brown. Barbara F.. 524 Poplar Dr.. Falls Chui 

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lane. I nlon Rd.. 
Mary Garland. I'l 

ruton. Margaret Ann, I04 West « iniaouon, Wkllevllle 
cyan, Josephine, Box 6. Lillinglon 102 

ryani, Beverly Belle, I94S Sterling Hd.. Charlotte 
ryant, Julia Catherine, SIS ». Park Ave.. Charlolle 
ry.on. Charlotte Ann. Boa S7S. Bryson City 
uehanan. Kliaabeth. Rl. I. Box 182. MeLean.vllle 
uek. I.oi.. 106 «. Berkeley St.. I niontown. 

Pa. SO. 172. 179. 181 

uek. Margie. 410 E. Vernon Ave.. Kinston 
uekner. Patricia Anne. 61 Pearson Dr., Asbevllle Not Pie 
' ell, Carol, ISO E. Corban St.. Concord 



lia, ,3633 Joyeelyn : 
'inline. Rondo 


., Box 162, Kt. 2. Lenc 

na. 523 W. Henderson Ave.. Mario 

ha. Rt. 1. Box 89. Morganlon 

■■Salem 119. 121. 

, Winston-Salem 

>3. 168. 189. 203. 

. 203 (anicroi 

Cagle. Marjorle Nell. 218 Vance St.. « ilmi 


Cahill. Mary. U Jersey Ave.. Brainlrec. M. 

C:ahn. Catherine. 330 Audubon Blvd.. Ne. 1 

Itriean.. La. 

Caldwell. Madeleine, 84 Pineslreet, Garden 


N. V, 

Callahan. Dorothy, Rt. 1. tnion Level. Va. 


Calvert. Sallle. Jackson Ell.abelh. 93 Pisgah Dr.. Canton 

Cameron. Dorothy. Rt. 1. Box 171-A. Broad 

Cameron. Flora. Box 503. PinehursI 




Cameron. Peggy. 465 N. Ashe St.. Southern 



la.nUeli: J,""" <ilr..%l. Ft'. Br^""" 



Barbara Ell< 

ox 4-t9, Wa.h 

lice A.e. 
I.-; K. Thir 

<:arroll. France. E.. Hookerlon 

Carroll. Maria. 511 Hancock St.. llxford lO 

<:arroll. Mary Christine. Rl. I. Gamer 1 4< 

Carter. Barbara Ann. 329 Piney W oods Dr.. W ilminglon 
Carter. Emily Cheek. 317 W. Fifth St„ Siler City 
Carter. Joyce Eudelle, 408 N. George St.. Coldsboro 
Carter. June. 20I Fayetleville Rd., Rockingham SI. 16 
Carter. Kathleen. I9II I.ombardy Circle. Charlotte 

Carter, .-iarah. 431 S. Hawthorne Rd.. 

i:artwrighl. Bessie. Hamptonville 

Carlwrighl. Lou Ray. Harmony 
Casey. Dorothy Ann. Rl. 1, Clayton 

<:ashion. Greta Sue. 202 N. East Ave.. Kannapolis 
Cassldy. Margarel. 33-16 203 St.. Bayside. L. I.. N. V. S: 
Calhey. Carlene. Smyre Station. Gaslonia 
Causey. Bettx. High Point Si. Ext.. Randleman 
Causby. Betty Sue. 602 E. Virginia Ave. Bessemer Clly 
ChalTee. Martha Fuller. 211 Riverside Dr_ Morganlon 
Chandler. Annette. 346 Meerimon Ave.. Asheville 
Chandler. June Eliaabetfa, 403S Bonsall Ave.. Drexel Hill. 

CJieek. Audr. 
Cheek. Doro 
Cheek. Heler 

5. Burlingtc 

Catonsville 28. Md. 145 


oil 1 1 lilted 

lOl. 163. 164. 16 

52. 179, 186. 

Mounl 142 

Davenport. Ruby. 717 
David, Anne. 68 Henri, 
Davl,. Alma. Pik,.>ill. 

ell. Lillian Shirley. 108 E. Divine St.. Dunn 

106. 161. 189 

124. 182 Dav 

Clodfelter. Dorolhy. Model Farm Rd.. H 
Clodfeller. Patsy Ruth, Model Farm Rd.. 
Coats. Joyeelyn. 204 Parker St.. Smithlie 
Cobb, Betty Lee, P. O. Box 31. Cliffside 
Coble. Elizabeth Anne. Rl. 1. Guilford I 

5 Syeaniore St.. Roeky M 
1 1th Rd., Arlington, Va, 

I.. Blowing Roek 

11th Rd.. Arlington. Va 

liew St„ Wadesboro 

lurst Ave,. Vinslon-Salen 

ate St.. Lexington 
O. Box 28. Lineolnton 

.nrlcitte Dr.. Charl 

lis, Mary Kath.- 
Miriam. 9I>1 
Naney Sue. 

Day, Helen, Garner 
Deans, Ann, 1105 Kcni 
Deans, Kathleen, 1911 

Debnam, Sara Louise, R.F.D. 

DeLaney. Conslanee Rae, 206 Cameron Ave,, Chape] 
Denning, Jerrc Maxine, 310 W, Main St.. Benson 
Denny. Jean Stone. 920 Covvper Dr.. Raleigh . 
Derby, June Bost 
DeSharu. Catherine M., 119 Sixth St„ N, E.. Apt. 2, A 

11. <,..' N lli^abelh. Old Post Rd„ Cherryville 

I> Mull. ,. I„;i„. 701 VI . Main St., Spindale 

h. \ . . « .1." . HI-. Illauvelt Ave,, Hohakus, N. J. 

12S, 163. 164 

709. High Poi. 
■ose Dr.. Reids. 


. 177 


Dowtin. Marv. 1117 « 1 

c!!r'"i'r > " "'.'.'-. ■ !!!,.' ""■«,~'!;"n.-,i.„, 



Drennen. Janet. 31 1 . k M 

Driver. Mary Lueind., 17 


Drvd^n. Anne?"Bl,x M "w ,.'. 

Coslon. ■(larv Kalh „. Rl. 2. H,nd. r.,.„< ille 

Dudley. Mary Ann. 20 Bridse 

Coutras. Graee, 3UO » . Park Ave.. Charlotte 


Dukes. Katherine. R.F,D, 2, Al 

Covington, Betty Jean, Bo, 188, Guilford College 

Dunean, Betty, Rt. 3. Siler Cit 

Covington, Vela, Rt, 4, Shelby 


Cox, Ann, 109 W, John St., Mt. Olive 


Dunn.'"Annie"ue!'404 Beam°a'n 

Dunn. Marilyn. Box 424. Rose 

Cox, Claire Craven, P, O, Box 243, Elon College 

Dupree. Ellen. Rt. 1. Smithti, 

Cox, Margaret Mae, Rt, 1, Cove City 


Dupree. Sally. R.F.D. 1. Box S 

Cox, Mary Josephine, 1208 Vale Pl„ Charlotte 



Dupree. Teretta Ann. P. O. Bo 

Cox, Piney Rieks, 227 \l . Seeond St.. Washington 


Duval. Hazel Elizabeth. Box • 



Cragan. Ann. 112 HilleresI Dr.. Sanford 
;an. Jane. 112 Hillcrest Dr.. Sanford 
g. Elizabeth Lee. 1716 Ann St.. Wilmington 
g. Margaret. 1701 Trogdon St.. Greensboro 
g. Virginia Taylor, 416 \» , Harper Ave.. Lenoii 
■ ford. Johnsie C. 421 Westdale PL, Greensbor. 
iford, Sarah Cornelia. Rt. 2. Kings Mountain 
.ford. Elisabeth. 855 Forest Rd., S.W.. Roanoke 

ley, Elii 


Earle, Naney Carolyn, 9 Rowella Apis,, High Poll 
Early, Elaine, 4S25-A S, 28th St„ Arlington, Va. 
Earlv, Mildred. Mills Home, Thomasville 
Eddy, Jane Lee, 201 DeVane St., Fayetleville 
Edens, Kathleen. 19th St.. Lumberton 

54.95, 163. 164. 202 

Farrior, Graee, P, O, Box 137. Bu 
Farrington. Ramona Hugh. Rl. 4. 
Farthing. Dixie Rae. Valle Cruris 
Farthing. Kaly Sue. Valle Cruris 
Faueelte, Aliee « ray. 802 Monl^- 
Fauscll, Marilvn I ;.,il. I.il7 Hr,. I 

on, Mildred, 511 « , Central Ave., Bein 
Ferrell. Ann Gamble, 602 Buehanan Rd.. Du 
Fey, Anna, 420 Miller St., Winslon-Salem 
Fineher. Rose. R.F.D. 3. Box 229. Concord 
Fipps. Mona. Box 11. Chadbourn 
Fisher. Eulene. 920 Seales St., Salisburv 
Fisher, Jean, 61 Ralph Ave,, While Plains. > 
Fisher. Mary Gladys. Granite Quarn 
Mary R.. 1004 Jaekson St„ 

Fisher, Patriei^ 

Fisher, Ruth Eleani 


ve.. W'ollaslo 

>x 7, Alexander 
Flaek, Ann, 7 Magnolia St., Forest Citv 
Flanagan, Joanne, 547 Jusliee St., Hendcrsonvill 
Flanagan, Ora Lee, 111 Chureh St.. Farmville 
Fleet. Mary Elizabeth. 629 Eastern Ave.. Roeky 
Fleteher. Muriel, 19350 LitlleKeld Ave.. Detroit 

>ot Pielured 

126 ■ 

Belly Lou. 309 

rsjlh. Al>ce. 2605 Sherxood St.. Gr 
ilvr. Blanehe. Blaneh 
Iter. Rowena. Rl. 2. Winston-Salem 
.ler. Ann. 2023 Club Blvd.. Durbar 
»Ier. Frances Emma. Counlr. Club I 

Freeman. Katharine Grey. Rl. 3. Box 395. Charl 
Freeman. Thelma Joanne 2516 Svlvan Rd.. Greet 
Freneh. Betty. 408 Blandwood Ave.. Greensboro 
Friday. Kathryn. 125 N. Caldvvell St.. Salisburv 
Friedman. Edna. 2210 Floral Ave.. Charlolle 
Friend. Barbara Joanne. 837 Hovberl Av... S.W .. 

Frost. Billie Ann. Rl. 2. Mocksville 

Fuleher. Frances. Box 14. Davidson 

Fuller. Barbara. 1109 BriareliS Rd.. I.r... n.l.or.. 

Fuller. Betty Sue. Box 277. Lib, rl. 

Fuller. Bobbie Leigh. Norliiia 

Fuller. Jane Seereit, 310 Bi, k. 11 M.. M,.nr,., 

Fuller, Jo Ann, llO N. Alexan,l,r M.. M„unl llul 

Funderburke, Phyllis E.. 141 Dixon .St.. A-hebo 

106. 167. 204 

Furlong. Rrna 
Furr, Katherine, Box 425 
Furtado, >"ancj Charlotte, 
Fussell, Marilyn W„ 210 Janet Ste»art. 207 ' 

Twelfth : 

aney. 903 Riverside 
ev. 325 Pearsall Ave, 
oan Helen. 2201 Eli: 

Abernatby St.. L.-r 

Galling, Hortei 
Gaugler. Gloria 
Gavin. Mary Si 

106 Gee. Agnes Kil 

7 IJ [ M.,lhur.| Ave.. Charl. 
,.e. aoi2 Havwood Bd.. «. A 

rs Anne, Rt. 1. Blanch 

e, 2112 E. Seventh St.. Cha 

>earson Dr.. Ashev i 
igh Apts.. Raleigh 
oodward Ave.. Ash. 

Gilbert. Clara. : 
Gill. Patricia At 
Gillikin, Peggy, 

r21 Broad St.. 

ock, Sarah Jan 


Hum. Ilarbara l.aui<ir. Kurlh 
Hunt. Clara Gray, Hi. Z. Tbu 

iMirlla Ann. ZI21 SI 

.r. I .ld«rll. 2121 
r. M.rlha. Rl. 3. All 

: 663. I.ak.' Park III. 
A«i'.. ColuniLu.. i;a. 

artha. Id. 2. Boa 138, Elkln 
lubblr Jran. 614 E. Fourth Ave., Gaatonia 
I lima Jonm. Rt. 4, Boa 475. Grrrn.boro .No 
Pat>r J.-an. 327 S. Torrrnct- St., Charlottr 
Tnmmle. 327 S. Torrrnrr St., Cfaarlatir 

Idol, lit 

ilh (.ra) Rl 1 H 


llphrlla PIrrrr. 1 

VIridnia Rar, P. 


Vlmlnla S.. 12S 

'lllr Vllliam.. Rt 

. tl .,„,.. III. I. Boa 13 A. Parkrr>l> 

H.M. I J M2 i:rccnway, Charluttf 

1 - HI, Yadkin CollPKC- 

. Mm. mi, , Ki ::, Prachland . . 

.. 1 1..,,,,,.. 102 Charlotte St,. \la,l 

I.'.', Nun.., IOI2 Avalon Ave.. Charlotte 
.old, Jane Gi.ella. 327 Daub Ave., Hexle 
, Betty Jean, Box 652, Thomouvill.. 
, Virginia. Wilmington 

Il.lin,, MurKaret 11,. 1571 g 
ll.liii,, Kebeeea Anne, 504 P 
ll,,nd.,r..>ii. Anne, 429 \l ade 

Herring, Ruth, 1506 Andei 
Hester. Jean, 412 S. Lamar St.. Roabor, 
llieks, Darolhy Jean, 711 West Oak, Sehi 
llirk:., Helen, 410 N. ISlh Sl„ >X ilniini.- 
Iliuh. Helen. 131 Wilkinson St., Il„. k. 

ell.' Joyee. 104 l>a>e> .St.. Chapel Hill 
eRrle.. Barbara, 314 l.aFajette Or,. « ll.on < 

•'ffrie>. Margaret. 114 » «l St.. Culpeper. Va, 

enkins' Susan Elisabeth. 708 >. Pinevieo A>e.. liol 
ernigan. Jaequeline. 2609 Loehmore Dr„ Ralrigh 

il. 20S, 208 

CrigR, June, N, <)■ 
Griggs. Barbara, I 
Griggs. Margaret 

IS 274. Pagelan 
livia. 70S Line. 

Crinnells. Anne, 409 Dixie Trail. I 
<;ris»old. Eleanor. 1614 University 
(;rover. Jean Barden. 804 Lake Bo 

Trail. Raleigh 

Rd., Mountain Lake 

, Shirley. 938 Berkeley Ave., Charlotte 
Shirley. 33 S. Spring Garden Ave.. Nutley, 
" " ■ ~ 3. Siler City 

127 Hill. Elizabeth Howell. 1713 Ann Si 
144 Hill, Marilyn. 104 Potter St.. CransI 
171 Hill. Virginia. 362 Westminster. Su 
189 Hilton, Elizabeth, 4 Mitchell Ave,, 
189 Hincs, Marian, 4705 Wr!ghls>ill. I 
146 Hinnant, Mary Bryant, 2707 M,. r« 
127 Hiott, Malynda, Box 414. Kern..-. 
Hirseh, Eleanor. 384 Eastwo.i.l Fl.l 

Jobe. Barbara, 

;ew Sl„ 

Hada«ay. Dolores, 

Haden. Carolyn Irene, 50 Pennsylvania A>.„ 

Hailheock, Clara Mae, 2527 Burnell BI..I,, V.\\ 

Haley, Betsy. Elon College 

Haley, Emma Sue, Rt, 2, Elon College 

Hall, Anne, 620 Dowd Rd„ Charlotte 

Hall, Helen. 430 Williamsboro St., Oxford 

Hall. Mary Rose. Rt. 4, Box 497, Kannapoli. 

Hall. Mary Ruth. 346 Whitmire St., Brevard 

Hall, Peggy Ann, Rl, 1, Trinity 

liallenberk. Dorothy. 2157 Norton Rd.. Charl. Angela » eir. 219 N. Park Dr., Greens 

Hamer. Goendolvn, 205 Maehill Park. Lenoir 

Hamillon. Juanila Joy. General Delivery, TrinI 

Hamilton. Sarah, 111 Davis St,. Smithfield 

Hamlet. Nanry. Brookdale, Stalesville 

Hannah. Lucille. Rl, 1. Franklin 
Hanson. Mary Lou. Bay St.. P, O, Box 871. ! 
Harbison, Frances, 507 Lenoir St,. Morgantc 
Hardaway. Rebecca. 1233 Owsley Ave., Coin 

Hardin, Alice Lane. 2400 Battle Ground Ave 
Harding. Elisabeth. Cana 

Harding. Margie. Box 156. Pilot Mountain 
llorkey, Marie, 617 Royal Court, Charlotte 
Harman, Frances Merrimon. Box 33. Skylat 
Harman, Geralyn. 401 W. Sixth St.. Gaslimi: 
Harman. Sue Ann, 1831 ^'ilson St.. New B. 
Harmon, Mary. 1106 E, 5Ist Si,. Savannah. 
Harper. Barbara Ann, 1620 Club Rd.. 

Not Pictured 


Harper. Mary Elisabeth, Deep Run 108. 207 

Harrell, Bclty Ann. 203 Morehead St., Murganlon 108 

Harrrll. Marion Leary. Rt. 1, Edenlon 153 

Harrelson. Margaret, Rt. 2. Kings Mountain 108 

Harrelson, Patricia Anne. Rt. 2. Randolph Rd.. Charlotte 145 
Harrington. Annie Mildred. Rt. 2, Sanford 153 

Harrington. Betty Cray, 216 Morven Rd,. « adesboro 127 

Harrington. Katherinc I,. Rt, 2. Sanford 127 

Harris, Ann Walker, IIIS Queens Rd„ West, Charlotte 142 

Harris, Annie Laura, Rl. 1. Box 140. McLcansville 145 

Harris. Barbara. 202 Heilig Ave.. Box 562. Salisburv 127. 189 

Betty Jean. 507 Hancock St.. Oxfor. 
I Faye. 216 Hudncll St.. Wash! 
Ruth. Fairgrove Forest. Thomi 


59.95. 167 

. - Rd.. Asheville 

-e.. Rocky Mo 


Sara. 912 W. 

■south M Kal.. 


r. Jean Carolyn 

, 503 South SI 

u. Virginia Taylor. Ahoskie 

lloll,, E 

laine. Box 241 

, Davidson 

Hollv. K 

alhryn. P. O. Box 234. Marsh 


Holm, C 

alherine. Cassadaga. Fla 

5 Grubb St,. 1 




224 Country Club Bl< 

1 Magnolia Ave., Faye 


Margaret. 224 

Country Club 


Broad St.. 
iser. Mary. Blowing Rock 
Box 197. Oak Ridge 

lloltzelaw. Jane. 1205 Allen St.. Charlotte 
Hurks, Minnie Lee. Fourth Si. South. Mebane 
Hooks. Susan Elizabelh, Fremont 
Hopkins, Patricia Ann. 186 West End Bl>d., » i 
Home, Peggy Lee, 1241 Briar Creek Rd., Iho 
Horner, Rebekah Ann. 301 Fisher St,, Burlii.,; 
Horton, Jeannette, Rl. 4, Zebulon 
Hoskins. Eleanor, General Delivery, Sunim.rli, 
Houck. Margaret Ann. 429 W, Elm St,. Box .".(l 
. Jane, 4114 38th St.. N.W.. Washington 

Houser. Mary Gri 

St.. Che. 

Hovis. Doris. Rt. 3. Box 425, Charlotte 

Howard. Betsy Ann. Salcmburg 

Howard. Jane Eyerette. Laurel Lake. Salcmburg 

Howard. Jean Stewart. Laurel Lake. Salcmburg 

Howard. Jean Wandean. Rl, 6. Jonesboro Hgls., 

Howe. Joyce. 45 Magnolia Terrace. Springfield. < 

Howell. Barbara Ann. Lillinglon 

Howell. Frances. Turnpike. Rt. 3. Candler 

Howell. Helen Joy. Rural Rl. 3. Candler 

Howell. Nancy. Monte Vista Rd., Candler 

Howie. Mary Lou. 50O Griffith Rd.. Monioe 

Hoyt. Ruth Mary. 49 Park Ave.. Teaneck. N. J, 

Hubbard, Patricia. Box 747. Jamestown 

Hudson. Catherine. Andrews 

Hudson. Jane. Rt. 1. Box 55. Halifax. Va. 

Huffines. Doris. 208 Highland Ave.. Lenoir 

Hutham. Betty. 323 MeKoy St.. Clinton 

Huggins, Miriam. Shannon 

Hughes. Ann 0->eil. 2390 Fairwav Dr.. Win.ston.Sal. 

Hughes, Anne Fabry. 809 Buckingham H 

Hughes. Tempe. 408 King's Highway. M< 

108. 177. 186 
100. 163 
116. 203 

nson. Franrrs. Chaleybeale Spring. 

nson. Jacqueline. 1714 Highway 15-A, Kaleii 

nson. Joyce. Rl. 1. Box 299. Smilhlield 

. Rt. 6. Reidsvillc 

ret Ann. Box 265. Robersoni 

. Jane. 1011 Minerva Ave.. L 

Mary Elisabeth. IIO S. Elam Ave.. 

Mary Joan. Rl. 2. Raeford 

Johnson. .Mary Lou. 1328 W. 

Miralyn, Ashlrv Heights 

Ph. His, 704 Ki.h.aukee, Bel.idere, III 

Hull. Ann, Box 398, Draper 

ones. Ann. Box 105. Garner 

ones. Barbara Ann. 300 S. MadUon .St.. Vhilcille 
ones, Beaufort Garner. 604 >. Highland Si.. Gasto 
ones. Ethel Janelte. 39 V illow Sl_ Box 882. Bidlr 
ones. Gean C. 106 E. WiRiamson St.. White, ille 
ones. Jean L.. I006 S. Fulton St.. Salisbury 
ones. Mabel Louise. P. O. Box 1030 Rutledgc. 

ones, Marguerilte. 1111 Hyman A.e., Henderson. I 

on.,,, Nellie, 1131 E. Commerce St.. High Point 

61. 87. 95. 162. 
ones. Roberta. Sharon Hill. Rd,. Charlotte 
ones. Shirlev Kav. «. Poinsett Dr.. Box 351. Greer. : 
ordan. Barbara. 10 Sulgra.e Rd.. West Hartford. Co 
ordsn. Eloise. R. F, D, 1. Milton 

ordan. Juanita. Bt. 7. <:amden Rd.. Box 22. Fayetlev 
ordan. .Martha. P. O. Box 200. Carolina Beach 
ordan. Patsy. 115 W. St.. SmilhSeld 62. 166. 
ordan. Sara Katherinc. Box 936. It Pine Gro.c. 


Jo.ce. Nellie Grace. Price 

Jud?"L.u'ra'.'Box''25.' B^oone" 

Junker. Grace Carolyn. 24 N. Cr.well St.. Co, 



— K— 


rland, Md. 60 
Not Pictured 

Kahn. Rose, Greenspring Manor. Baltimore 8 
K.nter. Sylvia Joyce. 401 College St.. Kinst.n 
Kaplan. Miriam. 307 Elliolt St.. Durham 
Kapl.n. Audrey Diane. 277 Wc.t End A.c. N 

Kalsikii.. Georgia Ann. 416 Hillside Dr.. Cree 
Kaufman. Patricia Ellen, 327 Central Park W, 
25. N Y. 



Keck. Nancy Catherine. Rt. 4. Burlingto.. 
Kcese. Phyllis. 3524 Darlnioulh. Dallai. 
Keilh, Theresa. 922 Fourth Ave.. » .. H. 
Keller. Barbara. 27 Raymond St.. Darien 
Keller. Gwendolyn. Rt. 4. High Po 








. Wins, 


Kcllcy. Ruth 
Kelly, Verna 
Kendall. Dor 




.. Ne« Can 
B^rbee sl 

laan. C 
. High 


Kennedy. Polly Jean. Atkinson 
Kent. Barbara. 408 W. Bessemei 
Kerley, France. Maxine. Stony P 
Kern. Joan. Star 
Keener. Dorothy Ann. Box 32. K 
Key. Virginia Belle, P. O. Box i: 
Kiger. Barbara Agnes. 506 E. M 
Kilgore. Katherine. 1127 Pegran. 

3303 Edge«o 

n. 2627 Sher« 


Kinard. Elizab 

King, Elizabeth. Rt. 2. Slatesville 

King. Marie. Pelham 

King, Wilma. Rt. 5. Box 216. Creensbo 

Kinsman, Barbara. 125 Brnrdirt Terrac. 


Kirby, Betty Ann. 734 Arbor Rd.. WinsI 
Kirby. Evelyn Grave.. Rt. 1. Roxboro 
Kirby. Rebecca. Box 4901. Granite Fall 
Kirkman, Anna Mendenhall. Pleasant Ci 

l(>B, 177. 187 


Kirkpatrick. Nanoj. 201 Hazel St.. 
Kir.chncr. Kalhrvn. 139 E. Market St.. York 
Kittrell. EUa Janis. 311 Fifth St.. Lumbertoi 
Klein. Joan Betsey. 407 W . Greenoay. N.. Grc 
Kline. Phyllis. 2 Harvard Place. Asheville 
Kloster. Louise. 12 First St.. Mah.ah. N. J. 
Klutt.. Jean Audrey. 209 W. Fisher Ave.. Gr. 
Klulti. Martha Anne. 31 Franklin Ave.. Con 
619 E. King. 


1. Ella Joanne. 707 West 5lh Ave.. Lexington 

i. Marg»-et Helen. Rt. 3. Lexington 

Kornegay. Annie Pearl. Rt. 6. Box 164. Crccn.horo 


. Katherine H.. 100 Pearson Dr.. Morganton 

Flossie Esther. 1834 Pc.chtrce St.. N.. Win.lo 


njril. Cornelia. Box 304. Madi.on 


Anna Marie. 300 Hylan Ave.. Hamlet 


Mildred. 300 Hylan Ave.. Hamlet 

— L— 


rt. Julia Ross. 430 Sunset Ave.. Asheboro 

110. 167. 



th. Jean Anne. Eliaabelhtown Rd., Lnmberton 


th. Katherine. Brown Summit 


Lamy. Rebecca, Box 

Lancaster. Nelle Rose. Main St.. Louisburg 

Lancaster. Sarah, Rt. 2. Pike.ille 

Lane. Betty Cole, Box 154, Ram,eur 

Langdon, Rebecca, Benson 

Langley, Janet Sue, 320 Otteray Dr., High F„i, 

Lanier, Beatrice, Chinquapin 

Large, Janet. 936 Sycamore St.. Roekv MounI 

Lassiler, Angelia M.. Rt. 3. Four Oak's 

Lathan. Betty Mae. Rt. S. Monroe 

Laughinghouse. Lueilc. 902 W. Fifth St.. Gre 

La»ing. Peggy Ann. Box 8S4. Catawba Height! 

Lawless. Ann. 1234 Biltmorr Dr.. Charlotte 

Lawrence, Dorothy, Eure 

Lawrence, Evelyn, Falkland 

Laws, Wanna Faye, 201 E. Main St.. Thomas' 

Lawson. Sally. 41 Gould St.. Sotneham. .Mass. 

Laienby. Martha. 301 Circle Dr.. Fayetlcville 

Leach. Eleanor. Raeford 

Leach. Pattie Elvina. 1129 W. Nash St.. Wilso 

Lcafe, Margaret Ruth, Box 504, Badin 

Leathers, Frances Ann, Hillcrest, Gaslonia 

Lealhcrwood, Frances, Rt. 2. Box 509. Wayne 

Ledford. Barbara Ann. Rt. 2. Wendell 

Lee, Alice Ehrie, 307 E. Hill St.. Benson 

Lee. Lois Elizabeth. 127 Edwin Place. A.heviU 

Lee. Patsie Lane. 115 

Lemon. Joan. 272 Mo 

Hyde Park 

non, Beth. Rt. 1. Boardman 
II. Mrs. Marilyn F.. 621 Fou 

Levin, ffulh. 61 
Lewis. Doris Ell 
Lewis. Lou Ann. 
Lewis. Margaret 


344. Co 

130 Northbridge St. 
^e-.s. ..arv.irgin.a. 38 Alexander Ave.. Nui 
Lewis. Sarah Alice. Rt. 2. I nion Mill, 
Lewis. Verda Lynette. Box 185. Lillington 
Lilley. Alma. 219 Pitt St.. Farmville 
Lilley. Mary Ola. Rt. 1. Box 70. Williamsloi 
Linebergcr. Geneva Lois. Rt. 3. Gastonia 
Liner. Mozelle. Rt. 1. Wavncsville 
Linvillc. Ann. Box 216. Kernersville 
Linville. Helen. P. O. Box 187. Oak Ridge 

Lip., Peggy J 

eanne, 216 Circle D, 

LIpp.rd, Martha, Rt. 3. Albemarl, 

Little, Ann, ( 

takland Heights. Sta 

Little. Barbar; 

a Ann. 604 E. Third 

Little, (Betlie 


Lively, Cclia, 


Livengood, Je 

an Ann. 221 Park«„ 

■olyn. 402 .North St.. 


onesboro Heights. Sa 

Lloyd. Rebecca. 209 Aberdeen Terrace. 

Lohr. Martha. 405 E. 14th St., Lumberl 
Lohr, Morv Jean, 407 W . Center St.. Le: 
Loni^x. Frances. 2036 Westmoreland A- 

Long. Lois. Cai 

Long. Louise Lorene. 7 Spruce St.. Leaksville 
Long. Mable Frances. Prospect Hill 
Long. Nancy Eliiabelh. Box 151. Glen Alpine 
Long. Sue Anne. 506 N. Aspen St.. Lincolnto 
Loud. Daisy Alice. 94 Wallace St.. Red Bank. 
Loughead. Katherine. 1115 Colley Ave.. Norfc 
Lovett. Mary Moore. 357 Park St.. Asheboro 
Lowder. Eunice Hepler. Rt. 3. Thomasville 
Lowenstein. Dorothy Leah. 12 Cooper Rd.. Sc 

Lowery. Carol. Bov 153. Lowell 

liwery. Mildr. 
owry. Jo Ann 
ayd. Elizabetl 

Lucas. Ele 

Box 256. Lowe 
1612 Newton : 
10. D. C. 

%e.. Cha 

Lucas. Elizabeth Ann. 310 Spring St.. Haml 
Lucas. Sara Cherry, Box 84, Lucama 
Luke, Helen Margaret, 24 S. Battery St.. Ch. 
Luther, Jane Anne. 62 Craggy Ave.. Ashevill 
Lyerly. Doris, 1418 Crosby St., Salisbury 
Lynam, Franeie, 408 W. Union St.. Morgan!. 
Lynch. Elizabeth. Ridge St.. Kings Mounlair 
Lynch. Joyce Ann. Rt. 1. Selma 
Lynch. Virginia. Box 127. Rowland 
Lyon. Dixon. 240 Elberon Ave.. Allenhurst. 
Lyon. Margaret L.. 2308 Princess Anne Rd.. 
Lyon. Naida. 206 Adams St.. Greensboro 
Lyon. Shirley. 

rrly Place. Greensboro 

— M— 

r. Rt. 2. Grifton 

Water St.. 

65. 88. 95. 


65. 172. 186 

McConib. Dian. Qts. H. Norfolk Shipyard. Portsmou 

McCorkie. Dorothy. Rt. 1. Lenoir 

McCormac. Sue M.. Box 94. Rowland 110. 166 

MeCormick. Neva. Box 543. Kendall. Fla. 

McCracken. Emily Marg. Rt. 2. Waynesvllle 

MeCullen. Mary. Clinton 

McDade. Evelyn Fay, 212 Glenwood Ave.. Burlingto 

MeDade. Virginia Lee. 103 S. TremonI Dr.. Creeni 

McDanlel. Jane. 209 S. Independent St.. Kinston 

MacDonald. Esther. St. Pauls 

McDonald. Laura Everett. 613 S. Main St.. 

MacFarland. Betty Sanders. 1121 Myrtle Ave.. Char 
McGeady. Frances. Greensboro No 

McCirl. Dorothy Elizabeth. 110 Cottage St.. Falrmo 
McGoogan. Anne Elizabeth. Box 189. St. Pauls 
MeCoogan. Sarah Louise. Box 189. St. Pauls 
McCoogan. Patricia Anne. 708 S. Fifth St.. Smithfiel 
Meinnis. Betty. 821 S. William St.. Henderson 
Mclnnis. Elizabeth. Pleasant Garden No 



Maxine. Box 21. PincbluS 
Carolyn Allen. Rt. 1. Clcmmons 
Box 254. Laurinburg 


Mclver. Flora. 1314 Chestnut 

Melver. Lois Anderson. Gulf ' 144 

Mcjunkins. Jane. 16 Tallassee St.. Badin 110 

McKeel. Kathleen Woolard. 410 E. Main, n a.hington 154 

McKeithan. Alston. 416 S. Marietta St.. (.a-t,.nia \h1 

McKeithan. Barbara Alison. 416 >. Mari. ita »!.. 

Gaslonia „-, 1 12 

McKeithan. Lvdia. Raeford IK, 

McKinney. Barbara Anne. 807 Law.on.ille \.,.. R.i.l-.i]l. 112 
McKinney. Billie Juanila. 228 N. Alexander St.. 

Mount Holly ,47 

.McKinney, .Margaret, 1103 Anderson St.. High Point 65 

McKnighl. Betty. 107 Morehcad St.. Morganton 130 

McLean. Joanne. 1705 Walnut St.. Lumberton 110. 182 

McLean. Sara Jane. 1415 Revnolda Rd.. Winston-Salem 114 

McLcod, Elizabeth. Box 93, Rowland 130, 1U8 

McLrod, Nina, Box 424, Bobbins 130 
McManus, Edna Marie, 544 S. Ayeock St., 
MeManu.. Meta. lOl Church St.. Red Spri 
McMillan. Sara Suzanne. 707 W. Madi.on 

McNull. Mar, Elaine N„i 

MacPhail. Janet Evelyn. 700 Oakland Ave.. 
McPhrrson. Jean Fay. 804 Maple Ave.. Burlington 
Mcgueen. Sharon Lee. 1214 Park Ave., Greensboro 
MacRackan, Virginia B.. R. F. D. 4. Box 225. White. 

Mabry. Sarah Sherlyn. 601 Hylan Ave.. Hamlei 

Madison. Louise. Webster 

Magee. Beatrice. Rt. 1. Candler 

Mahan. Shirley. 90 Roundwood Rd.. Newton 64 

Malloy. Nan. 416 S. Main St.. Laurinburg 
Mamber. Helen. 1000 Meridian Ave.. Miami Be: 
Fla. 68. 89. 95. 167. 

Maney. Ann Carol. Clinton Ave.. Tappan. N. Y . 

Mang'um. Barbara. 606 Maple Ave.. Burlington 

Manlove. Emily Morgan. Cecilton. Md. 

Mann. Peggy. Box 703. Clyde 

West Queen Ext.. Edci 

Maples. Nancy. 314 S. Church St, 
Markas. Patricia Anne. 114 N. Chcstni 
.Marks. Mary Louise. 23 Melrose Ave., Asl 
Marlelte, Anne, 607 Fourth St., High Poin 

St.. Mo 

n. Hilda 

Lida Lo 

Smilhfield 68. 203 

565 Park Ave.. New York 21. N. Y. 68 

rrine. 327 Sunset Cl.. Clearwater. 

68. 163. 190. 203 
ie Faye Not Pictured 

. 120 S. Roanoke St.. Scotland Neck 131 

rick Apt.. Waynesvllle 110. 172. 186 

Rapcr. Box 322. Elon College 

artin. Mary Esther. 1326 Kings Dr.. Chariot 
artin. Patricia Anne. Box 516. Mayodan 
artin. Ruth Hamlin. Box 263. Cleveland 
asengill. Sara Lou. Box 87. Johnson City, 
ason. Mary Fond. Front St. Ext.. Beaufort 
ason, Wyndall. 515 Lamar St.. Charlotte 

assie." Geneva. Rt. 2. Canton 

atheson. Lottie. 420 North St.. Ahoskie 

5 Sylvan Rd.. Durban 

663 N. Sixth St. Ex 

ney. Pauline. Rt. 2. Kings 
ney. Peggy Anne. 210 N. Gi 
, Martha. 505 W. Davis St.. 

Maynard. Martha. 115 Crafton Heights, 
Medford. Nancy, Clyde 

■ Jale, Clyde 

an, R. F. D. 6. 

Medlin, Martha A 
Meeks. Fair 
ellon, Peggy Jcj 

Mountain 146 


i-Salem .131 



339-C, Greensboro 131 

Box 45, Linw 

Mellonas, Patri, 

Memory, Elizabeth, 324 E. Mai 

Menzel. Janet Frances. 355 E. Indiana A., 

Mercer. Rosalind. Rt. 1. Box 79. Chadboi 

Mercer. Sammie Lane. Bolivia 

Mercer. Vivian Ovelia. Box 213. Goldsbo. 

High Point IK 

■chanicsburg. Pa. 

Southern Pin 



<orma. Rt. 2. He 
643 .Noltinghan 

Betty L, 
lien. Summerfield 
Men, Gretchen, Summeriield 
Mewborn, Edith, Snow Hill 
Micol, Emily, Laurel Rd.. Valde.i 
Miller. Barbara C. 123 N. Edgew. 
Miller. Constance, 15 Cragmere I 

130 Miller, Cynthia ] 

I Place. 
69. 163 

Miller. Doris, 401 N. Salisbury Ave.. Spencer 

Miller, Esther Anne, 235 S. Spring St.. Coneor. 

Miller. Eva. 130 Grandin Rd.. Charlotte 

Miller. Frances, 1226 S. Hawthorne Rd.. WinsI, 

Miller, Gloria Elizabeth, 2826 Patterson Ave.. 

Miller. Helen. Rt. 4. Winston-Salem 110. 187 

"•" • wel, 2826 Patterson Ave.. Winston-Salem 110 

Asheville 131 

Miller. Kathryi 

er. Kathryn. 91 N. Griffing Blvd.. 
Miller. Lena Carol. Rt. 2, .Moeksville 
Miller. Margaret. 345 Weslwood Dr.. Statesville 
Miller. Martha Rose. Rt. 2. Moeksville 
.Miller. Mary Ruth. Laurel Springs 
Miller. Mary Alice, 29 Main St„ Cooleemee 
Miller. Mary Carolyn, 223 E. Steele St.. Salisbu 
Miller. Pasty Ellen. 7703 Crossland Rd.. Baltimo 

69. 189. 190 



Mills. Patty. 


>. Rt. 1. Polkton 
I. Rt. 1. Box 124. Charlotte 
Carolyn. Rt. 2. Box 665. Monroe 
Queen St.. Winston-Salem 
zra Jane. 1944 Brantley S 

Mitchell. Betty Lou. 305 W . RuSn St.. Burlingto 
Mitchell, Margie Ann, 2308 Berkley PI., Greensb. 
Mitchell, Mary Frances, Denton 
Mitchell, Mary Louise, Box 424, 314 Georgia Av, 

Mitchell, Nancy, Fort Miles, Lewes. Del. 
Mil.hem. Palsy Sue. 907 West A St.. Kannapolii 
Moeller. Marilyn. 14 E. Burke Ave.. Towson 4. J 
M.'nk. Gloria. Box 827. Winston-Salem 
llonnelt. .Mary Lou. Rt. 1. Greensboro 
Montague. Jaylee. Rt. 2, Clayton 32. 

Montague. Mary Norma. Rt. 2. Clayton 
Montgomery, Jeanne. 1004 N. Hamilton St.. 

High Point 

Montgomery. Margaret, Farmineton 
nlgomcry, Maurine Raye, 

Montgomery, Nancy, 203 Laws. 


Moody, Helen, Box 342, Siler 
Moody, Lydia Ann, Box 342, S 
Moomau, Barbara, Box 583, W 


69, 190 

. 95. 163. 178. 210 

146. 16!( 


M....... I i,r..l.n. 305 Banks St., 

>1........ 11..^, I Frances. 301 Olive Ave.. Lenoir 

>1 >. I..,n.e. Assembly Inn. Montreal 

M....r.. Ann. 402 S. Ash St.. Elizabeth Cilv 
M.M.r... Ann Wallace. 803 Westmont Dr.. Fayette. Betty Lou. 2019 Asheboro St.. Greensboro Carolyn. Rt. 5. Box 152. Lenoir 
M.>ore. Eva Kate. Rt. 2. Hurdle Mills A. Jane. 141 E. Smith St.. Greensboro 
Moore. Janice Edna. 1108 St. Patrick St.. Tarbo 
Moore. Jeanne. 536 E. Main St.. Forest Cilv 
Moore. Julia. Rt. 4. Box 145. Ahoskie 
Moore. L. Jane. Rt. 4. Box 145. Ahoskie 
Moore. Marjorie. 426 Carolina Circle. Winston- 
Moore. Melrose. Box 522. Brown Summit 
Moore. Nancy Ann. 536 E. Main St.. Fores 
Moore. Nancy. Church St. ExI.. Greensho 
Moore. Rita. Bridge St.. Box 288. Lcaksvil 
Moore. Sterling. Box 238. Warrenlon 

131. 119. 187 

organ. Cai 

Rt. 5, Hen 

Morgan. Edna 
Morgan. Fay. P. O. Box 466. Pinehurst 
Morgan. Laura Lucinda. 230 Rice St.. Hamlet 
Morgan. Marie. Rt. 1. Box 53. Cold Hill 
Morgan. Peggy Marie. 703 W . Main St.. Spindal 
Moring. Betty Ann. 304 Woodbine Ct.. Greensho 
Mormino. Anna Neva. Main St.. Waynesville 


II.'. lOIS Lafarr 

Robrrta. It! Mf 

12. 201 llrf^r.. 

Hi. .1. VadklnWIIr 

IM.. 178 Rl<-I 

^liirrliUon. Jnnlrr, 111 Arlinfflon Tfrracr. Rorky 

Murphy. Palrlria Annr. \Or, « ar.nw °Rd..rllnl.>n 
Murray. Carolyn Forrrm. r>.1.'l Parkuay. IHkIi I'oI 
Murray. Jran Kalhryn. Kt. I. IIIkIi Point 

Irrno. 201 Ea 

, Rl. 2. Tlioiiin.. 

M..1I. . M..,. 1112 W. Cray Si., Wilson 
I 111. 2. Box 281, Norllna 

II' <i> N I >iK,'nr Si., Greensboro 

M.,r, < .itii. iiii.. «iO*l Sterllni! St., Crcrnsbori 
lorolyn, <,().'t » .'Movrr Blvd., F.Uiabrth Cll: 

Uurolliy I' runt'ci, 808 Ann St.. Beaulorl 

Lois Lurlllr. Aulandor 


N.'», Elliabelh, 1 IS Fo 

Fanwood, N. J. 70, 91, 9 

Nrwnam. Sharon L<-r, 1218 Homeland Avr.. C 
^ewIan, Lois, 2.'>06 Beeehridiie Rd., Raleigh 
Newton, Sarah Martha, 2506 Beeehridge Rd., 

Mrhois, Jessie Cray. EHand 

Mehols. Malinda Lou, Rt. 4. Wake Forest Rd.. 
Mehols. Mary Sue. Rt. %. Bos 99, Raleigh 
NIven, Phyllis, 1102 W . Franklin St., Monroe 
Nixon, Murry, 2212 Creston Rd., Raleigh 
Norfleet, Dorothy, 310.1 Collier Driv.-. i;re. n..l. 
Norman, Eliaabeth, Rt. 2, Greensboro 

Norris, Dolores, Rl. 1, Tabor Cilv 

Nunei, Nanev, 101 Newburg Ave.. (:atoni..ille : 

>iitl. B.'tt> .Inn.'. 20.1 « illiamsboro St.. Oxfor 

106 Albright Ave.. 

Broad St.. Duel 

r. Ililli. 

Marie, Jefferson 

rine, .127 Maple Ave.. 

.n Lenora, R. F. D. i 

ia. Kl. 3. Carthage 


d. .15 Tiretown, Winsl 

'.a Ann, 829 Oakland 

rne! iVu' 

dab Louise, Rt. 3, Box 

rne, Je. 

ie Rae, Swepsonville 

Edna Mae, 2100 Cre.eenl Av 
n, Lou Ruth, 1726 Chestnul St., Chorl 
aw, Eliaabeth, 103 V . James St.. Ml. 
aw. Isabel Bryan. 80S Pee Dee Ave.. 

I. Elsie Wray, Rt, 1, Semor. 

II, Juda, Lake Toxoway 

St.. Thom«s<i 

Panlelakos. Penelope, 125 Sunset Ave., Roekv 
Parker, Barbara Ann, Kelford 
Parker, Eliaabeth Pieree. R. F. 1). 2. Raeford 
Parker. Elva Sutton. Rt. 1, Box 254, Goldsboro 
Parker, Irene Eliaabeth. 307 Houghton St.. 

Porker. Joyee Ceeelia, 531 Linrolnton Rd.. Sali 
Piirk.'r, Kalbrvn. Cutrhin St.. Clinton 
Park.'r, Marie Annette, 211 E. Johnson St.. Clin 
Pornell, Iner Jane. P. O. Box 68. Clarkton 
Parrish, Dorothy, 322 N. 6th St., Smithiield 
Parrish. M, Florenee, Box 165, Pikeville 
Pasehal, Doris Jean, 627 Joyner St., Greensbo 
Pasour, Barbara Edwards, Box 191, Dallas 
Pasour, Patrieia Edwards, Box 191. Dallas 
Pate, Viola Ernestine, 905 N. Perry St.. Kinstoi 
Paton. Patrieia. 122 Hillside Ave., Favetteville 
Patterson, G, Louise, 2627 Pineerofl Rd.. Creel 
Patterson, Racdelle. P. O. Box 5, White Plains 
Patterson, Buth Henry, 2015 Dilworth Rd., W.. 


Sunset Dr.. High Po 
r.. High Point 
Box 38'(, Kannapolis 

ver Rd.. Chai 

Petree, Margaret Leah, 1600 

Pelteway, Betty, 107 Westmli 

Pettigrew, Margaret R., S16 Maple A>e.. Reld...ille 

Pharr. Joan, 518 Hermitage Ct.. Charlotte 132, 

Phillips, Bobble Dean, Box 185. Aberdeen 

Phillips. Eleanor Joan, S. Raleigh St., Box 59. U allarr 

Phillips. Eliaabeth Lou, 2607 Clark Ave.. Raleigh 

Phillips. Marian Haiel, 2812 Don Air Ave., « inston-Si 

Phillips. Martha, 9 W. Sunrise, Ave., Thomasville 

Phillips. Mary Joanna, 522 Washington St.. Rorkinghai 

Phillips. Mildred, 959 Fourth St.. Hiekory 

Phillips, Peggy, 3,10 S. Ashe St.. Southern Pines 

Pirkard, Louise, Ifigb Point St.. Randlenian 133, 

Piekel, Carolyn. Kt. 2, Clemmons 112, 

Piekle, Peggy Sue, Rt. 4, Lexington 

11. Gold Mil 


111. M. II. .-.. 



Ola t ranee. 

l.-.WI Ham 



or. Ann Marl 

e. I062 Me 


Eleanor. Rt. 

7, Roanok 

r, v.. 

Roberta, fcO 

Rd.. < 


>ol P 

Rlgby. 1 

. High 



Rlgby. J 

eanne Ell.ab 

e.. High Point 


Eleanor. 87- tO Elmhur. 





. Ruth. Cary 


■ Helen, "panf^il 

PInehbaek. Jean. 171:: x,. 

i„L. I..,r.l. 


n. Jean. 44 Eli... r ^, 

Vivian. 112 N. ;ir,l 's 

Alice Bay. 6 1 <, V M 


.Edith, ilt. 2. Bo. 1 

»l. Gold II 


. Jane Elizabeth. Rt. 

2. Box 14 

Pollander. Marianne. 1107 



Imogene, Rt. 1, Box 

54. Valde 


Doris, 1010 Baylan 


Barbel, Thomasville 


Bettv Ann. 2309 E. 

Sth St.. C 


Carmen. Rt. 1. Creed 

Mary Elizabeth. 212 

». Main S 

L. 1.. .%. V. 41. 93 

Riley. Betty Tuttle. 209 «. Fisher Ave., Greens! 
Rlmmer, Peggy. Bo. 295. 
Ring. Olive Toma.ene. 402 S. Sunset Dr.. WInsI 
Ripple. .Naney. 1800 Mradowbrook Dr.. Winston. 
Ritrhle. Mary Margaret. 230 N. Cedar St.. Greeni 
Rober.on. Marylynn. Hi. 1. Walkeno.n 
Roberts. Cora Rarbrl. 508 E. Suttle St.. .Shrlbv 
Roberts. Jaequrllne. 1206 Club Blvd.. Durham 
Roberts. Joan. Rl. 1. Box 317. Leaksville 
Roberts. Marllea. Rt. 4. Reldsvllle 
Roberts. Ruth. Barnard 
Robertson. Betty i.ou. Rl. 2. Wendell 
Robertson. Josephine C. 66 Doble Ave.. Mt. Royi 

Montreal 16. P. ().. Canada 
Robin. Barbara Anne. 2312 Lyndhurst St.. « Inst. 
Rohlnetle. Florenee M.. 1 
Robinson. F.mllie. 218 Colonial Ave.. 
Robinson. Harriett. 66 Strongs Ave., I 

w Av 


on. Joan. 720 MeDonald Ave.. Hamlet ' 





Mary Worth. Broadway 



Barbara Ann. Pythian Home. Clayton 



EleaVor 'Marie. VoTuay'spJlng.""''' 


Mary Eliaabeth. 2205 Malvern Rd.. Chariot 

Rollin., Mary Jean. 25 W. Third Ave.. l.,xlngton 


. Millieent. Mar.hvlll, 

Potent. June. Box 145. Yaneeyvl 
Potter. Naney Carolyn. 655 Irvii 
Potter. Rose. 6SS Irving St.. «i 

Rose. Eleanor Vann. 101 N. Main St.. Fri 
Rose. June. 308 Louise Ave.. High Point 
Roseerans. Lois. 71.1 Summit Ave.. Greenj 
Rosen. Joan Phyllis. 3804 Commonwealtl 
Rosenberger. Lillian. 604 Madison St.. L 
Ross. Eliaabeth. Pleasant Garden 
Ross. Mary Jane. 263 Wainman Ave.. Asl 


Polls. Jean Marilyn. 71 S. Park Ave.. Longmeadow. Mass. 143 

Both. Louisa I.enoir. 437 W. Main .St.. Elkin > 

Powell. Anne. 1004 E. Main St.. Albemarle 112. 180 

Bothenberg. Jeanne. 208 Cary St. Rd.. Riebmond. \ 

Powell! Emogene. Box 294. Valdese 112. 173 

Rothman. Sally. 334 W. 86lh Si.. New York. N. V. 

Powell. Ramon.. Rt. 1. Box 270. Enfield 133 

Rothroek. Naney Rae. Box .163. Thomasville > 

Powers, Wllma Helen, Maple Hill 147 

Bountree. Eliaabeth D.. 11 E. Central Dr.. Ha.eloe 

Preas, Charlotte Anne. 885 Main St.. Apt. 5.A. Danville. V.. 143 


Preas. Naney. 885 Main St.. Apt. S-A. Danvill... Va. 112 

Roulh. Kalherine. Rl. 1. Guilford College 

. 2. Box 665. Mo 

142 Russell. 

vee. .-,31 E. Fisher St.. 
^4 Rotary Dr. High Po 
Marie. 1340 Boiling Av. 
90 Quinev Si.. Brookl' 

Naney. Box 144. Longhi 


,. Peggy. 1019 Knoll Dr.. 

Quinn. Faye. Beulavllle 

V V 142 

guinn. Jerry Ann. 414 Cirel 


132. 1«3 


Salem — 

Rab». Joniee Faye. 409 So. R 


Raines. Jean Evangeline. Car 

1 12. 187 

Rainev. June. 123 Aekert Av 


Ramsay. Joan. 144 Willard A 

112. 1K6 

RandaiV. BetlV. 911' « ellingto 

Sale. Dorothy. 201 Creseent Ave.. Hopewell 
Sampson. Marv Eliiabelh. 2707 « . Market 

Providence 5. R. I. 7 

Sanderford. Everette. Box 27. Cary 
Sanderford. PalHcia. Box 27. Carv 
Sanders. Barbara. 849 Waterloo St.. « arre. 
Sanders. Florenee. Roekv Point 
Sanderson. Mirtir Buth. Rt. 1. Beulavllle 
Sanderson. 424 E. Second St.. Wash 


1 City 

12. Mayodan 

Rd.. Baltimore 
lev. Patricia. 1040 Butler Dr.. S.. Midway 
■son. Emilv. 620 Hermitage Ct.. Charlotte 
cHRe. Haltle. 2128 Sherwood Ave.. Charlott 

lb. Joanne. 51 Reynolds St.. Kingston. Pa. 
• lev. Edith Maude. 410 Weslover Ave.. Wins 
,lin». Ruth. 211 Broad St.. New Bern 

. Jane. Fifth St.. Mebane 

. Roberta Jean. 408 W. Waddell St.. Selma 


hel. 1.102 Walnut St.. Lumberlo 
Sarles. Helen Mae. 208 S. Tremonl. Grecnsbi 
Sarsfield. Jane. 1916 Springdale Ave.. Charlo 
Saslow. Nanev. 404 Country Club Dr.. GreensI 
Sallerfield. Lenore. 2607 Forrest Way. .N.E.. I 
Sallerthwailr. Jran. Rl. 2. Box 136. Halifax 
Saunders. June. Earlv St.. Box 571 

Saunders. Mar. Leia. 161 Montague St.. Danville. Va. 75, 181 

Sawver. Marie. R. F. D. 3. Eliaabelh City 134 

Scarborough. Marv. Bt. 1. Hookerton 134 

Sehafler. Carole. 10 Shore Blvd.. Brooklyn 29. >'. V. 134 
Schneider. Edilb Margrel. 507 Mayflower Dr.. Greensboro 147 
Scbrum. Amelia. N. Cedar St- 

Llneolnlon 75. 163. 167, 184, IBS 

Seobev, Salela Jane. Park St.. Sweetwater. Tenn. 143 
Seotl. Dorothv. 617 E. Main St.. 

, 2125 Fairhaven Dr 

St.. Ge. 

Scotl. Ora Lee. Rt. 2. Burlington 
Sealv. Gladys. Rl. 1. Orrom 
Seebresu Joanne. 507 Otleeay Dr. 
Seeresl. Anna Blair. 208 GriSn S 

STUDENT DIRECTORY - C,,,/,,,,,,,/ 

226 Park Ave. Lcakstill.' 
Ih. 411 From Si.. 

Jan.-. inn Ea,l, 

Surry Rd., ^. H. 

Scipler, Vivian Lorclta. 2,". I li l.ll.r 
Scilz, Alio.-, 119 Pill) St.. (...f1.„> 
Sclccman. Nancy, 1101 Sh. ri.l.n s 

Seligsan, Ellen Joan.' 156 V. 86lh : 
S<!nler, Eleanor, 3204^. Clark Av, 
Sel»r, Belly, N. Main Ave., Newlo 
Sevier. Ruth Engliah, 40 Clayton Si., 

Sexton, Laura Ja 


I St., Zebu 
France, Bo« 82.1, Kinslon 
Shackelford. Mildred J., Box 82.1. Kinslon 
Shackelford. Pegev Mae. Rl. 1. FrcmonI 
Sha/tner. Emilv Carolvn. 612 IryiUB Si.. \( in,« 
Shain. Harriett. 1403 Grace Si.. W ilniinirlon 
Shaniel. Dorolhv. 2368 Elizahclh Ave., "ft in. 
Sharp, Jean Conrad, 160(1 « . .1 Fo.l Pi.. (,r. . 
Sharp, Sybil Marie, Box 3IIT. M.i.ri,..n 
Sharpe, Belly Van. Rl. 2. Cr;.!...... 

Sharpr. Polly Ann. 112 N. IILmmI. „rlli St.. I< 
Sharpe. Shirley. 109 R..,. dal. ( in I. . flin-ln 

d. Rl. 2, Whilaker 
409 Hammond Si 
rane. 1806 l>a>i> 1 

Shcrrill. I I2IJ JH . ^i ll„k..r> 

Sherron. It<tl>. ill 2. Fuquav Springs 
Shields. Kallirvn llnlc. Box 526. Rl. 1. Kerne 
Shiver. U..rolhv. 2212 Malvern Rd.. Charlotte 
Shoemaker. Joanne. 1915 Truman Rd.. Charl 
Sholvvell. Pessy Ann. Rl. S. Henderson 
Shuford. Ellen. 1525 Ninth Ave.. Hiekorv 
Shugarl. Sue Harris, 332 W, Main St., Elkin 
Shnler, Belly, 616 Glenn Ave,, Rocky Mounl 
Shaler, Mary Paul, 1114 Fountain Lane, Fav 
Sieeloif, Nell, 1009 Johnson St.. Hish Point 
Sides, Jo Anne, 701 Eastern Ave.. Rocky Mou 
Sides. Nancy. 701 Fourth St.. Spencer 
Sides. Patsy Sybil, Paw Creek 
Sifford. Cathleen Marion, 819 E. Main .St.. Al 
Sigmon. Adelaide. Newton 
Sikes. Martha MrCauley. 306 E. Windsor Si.. 

Elizabeth R.. 

82. Rl. 

, N.J. 

Simon, Milli< 

Simpson, Carolyn, 214 Rowan St., Favelle.ille 

Simpson, Helen, Rl. 2. New Bern 

Simpson, Nancy Craig, 3145 Alabama Ave. Charl 

Singleton. Nina Adalen. Harmony 

Sink, Kathryn, Lexington 

Sink. Nancy. 216 Hemstead St., Lexin):lon 

Sbk, Martha Anne, 258 Fenton PI., Charlolle 

Sitlerson, Catherine D„ 260 N. Ashe Si.. 

Siier, Mary Louise, 314 Otteray Dr., High Point 
Skcels, Eleanor, 115 Broadfoot Ave., Fayellcvillr 
.Skees. Jeanne Dresden. 2202 Pinecresl Rd.. Green! 
Skidmore. Mary Frances. 925 E. Main St.. Albem 
Skinner. Ellen. 423 Cokey Rd.. Rocky Mounl 
Skinner. Marion. 1401 Pine St.. Lumberlon 
Slater. Jean. 105 Anderson Dr.. Chattanooga. Te. 
Slaughter. Lelty Bond. 2250 Briarwood Rd.. Cha 
Sledge. Ruth. 5th Si., Grabur lleichls. Gcaham 
Small, Frances. Rl. 2. Box 111. T:.hnr Cii. 
Small, Mary Bellie. Rt. I. Fli/ali.tli (itt 

Smathcrs, Martha Rave. I.1»> I'i.-.ili lli., ( i 

Smetana. Elaine. 41 Fr^lin^. s, (.,„... r.l 

Smith. Betsy Love. 2221 II.. I llr.. I l..,rl„ 

Smith, Carolyn Syke.. Lem..., -prl,,:.- 

Smith. Doris Jane, 829 » (.cl. s. 

Smith. Dorolhv \^ !...<1;>1I. 1 .1 1 f. II. 

Smith. Eleanor. Inl W lll^.|,l I 

Smith. Frances. Il„.,rln- • 

Smith. Helene. I'>J" Fl.ik.r \,, . I 

Smith. Isabelle. I< I ii I II. .v 1' 

Smilh. Janie. Pik, , HI, 

Smith. Jean. Cher„k. . 

Smith. Lavinia. Mrrcv Hospilal. I 

Smith. Lillian. Lake W arcamaw 

Smith. Lorraine. Box 276. Guilfoi 

Smith. Margaret. 1304 Broad St.. 

Smith. Nanev Jo. 615 Colonial Di 

Smith. Nancy Page, 2206 Pinecres 

Smith. Nell Whilley, Box 174, Ta 

Smith, Norma Dolores. 2107 Sprin 

Smith. Patricia. 208 Vallev Rd.. F 

Rd.. Greensb, 

L. I.. N. Y. 
Smith. Shirley, Cherrv St., Kerncrsville 
Smith, Virginia A., 703 S. Havne St.. Monroe 
Smith. Wilma Jane. Rt. 2. Rulfin 
Smith. Zelda Juanila. 211 N. State St.. LexingI 
Smothers. Rachel. Rl. 2. Greensboro 
Snead. Ann. 2401 Croydon Rd.. Charlolle 
Snider. Priscilla. 64 Palmyra St.. Sprinrlicld. 
Snvder. Ann Elizabeth. Rl. 2. Winslon-Saleni 
Solomon. Catherine Ann. 115 Forest Hills Dr.. 
Sorrentino. Mary. 4451 Mundy Lane. New Vor 
South, Jewel B., 3009 High Pt, Road, Greensb. 
Soulherland, Anne, South Mills 
Soulhcrland, Carolyn Ann, Box 313, Burgaw 
Spahr, Dorothy Jean, Bristol Rd„ Abingdon. 


','• '. 







Rl. 2 




r. Box 

98. Van,,.,il 

.Mary Elizabeth. 245 E. Br« 
Carol Marie. 410 Albrighl 
aanila Loflin. 1003 Johnslo 
ally Ann. 146 Cranford .Si., 
an. Sloneville 
n. Barbara. F.202 Boylan A 

Jeanne. 2008 Beverlv Dr.. 

other. Dorothy. 41 
other. Louise. Rl. 

ugg. Mildred. 606 

ton. Anne. Rt. 3. Box 124. LaGran-ie 
ion. Margaret. Box 244. Pageland. S. C. 
ton. Paula Leone. 500 Beaman St.. Clinlon 
ton. Peggy. 500 Beaman St.. Clinlon 
lini. Judith Irene. Rt. 1. Box 179. Julian 
in. Alma Grielje. P. O. Box 838. WilmingK 
enev. Rosemary. 1920 Nun St.. \t ilmin^lun 
tl. Shirley Max. Sherwood 
nd.'ll. Carolyn C. Rt. 2. Box 196. Edrnton 
ndell. Jane. 613 Morgan St.. Elizabeth Cilv 
.>. Annie Jean. Rl. 2. Whitakers 
e,. Connie Jcanelle. Rl. 2. Whilakers 
es. l.aVerne. 608 Liberty St.. Durham 
es. Rulh Elma. Rl. 1. Seagrove 

T.ylle,. Rulh. 702 Elam A.e., Gre, n-b„r„ 

Tallon. Lady Lynn. North and Church. Z.l.ulon 

T.T,rh. Elizahelh. 40 Taylor Si.. Pill. 11, 1,1. Ma,- 

Ta„,l,. Jean Reynold... Oak Park. 1 lelch.r 

Tann.r. Sybil, 1016 Grace St., Wihninglon 

Ta,.,.. Helen Frances. Rt. 2. Cha,,el Hill 

T.,rl. Mar, Flizabelh. .508 W. Pearsall Si.. I).,n 

Ta!'l'T.'Ann,."F.l'.,n c'lleg'e 

Tailor! Dorothy l)'l„. North"'H.rl«w''e' ''"''"'' "' 

Taylor. Fcanees. 822 Second St.. Durham 

Taylor. France. Jennings. 505 E. 56lh Si.. Sayan 

Taylor. Joan. 633 Pennsylvania Ave., Oak Ridge 

Taylor, Lois, El.n College 

Taylor, Mary Anna. Rl. 3. Willi.mston 

Taylor, Palricia Jean, 928 Locust Sl„ 

Taylor, Ruby Fayc, 314 E, Peyton Ave.. K,n,lon 

Taylor. « enon.h Ruth. Elon College 

Teague. Betty Jane. Endor St., Sanford 

Teague, Jeanne, 328 Parkway, 

High Point 79, 163, 164. 

Tea,= uc. Mary Elizabeth. 215 W. Univer.ily Dr.. 

Tegg. Shriey. 434 New York Ave.. Norfolk. Va. 

r.-li V.,r,.,, \u„. -■ 1 17 (.r..,.nway Ave., Winsl 

li,,', k'.',"']!',',, k, il,' 'l',u.!V"\\",W,.r Ave Gc ■ b 

11"^- I''"'- 'h"'v -•.-.l.'-...''lla'nd Ne'ck 

II -!■' li". l..k,.,id.. Dr., Nulley lO, 

1 " 1 " ""^ R2, Rockingham 

II JIT Boulevard. High Poinl 

II n 2201 En.:lewood Ave.. Due 

11 1 1 >n. Rl. 1. Box 158. Oakbo 

- ' III. 1. Box 17. Culbecson 

72, 186, 188 

\rmenla, 1005 Dillard I 
.ng, 237 S. Main St„ Gr 
lie, Rl. 5. Coldsboro 

181. Whilak- 

ley HilU. 
rs 116. 

iier City 


Tiilell. Jeannelte. Kill Devil Hills 
Tilley. Barbara Ann, Fnquay Springs 
Tilley, Bertha Mae, 1619 Ashe St„ Grc< 
Tillman, Rulh, Rt. 3. Carthage 
Tilson. Marjorie Jeanne, 1010 Knox St.. 
Todd. Frances Ann, Box 211, \i est Jefir 
Todd. Mamie Elizabeth. Rt. 2. Box 342. 
Todd. Virginia Lee. 3020 Rush Ave.. Chi 
Tola. Marv Agnes. 1.107 Raeford Rd.. F 
Tolar. Anne. 1309 Raeford Rd.. Favell. 
Tolurhko. Marilyn. 314 Summit Ave.. K 
Tnnilinson. Jane. 1403 Wiltshire Blvd.. 1 
T<.»nsend. Bellie. 2404 Fort Bragg Rd.. 
Trembalh. Janel Adelaide. 56 Euclid Ay 

1 Apt. 8-C 
irk. Lenoii 


. Mary. 514 Kenlwo 

iman. Betty Jean. Rl. 9. Box 77. Ch 
Jane. 2306 Cheslnul St.. Wilmingli 
- Carolyn Jean. Bryson City 
Elizabeth. Sparta 

Berla Frost. 724 Carlton Aye.. 
Tucker.- Peggy Bess. Rt. 1. Madison 
Tunstall. Betsy. 313 North St.. Ahoskie 
Turlington. Sarah. Rt. 1. Clinton 
Turner. Ann Killrell. Rl. 2. Henderson 
Turner. Barbara Lee. 302 E. First St.. Ka 
Turner. Marv Alice. R. F. D. 2. Hender- 

n. Betsy. Box 73. Lucania 

I. Shirley Anne. Greenwood Si.. Leaksvill 
eel. Wilma. 523 Oak Hill Cl.. Hender.o 
rwood. Lydia Jane. Rt. 2. Boonvillc 
rwood. Margaret Jean. Chadbourn 
rwood. Rulh. 120 Mclver St.. Greensbor 
urch. Lea Strickland. Four Oaks 
nela. Ines. 405 Sunset Dr.. Greensboro 
nrta. Maria Luisa. 1504 Edgedale Rd.. I, 

lalie. Margie. Castle Haynes 
Virginia Mae. Box 29. Tazewell. V 
Belly Lou. 119 Jennette Ave.. Hei 
Anne. 1804 Madison Ave.. Greens 

2 Tallassee Ave.. Badin 
I. 201 Mocksville Ave.. Salisbury 
lara Ann. P. O. Box 426. Mavodaf 

Vida. Beatric 



a Lee. Rt. 1. Wad 



Nellie Lee. Eunice 

e. 1 


Estelle. Box 362. Ro 

Lee. 185 Hillside 



. N. J. 

. Ba 

bara. 449 Tale S 

.. Greer 


sy Anne. 311 Lef 




Rl. 2"'box 214. 

. R. 

lly Jo. Rl. 1. Fletcher 

New York 25. N. 

Morningside Dr.. 

Vl arren. Cora I 
Warren'. Mildr, 

I Ann. Rl. 
Louise. I 

.sheboro Si. Fxi 

eh. Barba 

408 Fl..r,, 

Wells. Frances. Hampslead 

Wells. Jane Chandler. 1008 McGee St.. Greensboro 
Welsh. Joy Benton. V elsh Heights. Monroe 
Werner. Marie Dolores. 2216 Malvern Rd.. Charloll 
« essman. Mary Jane. 1201 Anderson Si.. Wilson 
WV.l. Faye. .'?08 Harding Ave.. Kinslon 


Irrrin. Klliakrih Jo 

« In.tun.Sslriii 

■'. 2bS 
1,.. III. 






(..Tildlnr, S07 




Ik Boa »2 

rill III 



zillt Ih-rk'l. 



"' "'"" "'•'■ ,.' > ""■■■""•- \>- ^.rkrouKh. Violrl Mar. Hi. 1. Ho. I<«. Hrld..lllr 

""" " "■^- '"'• lair.. Brulah, 271 Churrk Si.. KIkIn 

II I II ^ \.» llrrn III. >,!,„„. Srkll. 103 Wll.on Si.. Splndair 

^ouUe, 631 MUliT .Si., Wliialon-.Salrni -^ . „'aii*- Ma. 1QI*.1 t'l.n^nnd At.*. kBlrl«k 

ll^""';".':/- ''^V ."""p-^ "„'■•. '.'"i" '«'• ! ?. •• """«: *"" ««^ ainto„ ". Rorkford. ul 

Urn, 2408 Falrvlvw Rd.. Ralpliek 117 v„un|i Ui-lla .Marlln Hi I I'ullford 

Uriel.. Kl. 2. Grah.n. 14 1 ^ „„,„; ol.„, Horhr.lrr. iz'lft' Hlrkard.on Dr.. Br 

rikl.h. Brlly. 2304 Brrklry PI., Crrrnnkoro 
idlry, Kalhrrlnr, 229 Tounii Si.. Ilrndrrion 

Margaret Anne, 1 16 (iurvn Si., Braufort 

eilaakrih Janr. 9.30; Rd.. 
Iri.. 181 Montana A.r.. 

U.krr. Juuiin. ;ill« SIxll. Si.. I.umk.rlon l.'IT. 177 « liifirld, Ellaahrlh, 627 W. Main St., « a>hli 

\ irkinan. Joan. 9 V.. 9hlk St.. Nrw \ ork. N. ^ . » Innlngham. Nancy, 926 Lunaford PI., Charloltr 116 \ ""n*** SMM *'"V72s"'r "r pVado' V'o'raTVabir. 

lilborn. Uwrndolyn. LllllnBlon 111. « In.low, Ann. 2121 Cooper Ur., RalrlKh 111. »" „,|,l„„d Kav <urll.' 3IOO Connertlrul A>r ' 

lllkln., Sarah, 410 S. Fifth St.. Wythr.lll.'. \a. 116 WIn.tead, Sibyl Ann, Rt. 1, Ro>kur« 11.". « ..hln'mon 8 ' D C 

nikln.on, Mary Faulknrr, HI. 1, Nrl.on, v.. 14.1 Wlnlerllng, Miriam Grace. 2726 Norniand, Kd. Ih.rloU. — , .„ M.r, Ruth, ill' W-hlnglon St.. Halrlgh 

I llkln.on. Nan, 60O Fall. Rd., Roekv Mount 116 Wl.rman, France., Rl. 1, B„. 48, S.ll.bnr, \ 12 1 . . I.ry num. 61 1 -ninglon il 

I illard, Emma Jean, 2447 Marble Si.. WIn.ton.Salrni 116.178 Viteher, Dora Ellaahrlh, 2708 Klvrlt Dr.. IliKh Point 117 

I illard, Sara Ann, 2441 Marble St,. Wln.ton.Salein 146 Wolfe, Edna Earlr. SOS W. Main Si.. Mount Olive — ' 

lilliam., Anne Early. 719 Hill St., Rocky Mount 82 V oniark. Marjorie Jo, 2204 Che.trrfirld Ayr.. Charlotte 146 

lllliam.. Belly Jo, 409 Lanca.ter Ave., Monroe 116 Hood, Almetrice. Box 9S, WiUon'a Mill. 137 Zarhar,. Martha Sralr.. 316 ». lOlh St.. Charlo 

lilllani., Catherine, 2067 Craig St., Winslon-Salrni 137 V oodall. Ann Claire, 204 N. Second St.. Smilhfield 143 Zachar). I.llllan. Ko< 183. Taylor.vlllr 

lilliam., Clol.e, Rl, S, Slate.vllle 116 « oodruR. Rebecca, Oaford 116 Zappa, Ann Rl.r., 109 .\. Boylan Ave.. Raleigh 

lilliam., Dorothy Lee. 102 Lueaa Ave.. Wilson 142 Voodward, Mary Lila. 2241 Circle Dr.. Raleigh — Zrigrr, Sallj-Ann, 2508 Kirby Dr.. Grren.boro 

lilliam., Emily, P. O. Boa 384, Siler City 137 « oodworlh. Eunice H., 400 S. 10th St.. Er»in — ZImmrrroan. Jrannrtir <;.. 1007 Church St.. Bui 

I illiams, Emily France, Rl. 1, W ood.dair 137. ISS Woodworth. Naomi, 30 Ml. Vernon Ave.. Zimmerman, Jo Ann, 318 « arrrn St.. Grern.bor 

lilliam., Jacqueline. Mlddle.e« 116. 181 Braintree. Ma... 8.1. 166. 167. 188 Zimmerman. Loi>. 300 Central Trrrarr. Burllngt 


Charle. M. 
Dr. ElUabelh 

(Mrs.) May L. 

\nderlon. Laura C. 
Andrews. Caroline 
*ndrr»a. (Mrs.) Goieal I 
4rundrl. Dr. Edna 

Barton. Ur. Helen 
Barxirk. Marv Elizabe 
Bralr. Annie Ben 
Bertram. Jean D. 
Brtf. (Mr..) Jo.ephin 
Bleiek. Franrea A. 
Booker. Eliiabrtli 
Bowman. Wayne 
Bridgera. Dr. Jolin E.. 

517 Highland 

;',-. Tate St.. Ap 

1316 Walker 

120 E. Fislier 

333 Highland Ave. 

127 Melver St. 

120 Tate St. 

1027 Spring Garden St.. Apt. 3 

Harwood. Edith 
Hasty. Emily R. 
Hathawav. Elizabeth 
Hawkins. (Mrs.) Kathleen 

Highsmilh. Dr. J. A. 
Hobbs. Mary 
Hocker. Robert C. 
Holder. (Mrs.) Eli.abeth 
Holloway. Birdie H. 
Honbarrier. (Mr».) Marga 
Hood. Marjorir 
Hooke. Dr. Malrolni K. 

Howell. E» 

Hunter. (Mrs.) Mary AKor 
Hurley. Dr. Leonard B. 
Huse. (Mrs.) Mary Katblee 

306 Lake Dr. 

110 College PI. 

3 Springdale Ct. 

1027 Spring Garden St.. Apt. 7 

2122 Camden Rd. 
2013 Liberty Dr. 
2113 Wright A.e. 
.S06 E. Lake Ur. 
335 Highland Ate. 

1804Vii Madison Ave. 

3SI Asheboro St. 

110 College PI. 

ISIS Spring Garden St. 


Carlson. Dr. Karen 
Carruthers. Patrieia E. 
Carter. (Mrs.) Anne Fult< 
Clark. (Mrs.) June F. 
Clarke. (Mrs.) Ruth A. 

Colllngs. Dr. Ruth M. 
Covington. Dorothy 
Cowling. Eliiabetb 

2323 FernwDod Dr. 

807 Rankin St. 

ilO S. Mendenhall .St. 

1339 Walker 
>.. Tate St.. A( 
1503 Fairmoni 

304 S. Chapman St 

2 IBM: Talc St. 

203 S. Tremont Dr. 

907 Courtland St 

317 N. Edgeworth St 

1011 Spring Garden St. 

1924 Spring Cat 

I027 Spring Garden St.. 

2202 W. Ma 

209 S. Chapi 

Box 1142. Frieni 


Jamison I 

> Guilford ; 

Kehoe. (Mrs.) 
Krister. Dr. Al 
Kigrr. Frances 

.17 College Park Dr. 
.North Spencer Hall 
2426 Camden Rd. 

Palton St. 
Highland Ave. 
1046 Hill St. 

Laulen. (Mrs.) Doris H. 
Layman. Dr. Emma MrCI 
Leonard. Marjorie 

911 Spring Garden 

310 Melver 

313 Tate 

2309 Markland 

2 Davir Circl 

tirs.) Sara Clai 

ally. Dr. Eliiabeth 

Fitzgerald. Mary 
Fitzgerald. Ruth 
Fitxpatrick. Edward i 
Fowler. Evelyn 
Friedlaender. Dr. Ma 

Garrard. Dr. Robert L. 
Giles. Mary A. 
Glass. Irene 
Could. Mildred R. 
Green. (Mrs.) Helen D. 
Greene. Margaret 
Gresham. Edna Earle 

Ht. H. BOX .jaU^^reensDo^o 

Lewis. Dr. Anne L. 

Colfax,' N. c! 

309 Melver St.. Apt. 8 

Liltlejohn. Ur. Vanee T. 

202 S. Elan. Ave. 

Lockhart."'john'clcgg ' 

4oi We^lrie*Pi: 

Love. Lila Belle 

113 Melver St. 

Lowe. Louise 

1006 Walker Ave.. Apt. 14 

1412 West Lake Dr! 

213 Wilson St. 

MeFalls. Janice S. 

McLeod. A. H.. Jr. 

MeNutt. Dr. Franklin H. 

908 « . Market St.. Apt. 8-2 

M.phet. Prlneie 
Marble. Dr. Guita 

123 Tate St. 

Martin. Evelyn 

610 Joyner St. 

Martus. Ethel L. 

921 Spring Garden St. 

Meh^ffie. lUrric'lt 

Memory. (Mrs.) Marjorie 

Miller. Georgia 

2323 Fernwood Dr. 

Miller. Dr. Meta Helen. 

1003 Fairmoni St. 

Mims. Katherine H. 

1708 Friendly Rd. 

Minor. Alleine R. 

308 S. Ayeock St. 

Moomaw. Virginia 

308 S. Ayrock St. 

Moore. Betty 

109 Melver St. 

Moore. Martha 

1027 Spring Garden St. 

Road West. Hamilton Lake. 

Morgan. (Mrs.) Inga B. 

414 S. Edgeworth St. 

Morgan. Phillip 

311 Melver St. Mereb E. 

Moxley. Helen 

Mumford. (Mrs.) SallleT. 

13 Melver St. 
ig Garden St. 

Fairmoni St. 
». Market St. 

W alker Ave. 

1003 Fairmont St. 

Powell. Virginia Mae 
Prall. Dr. Charle. E. 
Pritchett. Theda 
Prondeeki. Elvira L. 

402 S. Aycock St. 

1027 Spring Garden St.. Apt. 2 

1011 Spring Garden St. 

312 Tate St. 

North Spencer Hall 

1001 Hill St. 

216 Kensington Rd. 

North Spen^eer Hall 

3506.C P.rkwood Dr. 

333 McKcr St.. Apt. 2 

1025 Spring c'rd^n sl.' 

409 WoodTaw".! Ave! 

127 Eisenhower Dr. 

300 Warren St. 

1027 Spring Garden St.. Apt. 2 

203 late St.. Apt. A.6 

Seawell. Mary Rob 
Shafcr. Ruthe 
Shaftesbury. Dr. Ai 

Apt. 4 ^»-; 

Sherrill. (Mrs.) Bette M. 

Sicgmund. Dorothy E. 
Singletary. (Mrs.) Emeve 

Smith. Blair L. 

203 Tate St., Apt. A.6 

1614 West End PI. 

400 S. Edgeworth. Apt. 3 

504 Forest Sl. 

006 «alker Ave.. Apt. 16 

. 7. Box 269. Greensboro 

313 Tate St! 

517 Highland Ave. 

Spring Garden St.. Apt. 6 

1006 Walker Ave. 

1006 Coutland St. 

106 S. 'Aycock sl: 

Smith. Sara Elizafa 
Soles. Mvrlle 
Spivev. Dr. G. Cal 
Spruill. Patty 
Staley. (.Mrs.) Hel 

Hill Taylor, Willia 

Thomas. Virgin 

3S09-C Parkwood D 
335 Melver St.. Apt. 

1812 Rolling S. 
1003 Fairmoni S 

: Joyner St. 

103 Melver Sli 

116 Melver St. 

510 Tate St. 


307 N. Elam Ave. 

i Walker Ave.. Apt. 8 

13071/.. Madison Ave. 

.urn Ct.. 203 Tale Sl. 

1200 W. Market St. 


uth Spencer Hall 

132 Melver St. 

Newton. Mildred P. 

320 Tate Sl. 

Osborn'e. F'l"z°a'^beth M. 

Coil Hall 

Painter, (Mrs.) Kathleen 

102 Homewood Dr. 

321 Melver Sl. 

Van Marv 

309 Melver St., Apt. 4 

Vaughan. Herbert E.. Jr. 

1908 Walker Ave. 

Mary Foust Hall 

Wade. R. Jeanelte 

610 Joyner St. 

Wagoner. (Mrs.) Audrrv 

10281/i W. Market St. 

Walker. Lila Peck 

403 Westdale PI. 

« ^sonrM^i'on 

Weaver. Marvelle 

1005 Guilford Ave. 

Weisgarber, (Mrs.) Beth 

' 304 Forest Sl! 

Weisgarber. Elliott 

North Spencer Hall 

02 W. Crrcnway. South 

900 Elwell Ave. 

W hilehead'''lrma 

Whilloek. V. Louise 

313 Spring Garden St. 

William.; Mary Kktharin 

109 Melver Sl. 

Williams. Ur. Maude 

921 Spring Garden St. 

Williams. Sue Vernon 

316 Melver St. 

« il.on. George P. 


707 Englewood St. 

301 Melver St. 

112 Odell PI.. Apt. 3 

1027 Spring Garden St. 

I08 Walker Ave.. Apt. 3 

008 n alker Ave., Apt. 3 

1027 Spring Garden Sl. 

1704 W. Market Sl. 

8091:. Rankin Sl. 


<. Mendenhall Sl.. Apt. 1 

2209 Wrighl Ave. 


1027 Spring Garden St. 

10261/j W. Market Sl. 

329 Melver St.. Apt. 1 

1813 Rolling Rd. 

Shaw Hall 

510 Tate St. 

317 Tale Sl. 


1011 Spring Garden St. 

321 Melver Sl. 

2312 Walker Ave. 

Pfaff. Dr. Eugen 
Phillips. Charles 

Anderson, Sara 
Dehoney, Martyvonne 
Edwards, Louise Pair] 
Jone., Caroline 
Lucas, Laura Louise 
Winston, Elizabeth 

Home Economics Cottage